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Students are required to keep an updated scoresheet in the front of their notebook. I suggest updating these each day in class by consulting the whiteboard for new assignments, due dates, etc.. However, this is NOT a planner or calendar that many successful students keep on their own. Many students choose to use the scoresheet posted on the web page to periodically check theirs for accuracy. (Students have even earned some E.C. points by informing me of typos to be corrected!)

The following information is included on their scoresheet:

  1. Assignment Name
  2. Date Given (when the assignment was started)
  3. Date Due
  4. Your Points (the score posted in the gradebook)
  5. Points Possible (what the assignment was worth)
  6. Parent/Gaurdian Signature (Extra Credit)

The scoresheet is due at the End of each grading period (6 weeks, 12 weeks and the semester). Students are required to complet sections 1-5. The scoresheet is worth 10 points each time submitted, and students can earn up to an additional 10 points Extra Credit by obtaining parent/guardian signatures periodically within the grading period. Each assignment does NOT need a signature, simply use arrows to indicate how long it has been between each check.