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Algebra 2 Assignment List: 


Thurs Sept 21 HW: Finish handout if not done yet (Due tomorrow)... If you'd like extra practice with inequalities you can look at p. 37 #15-37 odd; If you'd like review over topics cover so far in the semester look over p. 39 #59-61, 63-65, and 67-72

Wed Sept 20 HW: Complete the front side of the 1.5 Handout (will have work time in class tomorrow, due Thurs/Fri)

Tues Sept 19 HW: Add #33-45 odd to assignment from yesterday (will discuss tomorrow in class)

Mon Sept 18 HW: 1.4 Practice p. 30 #5-12, 20-24 (will discuss tomorrow in class)


Fri Sept 15 HW: Look over 1.4 in textbook (took quiz in class today over 1.1-1.3)

Thurs Sept 14 HW: 1.3 Practice p. 25 #29, 31, 35-55 odd (will discuss tomorrow). Quiz on 1.1-1.3 tomorrow (Friday)

Wed Sept 13 HW: None (worked on solving equations on whiteboards: card game)

Tues Sept 12 HW: Complete 1.1/1.2 Handout (Due tomorrow)

Mon Sept 11 HW: None (Went over types of numbers in class)


Fri Sept 8 HW: Read over 1.1 in textbook (p. 6-8).  Complete 5 problems from p. 9.  Will discuss in class on Monday

Thurs Sept 7 HW: Show family course guide and have them sign (please return bottom part by second week of school)

Wed Sept 6 HW: Give family letter and have them fill out survey (please return by second week of school)