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***Please note***

Our text book and lab manual's website is changing and will be offline on December 18th. The new website can be accessed through curiosityplace.schoolspecialty.com. Please get the username and password directly from Mr. Bryan.


Classroom Philosophy

    Physical Science is one of your core academic classes along with math and English. While
you can expect to work hard for this class, you can also expect that your hard work will pay off.
If you do 100% of your homework, ask questions in class, study effectively, and come in for help
when you need it, you WILL be successful! Some students will pick up the material very easily,
others will need to put in extra work. As a result of this difference among students, your participation
is required not only for your benefit, but for the good of people around you too.

    As in most things, success in science depends greatly on regular attendance and
participation. Poor attendance often leads to poor performance. Please make every effort to be
in class and on time daily. If you must be absent, then be sure to take responsibility for the work
missed which means you will need to ask what was missed. If the absence is excused you will
receive a reasonable amount of time to get the assignment done without penalty. Be aware,
however, that this is a lab class and missed labs frequently cannot be made up entirely. Talk to
Mr. Bryan when you return to devise a make-up plan. Please refer to the OHS attendance policy
found in the student handbook for more information on absences.

Materials Needed

You must have materials with you in class every day:
• Basic supplies including pencil/pen
• notebook (see back side of this sheet for details)
• previous day's assignment
• calculator (Scientific calculators are strongly suggested. A decent one can be purchased
for under $20.)


Expect homework almost daily. These assignments might be from the book, from a handout or
reading selections. Because completing work before it is discussed in class is a significant part
of your grade and success in the class, make a habit of finishing it. The following day, the
assignment will be corrected and discussed unless otherwise instructed. Late work can be turned
in for half credit before the end of the unit.


Your semester grade will be weighted as follows:

Tests / Quizzes = 30%
Daily Work = 30%
Lab Write-Ups = 25%
Projects = 10%
Notebook = 5%

Grading Scale
A 92-100%     C 72-76%
A- 90-91%      C- 70-71%
B+ 87-89%      D+ 67-69%
B 82-86%        D 55-66%
B- 80-81%       F <55%
C+ 77-79%

• Extra Credit

Extra credit may be earned in a number of ways designed to encourage good habits. You may
do extra credit in the different grading categories in the following ways:
Assignments: This is made up of bringing in current events from magazines, TV shows,
newspapers, etc. dealing with physical science along with a one-page summary/ reaction.
(up to 3pts. Depending on quality)
Labs: Design and conduct you own experiments dealing with material currently being
covered in class. (up to 10 points depending on quality) Most labs may also be word
processed for extra credit. (up to 20%) This may not be available on all labs.
Test/Quizzes: Before each test, you may turn in physical evidence of preparation for the test
other than notes taken in class. Examples: flash cards of vocabulary, retyped/organized notes,
completed practice problems, etc.
(up to 5 points depending on quality)
Notebooks: Although this is technically not part of the notebook, keeping a daily planner in
order to stay organized will be rewarded. Your planner will be checked occasionally to see
that you have an entry every day for the previous week.
Projects: When given some larger projects you will have the opportunity to have your rough
drafts checked for credit. Otherwise, rough drafts will not be required.
Extra credit must be turned in by the end of the week before finals and you may turn in a
maximum of one extra credit assignment per week.

• Test Correction Policy

Test corrections may be completed on every unit and will have the ability to raise your test grade
up to a 75%. Retakes must be done in the classroom outside of regular class time within one
week of getting the test returned. They will be comprised of putting the correct answer and
accompanying it with a thorough explanation of why it is the correct answer and citing where the
answer could be found in the text or other supplemental materials.

• Notebooks

It is required that each student keep a neat and organized notebook. It will be made up of the
following sections:
1. Class information - syllabus, safety info, general stuff...
2. Notes - any notes that are taken during class.
3. Daily assignments - Assignment sheet and daily work. I suggest putting these in
chronological order.
4. Lab Write-Ups - Also in chronological order.
5. Quizzes and Tests
These will be graded based on organization and your ability to find materials quickly. Stay on
top of it!

• Cheating

Hopefully this will not be a problem, but it is worth mentioning. If anyone is found to be copying
anyone else's work in any manner, the OHS cheating policy will be enforced. (Look it up!)
Things teachers might consider cheating include talking to others during tests, copying
homework which includes lab write-ups, looking at others' papers and passing notes.

• Leaving During Class

If leaving the room will keep a bladder from exploding, I will naturally allow a bathroom trip;
however, using the restroom is to be taken care of on your own time. Do your best to plan
ahead. The same goes for using the phone or delivering notes to friends in other classes.
• Extra Help
PLEASE seek extra help before you fall behind. I will be available for extra help approximately
30 minutes before and after school. A five-minute investment can give a great return.
Assorted rules that are necessary to have things go well:
Snacks are okay on non-lab days, but don't make a buffet out of it.
You may have water as long as it is in a container that can be sealed.
Don’t be a distraction to others.
Be on time, prepared with required materials.
Show respect for yourself, other students, equipment and Mr. Bryan.
Participate every day.
Seek help when you need it and give it if you've got it.

Choose to be successful!