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Environmental Science FIRST semester: original research essay on an environmental topic. Please include a connection to Washington State. You must use at least 3 different types of sources and site them. 4-page maximum.

Biology FIRST semester/Environmental Science SECOND semester: write and perform a lab related to the topics in class – click here for ideas (not all of these ideas will relate to Biology or to Environmental Science…chose one that relates to your class). Biology students need to include ALL of the important parts to a lab report. It is also suggested that you have a scientific mentor and a public place to share your results (newspaper, website, elected official, neighbors, documentary on KCTS, petition with signatures, ONN or Olympus, etc.). Use appropriate grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, spelling, and type it. All of these things must be done for a grade of 80%. If you want a higher grade, you need to do something extra, something above and beyond the norm. Examples:


Environmental Science:


1st semester video alternative:

   video #1           INFO

   video #2

   video #3

1st semester research:

water pollution

Trans mountain pipeline

Biology SECOND semester: design a solution to a biology-related problem. Example Students must include:

  • Define the problem
  • Gather information and collect empirical data, list constraints or limitations
  • Explore ideas
  • Make a plan, include a diagram
  • List steps to do the plan
  • Scientifically test the solution or list the criteria you would use to judge your solution a success


Mole problem 1 2

Type 2 Diabetes

Moss Problem 1 2 4  6

Sleep Problem

Weed Problem 1 2

Koi problem

Dandelion problem

Procrastination problem

Ant problem

Fat Cat problem

Slug problem

Sleep problem

Dehydration problem

Stress problem

Grass problem

Patchy grass problem

Milk problem

Weeds problem

Weedy garden problem

Grass problem

Chicken problem

Slug problem 

Begonia problem

Dog weight loss

Sleep problem

Long grass