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Library Assistants’ Assignment/Quiz Overview


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REVIEW SHEET:  Daily Job Responsibilities

REVIEW SHEET:  Destiny & Circulation Procedures

REVIEW SHEET:  Work Tasks:  Front Desk, Pass Watch & Cyber Patrol

REVIEW SHEET:  Perfect World Circulation Procedures


On-Line Articles & Videos

The OlyWay

Health & Safety in the Workplace

The Dewey Decimal System

Evaluating Web Sites

How Google Works (How Google Searching Works video 3:14)


10 Awesome Google Search Hacks That You Need to Know (April 2016)

50+ Awesome Google Tricks (September 2016)



Copyright & Fair Use ARTICLES & QUIZ
Copyright & Fair Use VIDEOS:  George Harrison/Chiffons, Sam Smith/Tom Petty AND Usher/Homer Simpson

Copyright and Fair Use VIDEOS: Early Copyright History, Copyright: Forever Less One Day, How to Use Copyrighted Material on YouTube, 3 Rules to Avoid Violating Fair Use on YouTube and Using Copyrighted Content Under Creative Commons Licenses or from the Public Domain


Book Banning & Censorship


Team Work (Geese Slide Show)


Cover Letters: Read the entire section entitled, About Cover Letters including Who Needs a Cover Letter? and What Makes a Good Cover Letter? Under the section entitled, Cover Letter Resources on the web, review at least 2 examples of a cover letter using the suggested links.


Book Trailers: An Introduction to Book Trailers

Book Trailers:  How to Make a Book Trailer

Storyboarding Basics (Please watch all 3 super short videos!)


Computer Searching: Phrase Searching and Nesting, Truncation and The Power of WILDCARDS in Research Databases


 PPTS:  New Net Searching and Deb & Research-SMART Questions


Library of Congress Classifications System

Library of Congress Classification System -- Call Numbers:  Finding a Needle in a Haystack






If by some chance you are sent studyhall, you are to read to the entire online article entitled, "Banned Books:  How Schools Restrict the Reading of Young People" by Craig Lancto.  After reading the entire article, you are to write a 2 page paper giving a summary of the article and your own personal opinion review on what the author wrote.  Please click this link to view the article.