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Welcome 10th-12th Grade Dance Students & Parents/Guardians

Course Description

The goal for this non-traditional Physical Education class is for all students to have fun learning in a safe environment that fosters success in the fundamentals of folk dancing, ballroom dancing, and other popular dances of each era from early times to the 1940's (first semester) and the 1950's through current times (2nd semester), while working towards a Physical Education credit or a Fine Arts credit.  See more about the class goals below. The class will be taught chronologically, as the dances occurred throughout time starting with folk dancing and ending with current dances.

Course Goal

The goal for this course is for all students to have fun learning a wide range of dances (folk, ballroom, line, fad dances, etc.). By the end of the course, students should feel more comfortable dancing and they will have increased knowledge of dance styles, terminology, and concepts.

Policies & Expectations

Please click on the link below to access important information that will lead to successful participation in this class:

Health & Fitness Department Policies & Expectations

Credit Option

This course gives students the opportunity to earn one Physical Education credit or one Fine Arts credit. This class can be taken for one full year to earn one credit, or it can be taken for a semester to earn half a credit.


Required Materials

  • Olympia High School PE shirt ($5 at the OHS Student Store)
  • Shorts or sweats (must be athletic material)
  • Socks (always required)
  • Athletic shoes (dance shoes can be substituted if they are approved by the Mrs. Garrison)

Lock & Locker

A combination lock & locker have been issued to every dance student. It is the responsibility of all students to keep track of the lock for the duration of the course. Also, lockers must be cleaned out prior to check out. Students who lose their lock will be fined $5.75 (lock prices went up this year). PE students/athletes who don't check-in their lockers and/or don’t clean out their lockers will charged a $5 cleaning fee.

Optional Items

Students can wear cultural costumes &/or decade attire, relating to the specific dances we are working on. In fact, dressing according to the specific dance or era will result in extra credit point(s) for the day.

  • Full costume=2 E.C. points (in addition to 4 regular points for the day)
  • Partial costume=1/2 E.C. point to 1 E.C. point (in addition to 4 regular points for the day)

PE Make-up

All students who miss dance class due to excused absences or excused injuries will need to complete 1, 30 minute exercise session to make-up for each missed day. Students have 2 weeks to complete this make-up process on the following days:

  • Opportunity/Bear Time on Fridays auxiliary gym from 10am-10:30am


  • All points are combined collectively (no weighted categories)
  • Grades=A (90% & above), Pass (70%-89%), or Fail (69% & below)

Daily Grading Scale

Daily Score 4

  • Students operating at a daily score of 4 will consistently demonstrate good decision-making skills.
  • They show outstanding effort regardless of their ability, and will seek extra help from the teacher when needed.
  • These students will be mentally and physically prepared for the day’s activities by cooperating, giving support, being good listeners, and showing concern for others.

Daily Score 3

  • Students are self-directed, make good choices, and take responsibility for their choices and actions.
  • These students are able to work without direct supervision.
  • (Tardy or missing OHS PE shirt=-1)

Daily Score 2

  • Students decide not to fully participate in the day’s activities.
  • They are involved with the activity, but do not show much effort to master the skill for the purpose of self-improvement.
  • They are able to control their behavior so that they do not interfere with another student’s right to learn or the teacher’s right to teach.

Daily Score 1

  • Students make the choice to be unmotivated, unprepared, unfocused, or undisciplined.
  • Their behavior includes discrediting or putting down other students or teachers.
  • This student makes a conscious effort to interrupt the learning process, misuse equipment, or behave in an unsafe manner.

Daily Score 0

  • Students do not participate in class because of an absence, non-suit, or medical release.
  • (Missing socks, shoes, athletic shorts/pants, etc.=-4)