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Mathematics Department

To keep up your math skills, visit some of the websites listed below.

Beginning with the class of 2015 Olympia High School will require three years of mathematics and the passing of an end-of-course exam for Algebra 1 or Geometry; however, with today's technical society and an increase in the entrance requirements of many colleges and universities, at least three years is recommended. The class of 2014 will need to pass one of the End-of-Course exams as well.  Beginning with the class of 2019, the state will require students pass an 11th grade math exam to be eligible to graduate.

The OHS mathematics program strives to have students progress at a pace that will balance an expedient increase in math background with a successful experience. As evidence of this goal OHS offers sequential course work ranging from Supported Algebra 1 to the intense two-year Advanced Placement Calculus sequence. Depending on request levels. options also include the non-sequential Applied Math(CTE), A.P. Statistics (CTE), and regular & A.P. Computer Science(CTE) courses.

All programs demand a high commitment on the student's part and a “B" or “C” grade or higher (depending on the course) is necessary for progression through the sequence. Entry-level placement is made through the combination of test scores and teacher recommendations. Since the OHS mathematics program is one of skill building, once placed, students are expected to follow the program in sequence.

Calculator Usage for Upper-Level Mathematics: For students enrolling in our college-level courses (precalculus, calculus, statistics, etc.), the recommended calculators are the TI-89 and the TI-Nspire CAS. Both of these calculators have the Computer Algebra System programming to allow for mathematical symbol manipulation necessary in higher math.

Message from the OHS Counseling Dept. to 2013 Grads and Beyond re: 3rd year of Math

2013 8th-Grade Parent Orientation

Letter to Students/Parents New to our District

Mathematics Course Sequence Diagram

End of Course Test Review - The first page will be the problem, the next page the solution.

End of Course review materials from our colleagues at NTPS:  http://www.nthurston.k12.wa.us/site/Default.aspx?PageID=566 . Nice job and many thanks.

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Mathematics practice questions and answers. Keep your brain loose.


1-6,    7-12,   13-18,   19-24,   25-30,   31-36,   37-42,   43-48,   49-54,   55-60,   61-66,   67-72,  73-78


1-6,   7-12,   13-18,   19-24,   25-30,   31-36,   37-42,   43-48,   49-54,   55-60,   61-66,   67-72,   73-78