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June 2017


10.1 Lines

    Conics Formulas

10.2 Parabolas

10.3 Ellipses

10.4 Hyperbolas

Test Ch 10 topics

Finals Topics

      Trig Resources:

Trig Flashcards Template

Blank Unit Circle

Trig Table

   Parent Letter



Everyone needs a graphing calculator.  The friendliest choice for a precalc student is the TI-84.  That is the calculator that I will use.  Casios are generally difficult for the students to work with.  The TI-89 and TI-nspire are used often in our calculus classes.  They will be more difficult for the precalc student to learn to work with.  If a student chooses to work with an 89 or nspire, they're on their own to learn how to use it, as I said, . . . I will work with the TI-84 because it is most appropriate for this class.


Please refer to the calendar handed out in class and on the OHS website and,  . . . .  linked below for information on assignments and tests. There is no need to call the school for a homework request. All students have a calendar. Book work should be completed before returning to school in order to keep up with the class.

Grades are always posted on Skyward and students always know how they are doing in this class. Just ask them. Parent access to Skyward is available to see students' grades.

so, . . . just talk to your son or daughter about how they are doing in class and what assignments they have; they have that information.