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Science Cafe Information

When 7:00 PM, Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Where:  Room 110, Harned Hall, Saint Martin’s University

Our January Topic Is: Comparing the Environmental Impact of Common Household Items. What Life Cycle Assessments Tell Us About the Sustainability of the Products We Use Every Day

Our speaker is: Dr. David Tyler, Charles J. and M. Monteith Jacobs Professor of Chemistry, University of Oregon

Every day we are confronted with choices that impact our environment:  Local or shipped produce?  Incandescent bulb, compact fluorescent light, or LED?  Paper, plastic, or reusable tote bag?  Disposable plastic cup or reusable ceramic mug?  Biodiesel, gasohol, or gasoline?  Recycling or incineration?  Paper towels or warm-air hand dryer?  How do we really know what’s best for the environment?   Learn more about how we use life cycle assessments to evaluate the environmental impacts of common household items and the ordinary activities we carry out daily.  Warning: your intuition about environmental impacts is not always right!

David R. Tyler is part of the pioneering green chemistry group at the University of Oregon.  He received Bachelor of Science degrees in chemistry and mathematics from Purdue University and a Ph.D. degree from the California Institute of Technology.  He has been at the University of Oregon since 1985. 

Tyler’s current research interests are in photochemically degradable plastics, the development of greener catalysts, and photochemistry.  He has absolutely no interest in administration, having served as department head from 1995-1998.  Tyler is the author of over 240 research publications, and he has patents on a type of photodegradable plastic and on a method for removing sulfur from diesel fuel.  In collaboration with his colleagues, he has developed a popular course for non-science majors on the chemistry of sustainability.  


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