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Olympia, WA 98501
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AVID Assignment List:


Thurs Sept 21 HW: Fill out grade check sheet, have family sign (Due Monday Sept. 25)

Wed Sept 20 HW: Finish folder in class today

Tues Sept 19 HW: Take Cornell notes in at least one class each day (should have 5 from this week by Monday 9-25 binder check)

Mon Sept 18 HW: Review notes from TedTalk video and write summary (binder check today and note taking practice)


Fri Sept 15 HW: Organize binder and fill in planner in preparation for mini binder check Monday, Take Cornell notes in at least one class each day

Thurs Sept 14 HW: Take notes in Cornell style for one class, Review notes taken today and write summary/highlight 

Wed Sept 13 HW: none (introduction lesson to Cornell Notes)

Tues Sept 12 HW: Finish Teacher Introductions, sign AVID contract and photo release (all due tomorrow)

Mon Sept 11 HW: none (binder/ planner organizing) 


Fri Sept 8 HW: none (class check in)

Thurs Sept 7 HW: Have family sign AVID Contract and Photo Release Form (Due Wed Sept 13)

Wed Sept 6 HW:  Conduct teacher introduction (Due Wed Sept 13)