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Microbiology and Biotechnology.  Updated 6/3/16.

Notes:  In this space you will find information that I may not have time to share with you in class, or I may get distracted by the lab work.  So please check this space weekly.  I'll keep it brief.

Documents:  Downloadable documents will be included in this section.


Resume information:  You need to have a resume.  Keep in mind that you can have more than one, but in the one you will present to me, you will be presenting yourself for consideration for jobs/internships in research labs.  Your resume should not exceed 1 page, and should include the following:

Name, address, phone, and email centered at the top.

Objective:  In this case, you want to apply the biotechnology skills you have learned to a research program as a contributing member of a team.

Employment history (only if you paid taxes...not babysitting and lawn mowing)

Education:  Olympia High School, 2016, (GPA and/or Honors graduate as applicable).

Pertinent course work:  Science, math, engineering, etc.

Laboratory skills.  Use the following, but not if you can't explain each one to a potential employer.  laboratory_skills.doc

Other relevant skills (computers and such)


Awards and Recognition

Personal interests

References:  Available upon request.



You need to run the bioinformatics on the six samples we sent to Jeremy Foster for sequencing.  Keep in mind that he had only 1-2 µl of sample to work with.  Use Jeremy's numbers.

Protocols are in the document right here:  16sblastid.doc

Sequences:  ohs_seqs_2016.txt