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May June 2017


12-4 Multiplying Probabilities

12-5 Adding Probabilities

12-6 Statistical Measure

12-7 Normal Distribution

Finals Topics


Parent Letter


Calculators:  Everyone needs a calculator of their own in class.  A TI-30 or TI-34 is a good choice.  A graphing calculator is not necessary at this level and TI's are much better for students than Casios

Please use the calendar handed out in class for information on assignments and tests. It is linked above. There is no need to call the school for a homework request. All students have a calendar and know what the assignments are. Book work should be completed before returning to school in order to keep up with the class. Students should ask for any handouts before they are absent for any planned absences. Students who are unexpectedly absent will need to pick up handouts when they return or have another student pick up the handouts for them.

Grades are always posted and students always know how they are doing in this class. Parent access to Skyward is available to see students' grades.

so . . . just talk to your son or daughter about how they are doing in class and what assignments they have, because they have that information.


Text book website:  www.glencoe.com

Look for the sign-in box and choose Washington for state

Click on Student/Parent for user

Choose mathematics for the Subject drop down menu

Click on Enter

On the new screen click on Algebra

Click on Algebra@2005

Enter your User name and you password.

log on information will be given in class