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Physical Science

schedule: 4th, lunch, 5th, 6th periods

Feel free to check out my other webpage (work in progress): http://jeremyhudson2000.wixsite.com/olyps

Peer Tutoring: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XI-Sbn-r9IVqDDdOBBya5ZYgmYOAMkH8ErXxz_rTVfc/edit?usp=sharing

Significant Figures Tool: https://ostermiller.org/calc/significant_figures.html

Jack made some quizlets here: https://quizlet.com/join/tzTKPj2hZ

2nd Semester

Week 2

2/17: Quiz--atomic structure and periodic table I. Station A due (see Wed. 2/15)

2/16: Kahoot! (review for quiz). Discuss lab from Tues./Wed.

2/15: Lab continued. Be sure to finish station A (found here): periodicity_lab.pdf

2/14: Periodicity lab

2/13: Continued work from last Friday (electron configuration), adding ions: more_electron_configuration_notes.pdf


Week 1

2/10: Electron configuration notes, worksheet and useful link:

2/9: First quiz and homework #1 due (see last Monday, 1/30 for details)

2/8: Finish video from last Friday, 2/3, then Kahoot! to review for quiz tomorrow.


2/6: SNOW DAY! If you're bored, read Ch. 12.1 and copy vocabulary :)


Week 0

2/3: Answers to ion and isotope practice sheet (yesterday). 

2/2: Continue PhET simulation from yesterday. Complete all 4 modules (20 stars total).

2/1: PhET simulation, "Build an Atom": https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/build-an-atom

1/31: Continue to work on homework #1 and periodic table assignment.

1/30: Began unit on the periodic table and atomic structure (ch. 12).