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Honors Chemistry


Students are expected to read the website and to keep a copy of the schedule in their notebook or daily planner so they know what is going on in class and can come to class prepared even when absent. Often additional information will be added so students need to read the board every day as they come into class. I will include on the website an overview of the activities for the week including assignments and tentative due dates for students that miss class. Students should have friends in the class to discuss material if the student is absent from class and to check for any changes in the schedule.  I apologize that you have received the regular chemistry handout packet and not the Honors'  version.  Be sure to follow all safety rules and ask clarifying questions if material written on the sheets is different then you have been instructed in class. 

Students are expected to take the SAT II in Chemistry whenever the last test opportunity (end of May, start of June) of this school year happens.  Studenst have been very successful on this test in the past. would hope some students would wish to challenge themselves to a higher level and take the AP Test in April.  See Mr. Beeson for additional information and suggestions for ways to prepare.  I would expect that students could achieve a 3 with some additional effort outside of class.  There have been scores of 4 from several students in the past.

Students are welcome to come in and discuss/ask questions out side of class as well as during class. For parents, e-mail is the quickest way to get any questions answered.

June 13-17

Monday:  Receive Final Lab.  Start Prelab.  You will perform this lab individually during the final test time.  There will be materials on the lab supply table that you may or may not choose to use in the lab.  Students will be checked in and out of lab in 10 minute increments of time.  6-7 lab islands will be allowed to be used at the same time with one person working at each lab island.  Your complete lab report is due at the end of the test period. 

Tuesday:  Prelab.

Wednesday:  Final Schedule

Thursday:  Final Schedule

Friday:  Final Schedule   Last Day of School!    Have a Great Summer!

June 6-10

Monday:  Finals are approaching.  You may bring to the final written exam:


                       1 -  3X5 handwritten note card


                        the class periodic table


                        voltage sheet


                        stability chart

                        resonant frequency worksheet notes


    Reminder:  Friday is absolute last day to turn in Extra Credit.  


    Final Notebook Check will be this week and completed at the start of the period of that day.

                Final Review     Lab Drawer Check In

Tuesday:  Final Review      Lab Drawer Check In

Wednesday:  Day One Written Final

Thursday:   Day Two Written Final    Text Check In

Friday:  Final Lab Drawer or Text Book Check In. 

May 30 - June 3

Monday:  Memorial Day

Tuesday:    Reminder:  Friday is absolute last day to turn in Extra Credit.  

               Topics to be covered/discussed this week include:  


                 Energy   Enthalpy and Entropy

                 Gas Laws.

I suggest the reading of Unit 16 as well as reviewing the rest of the units in your text.  

Friday:  Possible Lab Activity and Energy transfer problem.

May 16-27

Monday:  Unit 10 Test.

Tuesday: Touchy Feely Lab.  Lab sheet due Wednesday.

              Book Assignment Unit 11:  Read Unit 15.  Do Questions pages 478-481---- 19, 21, 25, 31, 33, 43, 59, 63, 71, 75, 79, 85 projected due date  June 6.

Wednesday:  Lab discussion.  Acids Base characteristics.

Thursday:  Acid Base characteristics continued.  Acid Base Reactions.  Do Acid Base Primer.  Start Prelab for HCl lab

Friday:  Class workday.  Students are to complete Acid Base Primer and Primer 2.  Students are to complete Acid Base Reaction Worksheet.

Monday: Prelab quiz for the HCl lab.   Titration.  Start Titration Problem Worksheet.

Tuesday:  Complete Titration Worksheet

Wednesday:  Do HCl Lab.  Lab report due Thursday:

Thursday:  Lab discussion.  Do Titration Sheet 2.  

Friday:    Do Review Worksheet.   Start SAT II Chemistry Discussion.  I suggest that you read Unit 16 in your text.  Scan and do some of the problems at the end of the reading.

May 2-13

Monday: Absolute last day for 2nd semester extra credit is June 3.

              Lab discussion.     Do Solution Primer Worksheet.  Start Prelab Molarity Beginner Lab.  Solution Makers Equation.

Tuesday:   Molarity.  Complete Prelab

Wednesday:  Do Lab.

Thursday:  Before starting lab today each student must show work and answers to Questions 1- 8 on lab sheet.  Complete lab and lab sheet.  Due at the end of the period.

Friday:  Lab discussion.  Start Molarity Worksheet.

Monday:   Complete Molarity Worksheet.  Start prelab of Heat of solution lab    Make a copy of the Heat of Solution lab

Tuesday:  Demos.  Concentrations.  Do Chemistry Electrolyte Sheet.  Complete Prelab

Wednesday:  Review of Unit 10   Do Unit 10 Review Worksheet.  Unit 10 Test Monday May 16.

Thursday:  Prelab Quiz.  Complete review of Unit 10.   Unit 10 test moved to Monday 5/16  Prelab for Touchy Feely lab to be done on Monday in preparation for lab on Tuesday 5/17.  

Friday:  Do lab.  Lab report due Monday.


 April 25-29

Monday:  No Class

Tuesday:  Video  Complete note sheet.

Wednesday:  Video Discussion and Prelab Solution Suspension Lab.  No lab report.  Do make data table, including observations and answer questions for this lab.  Start Lab

Thursday:  Lab

Friday:  Complete Lab.  Due end of period.

                 Book Assignment for Unit 10.  

                 Read Unit 13 and Unit 14

                 Answer questions pages 418-419     19, 21, 27, 29, 31, 35, 39, 43, 47

                 Answer questions pages 447-451      15, 17, 33, 41, 55, 61, 67, 81, 85

                 projected due date May 12

Monday:  Lab discussion and Molarity.  Prelab Molarity Beginner Lab.

April 11-22

Monday   Review of Chemical Reactions.  Prelab May I Butt In Lab.

Tuesday:  Prelab Quiz.  Review Stoichiometry.  Do Stoichiometry worksheet, due Thursday.

Wednesday. Do Lab.  Fill in data sheet provided and record all observations on the back of data sheet provided.  

Thursday:  Take final mass and complete lab sheet.  Prelab Precipitate Lab.  You did a lab like this before, so check you speculations from that lab to improve your

techniques and success in this lab. You are expected to do in micro trays not in test tubes.

Friday:  Do precipitate lab.  Complete sheet as directed.  Due Monday.

Monday (4/18):  Do Equation sheet #3.

Tuesday (4/19)  Do Stoichiometry Worksheet #2, due Wednesday.

Wednesday:  Do Review Worksheet 1 and 2. Due Thursday.  

Thursday:  Completion of Unit 9

Friday:  Unit 9 Test.  Book problems due.


March 28-April 1

Monday:  Eco-nightmares.  

Book Assignment for Unit 9.  Read Unit 7.  Answer questions on pages 202-207   21, 23, 25, 31, 39, 49, 53, 61, 69, 81, 83, 91.  Projected due date 4/22/16

Tuesday:  Continue Eco-nightmares.  Complete Eco-nightmares worksheet.   Chemical Reactions

Wednesday:  Chemical Reactions.

Thursday:  Decomposition Reactions.  Do Equation Worksheet.

Friday: Do Equation Worksheet #2.

Happy Break.



March 14-25

Monday:  Book Assignment  Read Unit 11.  Do questions on pages 350-353--- 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, 35, 41, 69, 71, 77, 81

              projected due date March 23.

Angles, symmetry, equivalence polarity.  More Lewis Structures to draw.

Tuesday: Intermolecular attraction. Solubility. Boiling points/Freezing Points 

Wednesday:  Do Molecular Properties Worksheet.  Due Thursday.

Thursday:  Formal Charge  and Best Lewis Structures  

      Students that signed up for the Test this Saturday the 19th.  Time 10:am. St. Martins,  100 Old Main.  

     http://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/education/students/highschool/olympiad.html   Check out the site for practice exam questions and information.

      Tomorrow the Food and Wine Festival will be occurring on campus, starting at noon. Please park on the north side of campus, in Lot D or C ( Visitor’s Lot). Parking is open on    


      OM 100 is on the ground floor of the “Short (South) Wing” of Old Main. Don’t enter the ground floor of the long wing; it doesn’t connect with our area.


Friday:  Formal Charge continued. Hybridized orbitals and bonding.

Monday:  Completion of Unit 8

Tuesday: Completion of Unit 8

Wednesday:  Unit 8 Test  Scan Unit 9 handouts.

Thursday:  Do balancing act worksheet.  Eco Nightmares.

Friday: Eco Nightmares continued

Monday 3/28  Completion of Eco nightmares.  Complete worksheet.

March 7-11

Monday:  More Lewis Structure.  Shape/Angles

Tuesday:  Lewis Structure Jeopardy.  Prelab Molecule Polarity Lab

Wednesday:  Polarity 

Thursday:  Do Lab.  Only need to fill out sheets provided for the lab.  You may do full lab report.  Draw angles as given in class.  Use Lewis Structure rules.  

Project what the electrons are doing in each molecule model that you make.

Friday:  Lab sheet due at the end of the period today. Molecular Properties

Book Assignment Read Unit 11. Do questions on pages 350-353--- 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, 35, 41, 69, 71, 77, 81

projected due date March 23.

Feb 29-March 4

Monday: Quantum numbers

Tuesday: Completion of Unit 7

Wednesday:  Unit 7 Test  Scan handouts for Unit 8  Molecular Structure

Thursday:  Lewis Structures

Friday:  Lewis Structures

Feb 22-29

Monday:  Completion of electron configurations, orbital notation, noble gas configuration and electron dot notation.  Have worksheet complete.

Tuesday:  Completion of Atomic Size and Periodicity.  Complete worksheet Atomic Chart Patterns.

Wednesday:  Complete Atom Size Worksheet.

Thursday.  Ionization, Electronegativity and Electron Affinity

Friday:  Complete Atomic Property Worksheet.  Complete book problems.  Wednesday March 2 is projected Unit 7 Test and due date for book problems.

Monday:  Quantum numbers

Tuesday:  Completion of Unit 7


Monday: Completion of Unit 6 discussion.  Do Unit 6 Wave Worksheet.

Tuesday: Completion of Unit 6 problems and questions.

Wednesday: Unit 6 Quiz  Scan Unit 7 in handouts

Thursday: Read Electron Structure Summary.

                Read Unit 10.  Some you have already read.  Do questions on pages 310-312   #'s 21, 22, 23, 24, 37, 38, 47, 49, 53, 67, 69, 71, 75

 Electron configurations.    Periodicity.  Aufbau, Hund, Pauli and Heisenberg.  

Friday :  Electron configurations.  Periodicity.  start chemistry notation worksheet

Monday/Tuesday: No classes.

Wednesday:  Electron Configuration discussion.

Thursday:  Electron configurations

Friday:  Electron configurations.


Feb 1-5

Monday: Read sign and date your syllabus.   First semester review and thoughts for improvement in second semester.  

Waves    Energy    Book Assignment:  Read pages 278- 294.   

Tuesday:  Do Music wave application worksheet. Prelab Guess the Color Lab. You will work with the lab group across from you at your lab island for this lab.  You may move if you have no group working opposite of you.

Wednesday:  Prelab Quiz

Thursday:     Do Lab.    Answers to the questions due Friday.  

Friday:   Lab Discussion.     Read Building Noises Lab

Monday:  Do Unit 6 Wave Worksheet.

Tuesday:  Completion of Unit 6

Wednesday:  Unit 6 Quiz

Jan 25-29

Monday:  Semester Review 

Tuesday:  classes periods 1-2-3-4

Wednesday:  classes 3-4-5-6   Student class time for study.  

Thursday:  Classes  5-6-1-2     Final exam    Scan Unit 6 in handouts.  Read carefully Chemistry Resonant Frequency Worksheet.

Friday:  Semester one reflection and strategy considerations for second semester.

Jan 18-22

Monday:  Martin Luther King Day

Tuesday:  Completion of Unit 5.  

Wednesday:  Do It Yourself Lab procedure discussion.

Thursday:  Unit 5 Test.  Turn in book assignment.

Friday:  Student led review of Semester One.        Semester one Review

Jan 11- 15

Monday: Do Hydrate lab. Include in your procedure section the steps for the final hydrate procedure. Include in your question section the questions from the final lab procedures. (Did you calculate how much water you would really need to get your hydrate back for proper disposal?) Lab report due Tuesday.

 Tuesday: Lab discussion. What did you do that improved your lab success and accuracy from past labs? Use numbers and examples not general statements. How will you get greater than or equal to a 4 on the next prelab quiz? Can you add statements to the procedure section such that anyone could do and not have any questions about what to do and get within + .01 moles of oxygen to moles of Magnesium?  Start Mole Worksheet #4

Wednesday:  Complete Mole Worksheet #4 and Start "Do It Yourself" lab.  Lab procedure due Tuesday Jan 19

Thursday:  Continue "Do It Yourself" Lab.

Friday:  Do Mole Worksheet #5.  


Jan 4-8

Monday:  Prelab quiz.  Safety quiz.  Discuss formula of compounds and hydrates.  Do numbers 1-4 on mole worksheet #3.

Tuesday:  Safety and prelab discussion

Wednesday:  Do Formula of a Compound Lab.  No lab report for this lab.   Show all work neatly on sheet provided.  Due Thursday.    Do prelab for Hydrate Lab. Final lab procedure for the Hydrate lab is to be done the same day as the lab.   Do numbers 5-8 on mole worksheet #3.

Thursday: Lab discussion.  One formula of a compound or hydrate problem quiz  (5 minutes).   Start Mole Worksheet #4  

Friday:  Prelab and safety quiz for Hydrate lab

Monday:  Do Hydrate lab.  Include in your procedure section the steps for the final hydrate procedure.  Include in your question section the questions from the final lab procedures.   (Did you calculate how much water you would really need to get your hydrate back for proper disposal?)  Lab report due Tuesday.

Tuesday:  Lab discussion.  What did you do that improved your lab success and accuracy from past labs?  Use numbers and examples not general statements.  How will you get greater than or equal to a 4 on the next prelab quiz?  Can you add statements to the procedure section such that anyone could do and not have any questions about what to do and get within + .01 moles of oxygen to moles of Magnesium?

Dec 14-18

Monday:  Do Mole Prep lab.    No lab report for this lab, just the neat completion of the two pages.  You may not make your own data table.  Plan on at least 2 trials of clips for Procedure A and Procedure B.  Three would be expected.  Since this is for you to improve your accuracy, each student is to make each measurement.  No Sharing.  Follow the directions on the sheet as well as what has been expected in class.  Show setups using numbers and units and all digits on numbers you get from your calculator.

Book Assignment Unit 5

       Read all of unit 8.  Do questions on pages 239-243 ---- 13, 19, 27, 39, 49, 54, 58, 68, 80, 84, 90

       Read all of unit 9  Do questions on pages 269-272---- 7, 11, 15, 25, 37, 41, 45, 48, 57  projected due date Tuesday Jan 12    2016.

Tuesday:  Complete Mole Prep lab.  Lab sheets due at the end of the period today.  Do Mole Primer.  Due Wednesday.

Wednesday:  Do Chemistry mole worksheet 1  Due Thursday.

Thursday:  Do mole worksheet 2.   Due Friday.  Start prelab for the Formula of a Compound lab.

Friday: Do mole worksheet 3.    Due Monday when you return after winter break. Complete prelab.

Happy Winter Break!

Happy New Year!

Nov 30-Dec 11

Monday:  Unit 3 Test.    Scan Unit 4 in your handouts and the calendar for this unit.  Read carefully and understand the Units Method. (pages 62-64)

               Book assignment for Unit 4  Review Pages 28-33.

Tuesday:  Units Method.  Students have often said that this method was a major reason for success in chemistry.  

Wednesday:  Do Practice Problems A.

Thursday: Do Chemistry Units Practice Sheet 1.  Start Prelab for Guess the Gas Lab.  Reminder that we do not guess without facts.

Friday:    Do Units Problem Practice Sheet 2.  Complete prelab.

Monday:  Turn back in your Unit 3 test.  Prelab quiz   Doing calculations without a calculator with numbers in exponential notation.  Read exponential rule sheet.

Tuesday:  Do Lab.  Lab report due Wednesday.

Wednesday.  Lab Discussion

Thursday:  Complete Unit 4.

Friday:  Unit 4 Test.  


Nov 23-30

Monday:  Naming Compound Quiz.  Nuclear Reactions.  Do Worksheet.

Tuesday:  Nuclear Decay.  Do Nuclear Worksheet #2.

Wednesday:  Complete Nuclear Chemistry   Naming Compound Quiz.

Thursday/Friday  Thanksgiving Break

Monday:  Unit 3 Test  Scan Unit 4 in your handouts.  Read carefully and understand the Units Method. (pages 62-64

Book assignment for Unit 4  Review Pages 28-33


Nov 9-20

Monday:  Naming of Compounds

Tuesday:  Naming of Compounds

Wednesday:  Veteran's Day

Thursday: Element Quiz (20 points)   Naming of compounds.  Do Formula/Naming Sheet 1.

Friday:  Polyatomic Ion Quiz (10 points).  Naming of compounds.  Prelab Chemical Names, Formulae and Equations Lab 


Monday (11/16):  Element and Polyatomic Ion Quiz (20 Points)  Chemical Equations  Prelab Quiz for Chemical Names Formulae and Equations Lab

Tuesday: Do Lab  Lab report due Wednesday

Wednesday:  Lab Discussion

Thursday:  Naming Compounds Quiz.  Complete the Formula Naming Sheet I

Friday:  The Secret Code.  Do worksheet 


Oct 26-Nov 6

Monday:  More Sig Fig Practice.  Continue Prelab for Heat of Combustion/Heat of Fusion Lab.  You will be given two days to do this lab.  Reminder that prelab is not just starting to write your lab report.

Tuesday:  Prelab Quiz  More Sig Figs

Wednesday:  Do lab

Thursday:  Do Lab  Lab report Due Friday.

Friday:  Analysis of you data.  You will be given 2-3 minutes to complete your answers to question #3 after analysis.  More Sig Figs  Completion of sig figs is expected.

Monday (11/2):  Lab discussion.   Read the summary page at the end of Unit 2 in your handouts.  

Tuesday:  Completion of Unit 2 

Wednesday:  Unit 2 Test Turn in book assignment

         Book Assignment for Unit 3

                   Read Unit 4  do questions pages 115-121----1,3,15,17,21,23,25.29,37,41,47,55,61,65,79,91,107

                   Read Unit 5  do questions pages  143-149----1,3,5,9,13,21,29,35,41,43,49,63,71,73,91

                   Read Unit 18  Do cumulative Review Pages 150-151  odd numbers only.  Projected due date and test 11/30

Thursday: Scan Unit 3.  There will be some class time to make Flash cards for the elements listed page 47-48 and to make Flashcards for the Polyatomic Ions as well.  You can make this on any size paper or card stock.  You can just cut up paper.  If you do not have the Polyatomic Ion sheet in your notes you can download    Polyatomic Ions

Start Video  Back to Chernobyl  Take notes and be ready to answer questions given in class.

Friday: Completion of video and notes.   Next week there will be an element quiz Thursday, followed by a polyatomic ion quiz on Friday.  

Monday:  11/9 Naming compounds.


Oct 12- 23

Monday: Guess the Solid Lab discussion led by students. If no discussion then students are to start prelab for the Guess the Liquid Lab. Guess the Liquid prelab quiz at the end of the period.  Reminder a prelab has more steps than just starting to write a lab report.  Scan the unit 1 handout pages.  Read Concept Summary Sheet.  Complete book assignment.

Tuesday:  Guess the Liquid Lab prelab quiz.  Making of data tables and graphs.

Wednesday:  Guess the liquid Lab.  Lab report due Thursday.  

Thursday: lab discussion. Student that are having difficulty with lab should write out a reflection sheet.  Each step of the procedure should be considered.  First write what you did and then write how you would do next time.  Your goals would be to decrease the time to do each step, precision in measurements and getting more than one trial done in the time provided.  

Read Atoms You Can Feel Lab.  Prepare by knowing the definitions given on the sheet.

Friday:  No Classes

Monday 10/19:  Do Atoms You Can Feel Lab.  Completion of sheet is due Tuesday.

Tuesday:  Student led discussion/review of Unit 1.  For the test you may bring to use:   your periodic table, calculator, ruler, pencils and erasers.  Student are not allowed to share these materials.  Test includes all material so far this year.  Questions will include, True/False, lab procedures/investigative design, short answer, calculations, and drawings.

Wednesday :  Unit 1 Test.  Turn in book assignment for unit 1.  Scan Unit 2

Book Assignment:

             Read Unit 2 (all)  Pages15-44     Questions  Page 45-53  1, 5, 7, 15, 23, 29, 33, 37, 41, 47, 49, 63, 73, 79, 93, 139, 141

             Read Pages 66-73                     Questions 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 43, 53, 65, 71, 76 

             Do Cumulative Review Pages 80-81  Odd numbers only.     Projected Due Date   11/4

Thursday:   Test Discussion if all students have taken the test.   Significant Figures   Read and know rounding/sig fig rule sheet.

Friday:  Continue Significant Figures/practice.  Start Prelab for Heat of Combustion/Heat of Fusion Lab.

Oct 5-9

Monday:  Due to the extra time given to work on Changes lab students have extra time as well to prepare for the Density and Percent Error Lab and to start the prelab on the Guess the Solid.  Since No lab report will be collected for the Density Percent Error Lab student have their own or the sheet given in handout packet to complete this activity.  The lab sheet data and answers are due Tuesday at the end of the class period.  The expected densities will be given at the midpoint of the class period.    

Continue to complete the reading in the text and doing the questions.  Suggested you do this as early as possible to apply concepts into class questions and activities.

Reminder:  Check out the supply table to help with your prelab of the Guess the Solid Lab.  

Tuesday:  Density and Percent Error class discussion.  If students have nothing to discuss there will be class time to consider/prelab for the Guess the Solid Lab. The last 7 minutes of class will be the Guess the Solid Prelab Quiz. 

Wednesday:  The prelab quiz will be at the beginning of class today.  Show the start of your lab report to Mr. Beeson for a grade.    Start Guess the Solid Lab.

Thursday:  Complete Guess the Solid Lab  Reminder:  Guessing is not scientific.  Base your conclusions on your data (expected to show multiple trials with the same results within +1 of the last significant figure).

Friday:  Complete the Guess the Solid lab.  Lab report is due Monday.   

Lab fees are expected to be paid by Nov 2.  If you believe that you will not be able to by this time, talk with Mr. Beeson.

Monday:  Guess the Solid Lab discussion led by students.  If no discussion then students are to start prelab for the Guess the Liquid Lab. Guess the Liquid prelab quiz at the end of the period.

Sept 28-Oct 2

Monday:  Upon passing prelab quiz (higher score than 3.5/5) you may start lab.   This is a two day lab.  If you do not pass prelab, you will watch and be expected to get data from other groups.  If you pass quiz on Tuesday, you can do lab on Tuesday.  Lab reports due Wednesday.

Tuesday:  Complete lab.

Wednesday:  Lab report Due.  Lab discussion.   Read and be prepared to do Density Percent Error tomorrow.   There is no lab report for this just the completion of what is asked for. Since 2-3 trials for each procedure are always expected you may make your own data table instead of just writing on mine.  If you make a data table label all parts neatly and orderly for ease of reader understanding.

Thursday:  (Depending on your discussion from yesterday as to expectations today and tomorrow.)

                 Measurements.  Accuracy vs. Precision.  Start Density Percent Error.  

Friday:  Complete Density Percent Error Sheet.  Due Monday.  Prelab Guess the Solid Lab.  I will remind you that we never guess in science so do not allow this wording to change how you write and do your lab.  Accuracy expected is + 1 of the last digit that you write when making measurements. 

Monday:  Prelab quiz.  Start lab if passed.  2 class days for this lab.  If you do not have the start of your lab report completed and clear neat data tables you will be required to complete before starting as well.  Lab report due Wednesday.  


Sept 21-25

Monday:  Complete safety rules.  If completed before last 15 of class, safety quiz.   May do Book Check Out.  Bring I.D.

Tuesday: Safety Quiz???  Lab drawer Check Out or book check out.

Wednesday:  Lab report format.  Handout packets,  Pre-lab expectations.  Scan handout packet,  put into your classroom notebook the table of contents, Introduction, Unit 1 and Unit 2.  My expectation is that you always keep all the last units, present unit and future unit in notebook and bring to class each day.  After a notebook check you need to have the past unit, present unit and future unit.  Again as we move along keep all units since last notebook check, present and future unit of handout packet in your notebook that you bring to class each day.  As we complete each unit, put the next unit in your notebook to bring to class.

The course objectives are main ideas of what should be learned each unit.  Do not  use the text assignments as your guide unless you wish to check out a second chemistry book.  Assignments for your Zumdahl textbook will be listed on this website.

Students that plan on taking the AP Chemistry test will want to check out a AP level text from me by November and start to do additional reading.

The Zumdahl reading and question assignments will be given by unit.  The reading is to help in the understanding of class discussion and labs.  I would suggest doing some of the reading each night of the unit.  Answers to the questions should be completed after the reading of that part or soon after.  All your answers will be collected together on the day of the Unit Test.  Doing the questions is to keep you up on the material. If you wait until the end of the unit you will have less time for review and to ask questions.  Since the first unit is the longest, and we have started slowly, the actual day for the test has not yet been scheduled.  

Zumdahl Text Assignment:   Unit 1       Introduction     Read Unit 1 (all) Pages 1-11       Answer Questions Pages 12,13----1,2,4,5,8,11,14,16

Read Density  Pages 41-44     Answer Questions  Pages 49---83,84,85,87,88

 Read Pages 55-61    Answer Questions  Page 75--- 1,12,13,14,15,16,17

 Skim Pages 154-157 (Chemical reactions)  

Projected due date for all unit one questions is Oct 19.  Plan for earlier, if extra time appreciate the time to check/review and to ask questions.


Wednesday (cont):  Read from Learning Strategies for Chemistry.  Scan the other pages of the introduction section.

Thursday:  Read Prelab activity suggestions.    Start Prelab for the Changes Lab.

Friday: Complete discussion on Lab report format.  Continue Prelab.  Prelab Quiz Monday.  Upon passing prelab quiz (higher score than 3.5/5) you may start lab.      More prelab ideas

Sept 14-18

Monday:  Students will start to make a map of class safety materials and rules.  Upon completion of safety materials and rules students will be required to pass a 24-25 questions True/False Test.  Passing is missing two or less questions.  Students that do not pass will take a different test until they pass.  (Consider that making any errors in safety puts students at risk.)  In past years 70% of the class misses one or less on this Quiz.   Paying attention to details and numbers in the presentation is important. 


Book Check out will most likely will occur one day this week (Thursday or Friday).  Bring your ID.    Reading assignments will be listed on whiteboard after you receive your book.


You will be told when the ASB office is ready to get your lab fee money.  You will have until November 1 to pay without losing any lab opportunities.

You will be told when the Student Store is ready and when you may purchase goggles and periodic tables. 

Consider and determine your lab partner.  Choose wisely, there is no changing of partners.  I suggest not picking your best friend, often working with mindsets different than yours will help in considering all variables in an experiment.

 Tuesday:  Continue Safety rules.

 Wednesday:  Continue/Complete Safety rules.  Test will occur if 15 minutes of class remaining after completion of presentation.

 Thursday:  Safety rules 

 Friday:  Safety rules      The pretest will be collected some day next week.

                                     Safety topics


September 9-11

Wednesday: Welcome. "Problem Solving" Activity. Introductions. Ideas for a successful year.

  Scientific Observations   (Qualify, Quantify,  Consider/Use all senses safely and Time)

  Consider from the students in your class your lab partner.  This is a one time choice so choose with thought.  Your best friend  is not always the best the lab partner.  Labs are more successful with groups that have brought the most thought and thinking to the situation. You have several days to complete this.  Have chosen, by lab drawer check out  day.

Download and print a copy of the course syllabus. Put in your class notebook. Read Syllabus.

Honors Chemistry Syllabus

  Books will be checked out to students and when this occurs reading assignments will start.

Thursday: Scientific Method. Thinking and success in the chemistry classroom and lab.

  Lab Safety rules.  Students will draw a class map listing where and how to use specific lab equipment.

  I also suggest Cornell Notes for each specific topic covered.  Use of the Cornell Notes format is suggested for taking of notes for the entire year.  If you do not know how to do this, ask questions, especially at the start of the class period.

At the end of the 2-3 hour presentation, student must pass a true/false quiz.  (To pass you may miss two or less questions out of a total of 24 or 25 questions.)


Friday: Continue lab safety.  Study and review safety material.  Be thinking and choose your lab partner

Check out the question, "Why do students fail Chemistry?"  There are other similar articles to read if you search.


Safety Contract

Pre-Test Chemistry Make a copy and take this pretest without using any references of any kind. Turn into the basket by Sept 10.

observation notes  


Friday:  Lab report format.  Prelab expectations. Chemical vs. Physical properties.

Monday:  Prelab Changes Lab.  This will be in the handout packet you receive.  This will be given to you when they arrive.  Once you have you should scan the introduction and Unit 1.