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Drug Awareness Projects

By yourself or with one other student you will research 1 drug. The drugs will be assigned in class.

Due date for each project will be posted in class




Presentation dates will be posted in class. Students must choose one date and must be present on that date to present.

  • Origin
  • History
  • Form
  • Method of use
  • Street name (10)
  • Addictive traits
  • Health risks (Short and Long Term)
  • Medical uses
  • Laws
  • being prepared, takes at least 8 minutes, eye contact, speaking clearly

All are worth 20 points for a total of 200 points




Create a poster OR power point presentation that you will show during your oral presentation. It must illustrate the dangers and consequences of using the drug. 

It must clearly have and anti-drug theme. Poster board is not provided. Power points must be on disk or flash drive.

Requirements for Poster

Must be on poster board- not provided

  • Short term effects
  • Long term effects
  • History/origin
  • Anti-Drug Message
  • Common Street names (10)
  • Form
  • Methods of Use
  • Neatness

All worth 25 points for a total of 200 points

Requirements for Power Point

Must have a total of 20 slides- you can disperse them as you need

  • Origin
  • History
  • Form
  • Methods of Use
  • Street names
  • Addictive traits
  • Health risks (long and short term effects)
  • Medical uses
  • Laws
  • Anti-drug message

10 points each slide for a total of 200 points