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Welcome to the Biology page for Mr. Baker.  

Please click on the calendar link below to see what we are doing and what you might have missed (homework assignments are listed on the calendar at the bottom of each day):  

Calendar for Biology 2016-2017 

(Be sure to click on the current month tab at the bottom of the calendar)

Missed a day of class and need some help?  Go to this website and find the Biology Section.  Paul Anderson is a fantastic instructor and his Podcasts will help you to get caught up and extend your knowledge of the concepts we have discussed in class (and so much more!):  

Bozeman Science (Website)


Below are several documents every student will need for the course.  Please click on each if you need a copy.


Classroom Documents

Overview for the Year

Me Page Instructions and Example 

Biology Syllabus

Homework Passport

Lab Safety Contract

Lab Safety "Far Side" Posters

Lab Report Outline

Lab Protocols Peer Review Document 

Note taking format

Test Corrections Format

Current Events  ( Go to the Newsela Website, sign up for free and use the class sign up code - QRDUPZ )

Community Service

check City of Olympia Parks volunteer work opportunities:  olympiawa.gov/parkvolunteer 

check STREAM TEAM out for opportunities:  http://www.streamteam.info/getinvolved/whyvolunteer/ 

check Ms. Kirk's website for more opportunities:  http://www.kirkbio.com/com_serv.htm 

Latin Roots Study Sheet


Unit 1  

What is Science? PPP (Chp 1)

Big Ideas in Biology PPP (Chp 1) 

Goldfish Respiration Lab (instructions / student data sheet / 2016 data set)

Lab:  Is It Alive?

The Chemistry of Life PPP (Chp 2)

Atomic Theory Handout

Lab:  Properties of Water

Lab:  Carbohydrates and Enzymes

Bioman Interactive - Scientific Method Quiz (take a screenshot and then use cbaker@osd.wednet.edu as your teacher contact at the end of the quiz)

Bioman Interactive - Enzymatic Interactive Game and Quizzes 

Unit 1 Study Guide


Unit 2 

Basic Principles of Ecology - Chp 3 PPP

Radish Seed Lab

Eco-Column Lab

Food Webs and Biomes Assignment

Ecosystems and Communities - Chp 3 and 4 PPP

Climatograms and Biomes

Biome Comparison Table (with embedded links)  

Bioman Interactive Ecology Quizzes (take a screenshot and then use cbaker@osd.wednet.edu as your teacher contact at the end of the quiz)

Population Ecology - Chp 5 and 6 PPP

Predator - Prey Simulation Table (website)

Predator-Prey Instructions and Questions

Ecological Footprint Assignment (website)

Human Global Population Trends (Link to Census Data)

Bioman Interactive - Peril River Problem (take a screenshot and use cbaker@osd.wednet.edu as your teacher contact to submit)

Sustainable Fishing Activity

Unit 2 Study Guide


Unit 3

Cell Overview PPP - Chp 7

Cell Inquiry Lab (Cell Drawing Diagrams)

(If you missed the lab, here is what you might have seen:   cheek cellpotato cell, onion cell, elodea, human blood cells, tomato cellsbacteria)

Bioman Interactive - Cell Explorer (The Animal Cell) (take a screenshot and then use cbaker@osd.wednet.edu as your teacher contact at the end of the quiz)

Osmosis and Diffusion Lab

Plant and Animal Cell On-Line Review

Osmosis Diffusion On - Line Review

Diffusion and Osmosis Notes (Essay Question Reference - Salmon)

Photosynthesis PPP - Chp 8

Radish Leaf Lab - Starch Production

Photosynthesis Lab - Oxygen Production

Cellular Respiration and Fermentation PPP - Chp 9

Cellular Respiration Lab - CO2 Production 

Lab:  The Effect of Temperature on Cellular Respiration

Lab:  The Effect of Fatigue on Cellular Respiration

Photosynthesis and Respiration Interactive Website

Unit 3 Study Guide 


Unit 4

Mitosis and Cell Differentiation PPP - Chp 10

Lab:  Surface Area to Volume Ratio

Wheat Germ DNA Extraction

Replication, Transcription, and Translation PPP - Chp 12 and 13

Learn Genetics Website

Learn Genetics Tutorial Instructions

Genetic Code Activity 

Bioman Interactive Review (Protein Synthesis Race and/or DNA Quiz #1)

Unit 4 Study Guide 



Unit 5

Fundamentals of Genetics PPP - Chp 11

Probability Lab and Punnett Squares

Mendalian Genetics Interactive (website)

Fruit Fly Lab Tutorial (Introduction Website)

Fruit Fly Google Form

Fruit Fly Lab Make Up Assignment

Instructions for Genetics Website

Human Heredity PPP - Chp 14

Blood Typing Game Website

Gene Splicing Simulation  (Gene Splicing Website)

Unit 5 Study Guide 

GATTACA Discussion Questions


Unit 6

Evolution and Natural Selection PPP - Chp 16

Sorting Finches Activity

Natural Selection Simulation (website)

Geologic Time and The Evolution of Populations PPP (Selected sections of Chp 17 and 19)

Radioactive Decay Simulation (Penny Lab)

Classification and Taxonomy PPP - Chp 18 

Salamander Dichotomous Key Lab

Bioman Interactive Review - Evolution Practice Quiz

Creature of Your Creation (Latin Root Assignment)

Survey of Living Organisms PPP

Pictures of Viruses, Bacteria, and Archaea

Pictures of Protists (including Green Algae)

Color Diagrams (kingdomsplant / animal)

Unit 6 Study Guide


Fetal Pig Dissection

Human Systems PowerPoint

Fetal Pig Disscetion Scoring Rubric

Fetal Pig Dissection Lab Instructions

Fetal Pig Blank Diagrams

Fetal Pig Labeled Diagrams 

Fetal Pig Alternative Assignment  (website)

Fetal Pig Dissection Images (You only need to know the terms outlined on the grade rubric for the Fetal Pig Dissection)

Day 1 Pictures

Day 2 Pictures

Day 3 Pictures

Day 4 Pictures

Fetal Pig Dissection Website

Fetal Pig Lab Practical Study Guide 

Semester Final Extra Credit Question