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Welcome to the Physical Science Page for Mr. Baker.  

Please click on the calendar link below to see what we are doing and what you might have missed (homework assignments are listed at the bottom of each day):

Baker Physical Science 2016-17 Calendar

(Be sure to click on the correct month tab at the bottom of the calendar)


Missed a day of class and need some help?  Go to these websites:

The Physics Classroom  (website)

Bozeman Science (website

Find the Physical Science Core Topic Section and look for the topic you missed or any that you would like to review.  Paul Anderson is a fantastic instructor and his Podcasts will help you to get caught up and extend your knowledge of the concepts we have discussed in class (and so much more!).


Below are several documents every student will need for the course.  Please note that most labs can be located on-line by following the "Directions for CPO On-Line Text".  Please click on each if you need a copy.


Classroom Documents

Overview for the Year 

Me Page Instructions and Example

Physical Science Syllabus

Homework Passport

Note taking format

Lab Safety Contract

Lab Report Outline

Lab Protocols - Peer Review Document

Lab Safety "Far Side" Posters

Current Events  ( Go to the Newsela Website, sign up for free and use the class sign up code - SSDF6A )


Unit 1 

What is Science? PPP (Chp 2)

Lab:  Paper Tower Lab

Measurement PPP (Chp 1)

Conversion Worksheet Practice (with answers)

Significant Figures Practice (with answers)

Bioman - Scientific Method Quiz (use cbaker@osd.wednet.edu as your teacher contact at the end of the quiz)

Unit 1 Study Guide


Unit 2 

Ramp Inquiry Lab (class data)

Speed and Acceleration PPP (Chp 4)

Lab:  Track Stats (data for class)

Moving Man Website

Moving Man Worksheet

Force and Friction PPP (Chp 5)

Forces Simulation Worksheet (website)

Lab: The Mu of Your Shoe

Mu Haikus (extra credit)

Unit 2 Practice Problems

Unit 2 Study Guide

Engineering 101:  Slow Sled


Unit 3

Nova Video:  The Secret Life of Isaac Newton (please take notes using a concept map format) 

Laws of Motion PPP (Chp 6)

Laws of Motion Poster Project

Mousetrap Car Project Guidelines (due Monday, January 23rd)

Mousetrap Car Grading Rubric

Force, Work and Machines PPP (Chp 7)

Simple Machines Investigation

Practice Problems - Chapter 7

Unit 3 Study Guide


Unit 4

Electricity PPP (Chp 16)

Practice Problems using Ohms Law

Magnetism PPP (Chp 17)

Phet Magnet and Electromagnet Website

Phet Magnets and Electromagnets Investigation

Magnets and Electromagnets Investigation

Pros and Cons of Alternative Energy Sources (Table)

Chp 24-25 PPP Waves, Sound and Light

Practice Problems for Waves

Phet Simulation - Wave Properties  (link for google form)

Unit 4 Study Guide


Unit 5

Inquiry Lab:  Separating a Mixture

Inquiry Lab:  Heating and Cooling Curves 

The Nature of Matter PPP (Chp 8 and 10)

Unknown Densities Lab 

Adopt an Element Activity

Element Quiz List

Interactive Periodic Table

Phet Simulation - Atom Builder Practice and Game (website)

Atomic Structure and The Periodic Table PPP (Chp 12)

Lab:  Metallic Reactivity Comparison

Atomic Structure / Bohr Model Practice

Unit 5 Study Guide (Chapter 8, 10, 12)


Unit 6

Compounds and Chemical Bonds PPP (Chp 13)

An Alchemist's Dream (Gold Penny Lab)

Common Polyatomic Ions List

Lab:  Making a Compound (Iron and Sulfur) 

Writing Chemical Formulas

Chemical Reactions PPP (Chp 14)

Phet Simulation - Balancing Chemical Equations

Unit 6 Study Guide

Extra Credit Questions for Second Semester Final