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General PE Information

Policies & Expectations

Please click on the link below to access important information that will lead to successful participation in this class:

Health & Fitness Department Policies & Expectations

Students working toward an A grade in PE need to do the following daily

• Be on time
• Be present
• If you are absent make sure it is excused (within 48 hours with the attendance office)
• Do 1 PE make-up within the 2 weeks of the absence to make-up the lost points
• Dress down in the full OHS PE uniform (socks, athletic shoes, OHS PE shirt, shorts/sweats)
• Bring a positive attitude
• Give your best effort
• Listen during the teacher’s instructions (don’t talk when the teacher is talking)
• Follow directions within a timely manner
• Participate 100% of the time, even if the teacher is not looking
• Be respectful to the teacher and your classmates
• Use proper sportsmanship and follow the game’s rules (no cheating)
• Wait for instructions before touching the equipment
• Help set-up and/or clean-up the equipment (as needed)
• Don’t bring cell phones to class/keep them put away
• Turn-in all written work on-time
• Stay in the locker room until the bell rings

Common point deductions for PE include: attendance, attitude, behavior, and effort.

The following are a list of things that you might have done within those categories to lose points:


• Tardy to locker room or gym at the start of class
• Absent (excused or unexcused)
• Leaving the locker room before the bell rings
• Leaving the class without permission


• Bringing negativity to class (scowling, eye rolling, complaining, allowing your dislike for the activity to impact others—this includes the teacher)
• Being rude to other classmates or the teacher (talking back, negative attitude, arguing, negative facial expressions/body language)
• Blaming others for your problems (avoiding ownership for personal issues)


• Talking during the teacher’s instruction
• Missing part or all of OHS PE uniform
• Still getting dressed in the gym (putting shoes on or neglecting to tie shoes prior to the class start time)
• Missing a note to excuse non-participation (injury or illness)
• Bringing cell phone or cell phone use during class
• Inappropriate language, touching, gestures, etc.
• Misusing equipment
• Disrupting the class (making the class stop or wait for you due to your off-task behavior)


• Sitting down during activity time
• Not doing the warm-up/stretches with the class
• Slacking (not trying, being lazy, going through the motions instead of trying to get something out of the activity)
• Selective participation (participation only when you feel like it; only when you think the teacher is looking; or only when you like the activity)
• Hanging out and talking or watching instead of actually doing the activity

* Please note that the above lists are examples and point deductions are not limited to this sheet. Additionally, these items are consistent with the OHS Health and Fitness Department Policies.