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Welcome to Freshmen Health

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

―Mahatma Gandhi


Background Information

Course Goal

The goal for this course is for students to learn the facts and necessary information about all of the wellness topics we cover, so that all students are empowered to make good choices for themselves and their lives.  Additionally, the goal of this course is for all students to pass the class and receive .5 credit toward graduation.

Unit Topics

Dimesions of Wellness, Goal Setting, Respect, Refusal Skills & Decision-Making, Drug Prevention, Death, Dying, Grieving, Mental Health (Depression), & Suicide Prevention, Eating Disorders & Nutritional Awareness, Human Sexuality (Reproduction, Relationships, S.T.I.'s, Conception/Pregnancy, Contraception)

Classroom Community

I expect all students to feel safe physically and emotionally upon entering this classroom. It is the responsibility of all students to respect each other and the space. Throughout many activities that we will do this semester, it is necessary for students to feel welcome and be surrounded by positive energy.

Policies & Expectations

Classroom Conduct

  • Students are expected to respect others and their property
  • Be in your assigned seat and ready to work before the tardy bell rings (2 tardies=1 truancy/unexcused absence)
  • Be a good listener and follow directions
  • Always come prepared (notebook/binder with health section, notebook paper, pen/pencil)
  • Please do not write in highlighter or permanent marker (unless the project/assignment calls for it)
  • Raise hand and wait to be called on (please don’t blurt out or interrupt others)
  • Only healthy foods and beverages are allowed (failure to adhere to this policy means that you will lose this privilege)
  • Gum is fine as long as we don’t see it, hear it, or feel it (under desks/chairs, on the floor, etc.)—a problem with gum can result in the loss of privilege for the group
  • Dispose of trash and recyclables in the proper receptacles
  • Try to put personal items under your desk to avoid tripping others
  • Cell phones and headphones must be turned off and put away upon entering class and they must stay put away until students leave the room (If this becomes a problem, the discipline step process will be put into place)
  • Hats can only be worn as long as Mrs. Garrison and others can see your eyes (failure to abide by this means losing your hat privilege). Hoods, however, are not permitted
  • You can only work on work from another class if you are totally done with all of your health assignments
  • Please put class supplies and materials back where you found them
  • Please do not take items from Mrs. Garrison’s or Mrs. Bush's desk
  • Please do not sharpen your pencil while others are in the middle of talking
  • Stay on task and use your class time wisely (failure to do so can result in a discipline step)
  • Keep a positive attitude, have fun, and try to learn something new everyday!

Heading Papers

Students are responsible for including a proper heading on all assignments, projects, and tests. This format should be located on the upper, right-hand side of papers and it includes first and last name, period number, and the date. See the bulletin board in the front of the classroom for an example if you need help with this.

No Name Papers

No Name Papers will be placed on the "No Name Paper" wall.  Each week the paper will be moved down the wall and receive a deduction of points earned as follows:

Week #1=-10%

Week #2=-20%

Week #3=-30%

Week #4=-40%

Week #5=-50%

Week #6=No Credit (Recycle)

Assignments & Projects

In order for the project or assignment to be considered on time, it must be turned into the assignment basket for the designated period at the beginning of class on the due date. Mrs. Garrison will do a “last call” student warning and students who try to turn items in late will need a late pass (see below). You are allowed to turn in any assignments or projects into the basket early.

Late Work

All work is due on-time.  Work that is submitted pas the due date will receive 25% off of the points earned for one week.  After one week, it is too late to turn work in.  For example if a project or assignment is due on Friday, the stduent will have until the following Friday to turn that work in for late work.  Please note that absent work is not the same as late work.

Scoring Rubric

Most projects will include a scoring rubric. Students who do not include that scoring rubric sheet with their final product will automatically lose 10 points, as it wastes paper for additional copy costs, as well as Mrs. Garrison’s time having to make more copies in order to grade the assignment. Also, student who fail to fill-out the self-evaluation portion of the scoring rubric will lose 5 points. This process helps students double check that they've met all of the project's expectations and they are turning it in knowing that they did their best work.

Make-up Work

It is the personal responsibility of all students who miss class for any reason to find out what they missed and catch-up on missing work. Talking to Mrs. Garrison and other students will help with this process. Do not wait for Mrs. Garrison to come to you about missing work, or it might be too late. At the beginning of the period is never a good time to find out what you are missing. Take a pro-active approach if you are absent by emailing Mrs. Garrison or calling a classmate to see what you missed. Some assignments can only be done during class, so attendance is important.

Only people with excused absences can do make-up work, this includes tests and quizzes. Make-up tests and quizzes will have to be scheduled with Mrs. Garrison, and once again this is the student’s responsibility to initiate this process. First semester, most make-up tests/quizzes will have to be before school during Wednesday's B-schedule (late-start). If a student has not taken care of the make-up process (on all assignments, tests/quizzes, etc.) after two weeks it will be too late. If a student does not show-up for the scheduled make-up test/quiz opporutunity the grade will turn to a zero.


This class will not have homework every night. My goal is for students to get the bulk of their work down during class sessions so that they can focus on other things outside of class time. However, students who do not use their time wisely will notice that their class work will turn into homework on a regular basis. We will have several large projects throughout the semester that will require work outside of class. Please plan accordingly, and do not wait until the last minute or you will be sorry and quite tired!

Behavior, Attendance, & Cheating Policies

I follow Olympia High School’s policies on behavior, attendance, and cheating. Please see the following:

The three step discipline process for behavior and attendance will be:

  • Pre-step=student warning
  • Step call home, possible study hall for 1 day
  • Step Two=study hall for 3 days (office notifies parent)
  • Step Three=withdraw from class with F/possible contract (office contacts parent)

Cheating will not be tolerated on tests, quizzes, assignments, projects, etc.

  • Cheating 1st offense=teacher notifies parent, study hall for 5 days, F on the assignment/project.
  • Cheating 2nd offense=teacher notifies parent and student finishes remaining semester in study hall, F in the class

Grading Information & Progress Reports

Grading Categories

All assignments, projects, and tests will be added into the gradebook based on total accumulated points

There will not be any weighted categories

Grading Scale

A= 93-100%, A-=90-92%

B+=87-89%, B=83-86%, B-=80-82%

C+=77-79%, C=73-76%, C-=70-72%

D+=67-69%, D=60=66%

F=59% or below

Progress Reports

Progress reports will be sent home periodically to keep both students and parents/guardians informed. Progress reports are always worth 10 points and they must be signed by a parent/guardianreturned within two class days. Failure to do so will result in a zero for that assignment.

Please note parents, that this is how I make an effort to contact you regarding your student's grade. I have over 150 students and I cannot call every single parent. Please take an interest in your student's grade and discuss their progress in all of their classes. If your student is not responsible enough to show you the progress report, it is not my fault. If you want continuous updates on your student's progress, feel free to e-mail me @ egarrison@osd.wednet.edu

Keys to Success

  • Show up to class every day--BE PRESENT!
  • Participate and listen in class--TAKE AN ACTIVE ROLE!
  • Take notes when necessary--WRITE IT DOWN!
  • Keep handouts and necessary paperwork in a designated health section--STAY ORGANIZED!
  • Pay attention to the upcoming assignment/project due dates--READ THE BOARD!
  • Do all assignments, projects, etc. and turn them in on-time--COME PREPARED!
  • If necessary, use the 25% off one-week late policy on assignments or projects
  • Study for tests and quizzes
  • Ask questions if you don’t know the answer or you are unclear on the instructions--SPEAK UP!
  • Take responsibility for your learning--OWN YOUR EDUCATION!
  • Select partners/groups that will help you worK, not distract you!
  • Do your best work even when no one is looking--DARE TO BE GREAT!