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    Frau Williams, German 1-4

Wir lernen, wir üben, wir haben Deutschvergnügen!



Please click on "German 1, 2 or 3/4" to the left for specific class information including syllabi and learning goals!


Class schedule:

Period 1     German 2

Period 2     German 2

Period 3     German 1

Period 4     German 3/4

Period 5     Planning

Period 6     German 1

Mein Motto:"Ich bin stark und schön."


Dear Parents and Students,

Please be aware that, although I have a general plan (learning goals) for moving through the curriculum, I am not schedule-driven. I cannot plan months out because it all depends on how things go in class. If I find, for example, that students need more practice with a particular structure, then there may be extra activities for this purpose. We also do a lot of in-class exercises that are difficult to duplicate for independent practice. This is one reason why students receive an attendance/participation grade. I attempt to give a general idea of what we are working on, but if you need specifics, please contact me via e-mail. 

I am available to help and accommodate test make-ups before or after school or during Beartime or some Wednesday late starts.  Just ask! You can access the syllabus, learning goals and other helpful information by clicking on the individual class listed to the left of my name.

PARENT ACCESS:   Please be aware that when only one or two items have been recorded they can have a great impact that will later, with the entry of more scores, be insignificant.  Attendance points can be made up with bonus point questions that are added on to most quizzes and tests.  (Listening in class is the key!) Please email me with questions or concerns.

 Helpful Links:

Practice your vocabulary here:  LanguageGuide.org

or at https://quizlet.com/latest

About.com German is another great source for vocabulary and grammar explanations and practice.