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Biology syllabus * Biology book website (name: OHS######, pswd: ######OHS)

Homework: These assignments are assigned on the following dates and unless noted otherwise, are DUE on the next class date.

School supplies: assignment notebook, paper, organization system (binder(s), folders...I don't care...something that works for you), ruler, calculator/phone, a colored pen for grading



Interviews (optional)

Infectious disease project

Hib worksheet

Immune System Study Guide




  • Read 35-1 and write a summary sentence for each of the teal headings (7)
  • IN CLASS: The Sneeze video



  • Read and take notes 35-2 (very WELL!!)
  • IN CLASS: Fill in this page with your research
  • REVIEW: try this game…it doesn’t work on macs


  • Review 35-2 know what each cell does: Macrophage, Helper T cell, B cell, Plasma cell, Memory Cell, Antibody, Cytotoxic/Killer T cell
  • IN CLASS: Superbug and Protecting the Herd
  • EXTRA CREDIT: review website…you can summarize the “interview”, “in more detail”, “pioneers”, or play the game.
  • EXTRA CREDIT: read, summarize, and comment on Vaccine article.


  • Read the role given to you in class (if you were absent, choose one of these)
  • Review 35-2
  • IN CLASS: notes
  • REVIEW: Classzone…choose WA state (interactive review), go to chapter 31 on the left, then click on Animated Biology. Do Animations 1 and 2.
  • EXTRA CREDIT: Read and summarize something on this website about infectious diseases.




  • Finish HIB me with your best shot questions (12. Why do Hib diseases still cause so much illness and death when a vaccine is available? 13. In what countries are Hib diseases still occurring – see website below 14. What are some of the problems with delivering vaccines to these countries? 15. Who should be responsible for global health care and disease prevention?)
  • Do chapter 35 mystery (pg. 1031 only)
  • Do Test Prep pg. 1033
  • IN CLASS: HIB website
  • IN CLASS (if you were absent) do this packet
  • EXTRA CREDIT: Learn about the Dengue fever virus
  • EXTRA CREDIT: Make a Quizlet based on the study guide


IMMUNE SYSTEM TEST 3/6 (Quizlet reviews: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10)

3/7 - IN CLASS: BBC video (if absent, please email Miss K. for a link)


2/17 – Name one way you keep from getting sick. example

2/22 – Define “infectious disease”.

2/23 – Name all the required vaccinations for school.

2/24 – Give an example of an infectious disease caused by a virus, bacteria, and protist.

2/27 – What might happen if the number of people who have been vaccinated for measles dropped to a low level in the population?

2/28 – Explain the difference between specific and nonspecific defenses.

3/1 – How would the immune system function without the Helper T cells?

3/2 – Name 2 methods actual bacteria use to evade our immune system.

3/3 - Explain how life has changed throughout history because of scientific knowledge and technical advances.