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Tutoring is available in the OHS library Monday-Thursday from 2:25-3:25.

Mr. Stevick arrives before 6:45 AM every morning and is happy to help all students in their pursuit of excellence and understanding.


2017-2018 Class content and homework:

Thur, 9/21 -- Density Measurements using graduated cylinder and triple beam balance.

Wed, 9/20 -- Safety presentations and safety in classroom, begin density discussion. 

Tue, 9/19 -- Finish presentations, Safety Posters.

Mon, 9/18 -- IVM, research question and presentation.

Fri, 9/15 -- Research presentation from Librarian Mrs. Udo.

Thur, 9/14 -- Anthropic Measurement Diagram.

Wed, 9/13 -- Research and present answer to scientific question.

Tue, 9/12 -- Survey of interests, begin measurement notes.

Mon, 9/11 -- Collect class syllabus, set up science  notebook, plasma ball research (graded in-class work to be presented)

Wed, 9/8 -- Go over class syllabus, play I Like Chairs. HW: Bring 70 + pg. notebook on Monday and bring back signed syllabus and planner with assignment in it.

Tue, 9/7 -- Organization, Group work and problem solving. HW: Bring 70+ pg. notebook (dedicated to science class) by Monday.

Mon, 9/6 -- Discussion of purpose and class logistics. HW: Bring 120+ pg. notebook (dedicated to science class), calculator, at least two colors of pens, and a ruler by Monday (come see Mr. Stevick if buying these supplies is a problem)