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S.O.P.E. (Success Oriented Physical Education)

Meets in:  Main Gym/Aux Gym/Mat Room (will change during semester)

Mr. Gerrits

Office: Hall 1

Email: jgerrits@osd.wednet.edu

Phone/Voice mail: (360) 596-7284


The mission of S.O.P.E is to provide for students with disabilities the accommodations necessary for equal and effective participation in Physical Education experiences; while also providing the opportunity for general education students to serve as tutors, building relationships with the special needs students in our school, learn about different disabilities and how to work with students who have them.   


My Teaching Goal:

My mission is to help all of my students reach their potential, and to further develop their strength in character.  I will emphasize the value of meaningful relationships, and help my students recognize the importance of integrity and respect.  Learning will be a comfortable, enjoyable, and rewarding experience.



Tutor's grades will be based on total points earned.  All points will be weighted evenly and will be made up of daily points and assignments. 

Daily points- Each day is worth 4 points and will be graded based on participation and performance.  You must be present to earn these points, there will be make up opportunities provided for days missed.  


Late and Incomplete Work Policy:

Late work that is incomplete will not be accepted.  If something is turned in and is not complete, it will be immediately returned to the student.  Students may turn in late work, provided that it is complete, but a percentage of the total point value is lost each day an assignment is late.  Work missed due to absences must be requested by the student either ahead of time or the day s/he returns to class—the teacher and student will establish a timeline for the completion of makeup work. 


Possible make up point opportunities for absences:

Attending and helping at activities for our special needs students outside of regular school hours, reading an article that pertains to class and typing a one page single spaced summary, spending the entire lunch period with your student, and creating a game/activity for the class.


Units/Activities we will cover:

Baseball, Volleyball, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Horseshoes, Bowling, Bocci Ball, Frisbee Golf, Badminton, Cup Stacking, Obstacle Course, Parachute, Relay Races, Yoga, Weight Room, Large Group Games