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Kate Chan, Español


Schedule 2017-18

***This schedule is TENTATIVE and WILL NOT be OFFICIAL until 9/1/7***

1st Period:  Spanish 2

2nd Period:  Spanish 2

3rd Period:  Spanish 2

4th Period:  Conference/Planning

5th Period:  Spanish 3

6th Period:  Spanish 3


REQUIRED MATERIALS for Spa2 and Spa3 2017-18

                • 100 page, college-ruled COMPOSITION notebook.  (NO spiral bound notebooks, NO binders)

                • Two pocket folder

                • pens (at least 2 colors + red = TOTAL of THREE colors), 

                • Your own personal glue stick (purple ones - get a big fat one)

                • recommended:  colored pencils (small box of 8 basic colors)



Daily homework posted here:  www.TheMaxFacts.com

Class Web Resources

Information for Parents/Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information


Class Web Resources:

All class information will be updated on our class website:   TheMaxFacts.com

  • Please check the class website for current homework, unit calendars, resources to support your studies, blog or other project assignments,  course syllabus, online practice, etc.

  • Learning is an ACTIVE process that will require effort and commitment. Students are required to study 10-15 minutes daily in order to maintain their practice. They are also encouraged to form study groups, practice speaking in Spanish, text in Spanish (if part of their plan), etc.

  • Additional practice or help from the teacher is available after school (please check to make sure I am available), through the class website, email, our class Remind.com signup, twitter (twitter.com/srakatechan) etc.

  • Free Spanish tutoring is offered in the library, Monday through Thursday until 4:00PM.

  • There is also a list of private, student paid-tutors available each year.  Please email Sra. Chan for a copy with the students' names and phone numbers.  This list is typically compiled after the second week of school from the students enrolled in AP Spanish, native speakers on campus as well as exchange students (if we are lucky enough to have any who speak Spanish).

For Parents/Guardians:

Most asked questions:

1.  How can I help my student learn Spanish when I don't speak Spanish (or another language)?

 Please read this list of ideas for supporting language learning at home.  We are *constantly* talking about how to learn and how to practice/study in class.  Please ask your student for the idea list that we've generated, what types of practice (how, etc) we are doing in class and what other tips they have heard.  We stop every unit to talk about learning new material at least once a week - so they should have a wealth of ideas.  Just in case, however, there is a list posted here on our class website of STUDY TIPS/METHODS that might be helpful to review/know as well.

2.  What other learning resources do you recommend?

There are many tools listed below.  However, students are NOT USE TRANSLATION APPS/SITES, etc.  It *will* not help on tests, etc and is often incorrect - not to mention VERY outside of what we are practicing in class.  Use of translation sites/apps is considering cheating.

Whatever tool you use, the most important part is routine practice.  Daily, short practice (15-20 minutes) over time will help your student gain skills, vocabulary and confidence that will help them achieve the results they desire in class.   From weeks 7 through the end of the semester, Extended Learning Options are offereed to all students in all levels.  More information about these options will be provided at the appropriate time in the semester to your student and online.

  • Avancemos (textbook series) online practice locations:
    • Spanish 2 - Class Zone
    • Spanish 2: @Home Tutor  (Target Mastery of "Level B"  for testing minimally.)
      • NOTE:  @Home Tutor pages provide video and audio comprehension practice.
      • Mastery of Level C is highly advised as a target for higher achievement (A or B letter grades) on exams.
    • Spanish 3: Class Zone
    • Spanish 3: @Home Tutor  (Target Mastery of "Level B"  for testing minimally.)
      • NOTE:  @Home Tutor pages provide video and audio comprehension practice. 
      • Mastery of Level C is highly advised as a target for higher achievement (A or B letter grades) on exams.
  • Conjuguemos.com - online verb conjugations and grammar practice.  Students have accounts here (free) that are linked to my teacher account.  Homework is assigned to students from this site as well.  Conjuguemos also has direct links to games, vocabulary and verb practice connected to our textbook series:  AVANCEMOS.
  • Quizlet.com -online flashcard site.   Sra. Murphy and Sra. Chan update current vocab lists and joining our class groups (Oly Bears Spanish, Oly Spanish 2, Oly Spanish 3) will also give you access to past lists.  (We typically link the current list on our websites for each unit.)  We do not print your vocab lists as have found that kids tend not to look at them but rather prefer the online pages.  If you would like a printed list, you can always use the computers in Sra. Chan's classroom and printers on campus to print a list for yourself. You can also visit the library during lunches or before/after school to print as well.  Quizlet also has a free app for your phones, iPods, iPads, Droids, etc that will link to the online flashcards for practice on-the-go as well.
  • Google Tools:  email, docs, forms, etc - Please use your school email (which *IS* a gmail account). 
  • StudySpanish.com:  Practice with grammar, verbs, etc.  Sra. Chan has a teacher code that will be shared in class. 

  • We also use various other online resources to improve practice.  A list of these resources is given out in class.  Many of the resources we use have free apps to support practice at home (even when teacher's pay for the accounts, we get the student accounts as well).

3.  How often are grades updated on Skyward/Family Access?  

I update Skyward/Family Access after every unit.   Units last between 3-5 weeks.  

4.  How is homework scored?

Most homework assignments are IN ADDITION to the 10-15 minutes of recommended daily practice.  Assignments are worth 5 points each. If a student has completed the work, they are awarded 5 points.  3 points are awarded for incomplete work.  Zero points are given when an assignment is not completed on time, or less than 50% of the work is done.  

5 points = work completed as directed

2.5 points = incomplete work, but at least 50% done correctly

0 points = less than 50% completed or not done on time

There are a very few opportunities during each semester to make up points lost from homework.  HOWEVER, it is strongly advised (and students are instructed on this) that homework and practice be done consistently.  Homework and practice are used in conjunction with classroom instruction - it is not an "add on" or "busy work" but rather the practice for successful long-term comprehension and usage of the language.

5.  What do you do with those iPads in class?  

Students will use numerous creation and applications Apps on iPads in class in order to interact, practice, and apply new knowledge.  We will also listening to news/podcasts from numerous countries to practice listening comprehension with different accents, etc.  The iPads really help bring the world alive and in to our classroom.  

iPads are not used as translation devices (no matter what types of apps you find under "Foreign Language" in the app store!).  The ability for students to personalize, publish and share their practice makes them an extremely valuable tool.  Studnets will create instant videocasts, refined projects, weekly writing practice, and practice with daily class work (guided lessons, lessons for exploring, etc) with their assigned iPad.

iPads are not a replacement to the teacher or the lesson.  Students will still work in cooperative groups, individual projects, partner work and whole class work.  iPads are a tool, not a key.  The key to learning a foreign language lies within the student's own effort and determination.

Your students do not need an iPad at home to continue class work.  

6.  What is the best way to contact the teacher?

Without a doubt, email!  Please feel free to email me at:  kchan@osd.wednet.edu