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Peer tutoring: Monday through Thursday in the library 2:25-3:35. If you’re struggling with your grade, or just want extra practice, this is a great place to go!!



1. Native Plant Walks at McLane Creek Nature Trail 6-7pm $5-$20

2. Science Carnival at The Evergreen State College 10-3 Lab I, Lab II, Purce Hall info

13. Science Cafe at St. Martin's 7pm room 110 Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy

15. Native Plant Walks at McLane Creek Nature Trail 6-7pm $5-$20


Other Options:

  • After each test you may do one article review on an article about the previous unit. Be sure to include a proper citation, a 1/2 page summary and a 1/2 page response to the article. This may only be done if all work from the previous unit was turned in and it is due before the next unit test. Link to site with many biology related articles
  • Summarize the first hour of this climate change webinar
  • Post your answers for all the questions of one topic at the following link.
  • Visit the Closed Loop Park at the Thurston County Waste and Recovery Center. (2418 Hogum Bay Road, Lacey open daily 8-5) Note the native plants you see.
  • Summarize and comment on this PBS Frontline program Contaminated Waterways (2hrs).
  • Going to eastern Washington on I 90?   Stop by the Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility.
  • Going to Mt. St. Helens? Stop by the Forest Learning Center. Extra extra credit: between mile 18-54 on HWY 504, stop every 9 miles and draw/photograph the
  • type of forest you see…label the stages of succession.
  • Oct-March: Discovery speaker series, 3rd Wednesday of the month 6:30-8:30 (500 Adams St NE; Olympia) info: 888-0565
  • If you have itunes, click here, search one of the university links on the left for a related topic.