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Roaring 20s & 30s Project:

Animal Dances, Charleston, Black Bottom Dance, & Big Apple


Group size 1-4 people


Each group member must find, learn, and teach one move for 8 counts, so a group of 4 will have 4 moves done for 8 counts each (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)


You can stick with one theme such as all Big Apple done in a circle with a “caller” or all Black Bottom dance done with lines or a mixture of one dance move from each dance style.


Two days (Thursday, 11/19 & Friday, 11/20) will be given in the computer lab to research, look up inspiration for moves, music, and costumes, select the dance move(s), type up the instructions for the dance moves, and start practicing.


If the dance move has a name then use the given name, but if a name is not provided for the dance move, please come up with a reasonable and appropriate name to call the move when teaching the class


One day (Monday, 11/23) will be practice time in the balcony for 4th and the cafeteria for 6th period.


Groups will sign-up for their teaching day, Tuesday, 11/24 or Wednesday, 11/25


Costumes are extra credit for this project (flapper dresses, zootsuits, etc. look up inspiration during your research time)à up to +5EC points


Type up written instructions on how to do all of the moves, making sure to follow the order of the routine with a breakdown of the counts with each person who will teach the step.  For example, 1-2 (description), counts 3-4= (description), counts 5 & 6 (description), count 7 (description), count 8 (description).  Please include a minimum of 1 picture/drawing to depict each dance move:

  • Pictures can be computer generated or done by hand
  • Photo booth or a camera phone is a great way to generate the photos and include them
  • Pictures can be black and white or color


Basically, your directions and pictures should be good enough that Mrs. Garrison or a classmate will be able to do your dance routine by simply following your written directions.


Search Criteria:

When you search, don't type in just "Black Bottom."  Instead type in "Black Bottom Dance," "Black Bottom Dance Routines," "Black Bottom Routines," etc.


Possible Resources:

Click on the provided active links for background &/or video clips to help you with your dance steps/routines.  This is just a step in the right direction…


Animal Dances

“How to Dance Through Time: Dances of the Ragtime Era 1910-1920 | Dancetime Publications” (watch the first 57 seconds for the Grizzly Bear)



Big Apple

History of Big Apple



“The Big Apple”



Historical video on the Big Apple



“BBDC10 Big Apple Routine”



“Teachers—Big Apple”



“The Savoy Ball 2012: Keep Punching (Big Apple)”



Black Bottom Dance

"Black Bottom Dance"



"Black Bottom w/ Jojo Jackson"



"STLBX 05 black bottom dance workshop"



"The Black Bottom, 20s Charleston Dance"



"Black Bottom Routine"




“Charleston -- Original Al & Leon Style!!”



“How to Dance: The Charleston”



“I Charleston Jersey”



“I Charleston Chicago”


“The Charleston Dance (1923 - 1928)”




“1920s dances featuring the Charleston, the Peabody, Turkey Trot and more”



“The Roaring Twenties—Dance Craze