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Mr. Roth's Biology Page:

This page on Mr. Roth's web site is designed to help students (as well as parent/gaurdians) throughout the year in his biology class. The categories listed in blue to the left have been organized to locate specific information (and hopefully answer most questions) for the Biology course.

Downloadable Forms/Worksheets

Click on any of the links listed below to download and print a copy!

  1. Biology Syllabus pdf.
  2. Blank Scoresheet (front page) pdf.
  3. Blank Scoresheet (back page) pdf.
  4. Blank Scoresheet (pg 3 & 4) pdf.
  5. Community Service Form pdf.
  6. OHS Student Laboratory: Safety Contract pdf.
  7. 9 Ways Student Succeed in Biology.pdf


  1. Ch. 8 Photosynthesis Powerpoint
  2. Ch. 8 Photosynthesis pdf
  3. Ch. 9 Cell Respiration & Fermentation Powerpoint
  4. Ch. 9 Cell Respiration & Fermentation pdf


Biology Course Scope & Sequence

First Semester:

Chemistry/Biochemistry: (The chemistry of the major classes of biochemicals)

Ecology: (Ecosystems; Relationships and Interactions between organisms and their environment)

Energy transfer: (Nutrient cycles, Energy transfer through ecosystems)

Characteristics of cells
: (basic cellular structure and components)

Cell Functions: (Metabolism; respiration; protein synthesis; DNA replication)

The Cell Cycle: (Mitosis; Meiosis; Regulation of the cell cycle; Cancer)

Energy: (Transformation within cells; cellular respiration and photosynthesis)

Second Semester:

Genetics: (Mendelian genetics; gene expression and regulation; population genetics)

Evolution: (mechanism of and evidence for)

The Diversity of Life: (The three domains, and all of the kingdoms)

Plant Systems: (relating form and function)

Animal Systems: (Tissues; organs; development)

Human Biology: (Anatomy; Disease)

Comparative Anatomy: (Dissection of a fetal pig)


On-Line Help:                

1. Textbook Link:

Access Information for on-line Textbook   Using your student ID (replace 123456) : 

            user name: OHS123456       password: 123456OHS

Click on the words on-line Textbook Link above to access the Pearson Biology student web page that corresponds to our textbook. At this site you will have links to the chapter outlines, as well as on-line quizzes for each chapter (these quizzes even allow you to check your answers and clarify mistakes).

2. Bozeman Science (Website link)

Missed a day of class and need some help?  Go to this website and find the Biology Section.  Paul Anderson is a fantastic instructor and his Podcasts will help you to get caught up and extend your knowledge of the concepts we have discussed in class (and so much more!)  

3. www.kirkbio,com

Click on www.kirkbio.com above to have access to Ms. Kirk's website for her Olympia High School Biology courses. There are many helpful links on her web page that apply to all of the biology classes at Olympia High School. The community service page is useful to access community service opportunities (dates, contact names, etc). There are also pdf. files available for you to print documents at home (community service form, parent waivers, etc).

Additionally, you may find it helpful to use information posted on Mrs. Smith's, Mr. Baker's and Mr. Bassett's (Honors Biology) web pages.

Living Organism Project:

Click this link to access the Google Slides template

Fetal Pig Power Point:

Click on this link to view the REVIEW Power Point From the Fetal Pig Dissections!