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Health Syllabus, Fall 2017


Contact Information:  Derek Weldon (dweldon@osd.wednet.edu) or extension 7206 to my classroom

*email is the best way to reach me*


Course Description:  Health is a course designed to encourage and help young people make choices that promote physical, mental and social well-being. The course emphasizes acquiring knowledge, skills and attitudes as a means to healthy lifestyles and behaviors. In this course, students will learn how to live a productive and healthy life. The goal of health education is to instill a desire within students to practice sound principals of healthy living.


Textbook/Materials used in class: 

  • Glencoe Health Textbook (class set, you can check out from the library)
  • Access textbook online: http://glencoe.mheducation.com/sites/0078758769/student_view0/index.html
  • 1’’ 3 ring binder
  • Composition book or spiral notebook
  • Package of dividers
  • Additional materials may be required at a later point


Grading Scale



A               100-92%

A-              91-90%

B+             89-87%

B               86-82

B-              81-80%


C+             79-77%

C               76-72%

D+            69-67%

D               66-55%

F                <55%


Grading Scale


40%=Evaluations of Learning (test, quizzes and other designated projects)

40%=Daily Work (daily assignments, homework, group work)

20%=Notebook (organization, bell work/reflections)


Washington State Health Standards: Follow the provided link to see the WA State Health Standards






Wellness: dimensions of health, disease prevention, analyzing influences, access valid information, communication, decision-making, goal-setting


Social Emotional Health: self-esteem, body image and eating disorders, stress management, expressing emotions, harassment/intimidation/bullying, emotional/mental/behavioral health


Substance Abuse: use and abuse, effects, prevention, treatment, legal consequences


Sexual Health: anatomy/reproduction/pregnancy, puberty/development, self-identity, prevention, healthy relationships, WA state laws


Safety: injury prevention, first aid, violence prevention


Nutrition: food groups and nutrients, beverages, label literacy, caloric intake and expenditure, disease prevention, nutritional planning


Guest Speakers:  Speakers are invited to present to the classes on a variety of topics which deal with current issues in health. Notice we be provided to students and permission forms will go out when it is necessary.


Late Work


I will accept late work, but there will be a 10% maximum grade reduction for each day late. There is also a cap at 50%, therefore all work, no matter how late can be submitted for up to 50%.


If you are absent, it is your responsibility to communicate with me to receive assignments(s). Assignments become late after your “clock” starts one returning to class. Example: You are absent Monday, you receive assignments Tuesday (you can email to receive assignments sooner), the assignment would be due Wednesday.


Classroom Expectations: 

  1. Be on time
  2. Put away ALL electronic devises on your way into class
  3. Do two things and you will be successful in the course and in life: have a great attitude and give great effort
  4. Demonstrate a high level of maturity
  5. Respect yourself and others
  6. Bottled water only. No food, soda, sports drinks, etc.


Classroom Philosophy

There are two things we are in control of everyday, our attitude and our effort. If students have a great attendance pattern and demonstrate a great attitude and provide great effort, they will be successful in this course.                        


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