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Bill Beattie - Weights, Varsity Football Coach



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Periods & Classes (2016 -17)

  1. Strength & Conditioning

  2. Strength & Conditioning

  3. Strength & Conditioning

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  6. Strength & Conditioning

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Olympia High School
Weights Program Class Syllabus

I.    Introduction
    The Olympia High School weight program is designed to allow each student to develop at their own pace and put together a fitness program that fits their own personal needs.  Each student will utilize all the components necessary to build an overall total fitness program.  Our goal is for each student to develop life long fitness habits that can be fit into a daily schedule.

II.    Grading
    Our Physical Education Department has the following policies for all classes:
    To earn an “A” grade the student must have –
*Attendance / Participation grade of 92% or higher, and a test / skill – effort grade of 70% or higher, and an average of 92% or higher for the combined grade.
    To earn a “P” grade the student must have –
*Attendance / Participation grade of 80% or higher, and an average of 70% or higher for the combined grade.

III.    Weight Room Rules
A.    Follow all P.E. Department Policies and Expectations
B.    No watches, rings, bracelets or jewelry that could cause an injury
C.    Wear Olympia High School Physical Education attire
D.    Always put your weights back on the weight racks when finished with a machine.  Use spotters, collars, and belts when lifting.
E.    Wipe down machines after you are done using them
F.    Keep the weight room clean, no food, or flavored drinks
G.    Absolutely NO horseplay and never interfere with a person who is lifting

IV.    Class Requirements
1.    Dress down everyday and be on time (see policies)
2.    Work hard and develop a plan
3.    Know how to perform lifts properly and safely before attempting lifts
4.    Spot correctly and pay attention to your lifting partner
5.    Respect each other and the facility