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 Please note that you do not need to print out the assignments to make them up.  It is fine to write the answers to the assignments on your own paper.

The Week of April 17

Monday, April 17

No class

Tuesday, April 18 

Legend vocabulary words:  page 35 and page 36

Wednesday 19

We practiced vocabulary words using Textivatelegend textivate

 link to qr code

Homework: page 200 front due April 20

Thursday, April 20

Homework: page 200 back due April 21

The Week of April 10

Monday, April 10

Notes on the uses of saber and conocer ( rules and conjugations)

Homework:  practice conjugations of saber, conocer and traer due 4-11

Tuesday, April 11

Homework: saber/conocer  worksheet #1  due 4-12

Wednesday, April 12

Learned rules for the past tense use of saber and conocer (  rules on 4-10)

Friday, April 14

Quiz: present and past tense conjugations of saber and conocer

         sentences using saber and conocer in the past tense

The Week of March 27

Monday, March 27

final set of past tense of verbs ( i to y and j verbs)

Test review

Homework:  third person spelling changers worksheet due 3-28

Tuesday, March 28

dialog listening activity ( participation grade)

Homework:  past tense estar practice due 3-29

Wednesday, March 29


Thursday, March 30


Friday, March 31


The Week of March 20

Monday, March 20

New shopping vocab.

Wednesday, March 22

In class practice of shopping vocab.

Thursday, March 23

Started working on shopping dialogue. 

Friday, March 24

Final draft  and presentation

The Week of March 13

Monday, March 13

Shopping vocab

Homework: 146  worksheet ( front and back) due 3-14

Tuesday, March 14

Tienda diagraming ( participation grade)

Turned in El Corte Inglés

Wednesday, March 15

past tense of stem  changing verbs

Homework: 174  worksheet  due 3-16

Thursday, March 16

estar/andar partner work ( participation grade)

Friday, March 17

Quiz:  stores and the past conjugations of estar,tener, and andar

Costa Rica cultural activity ( see me for make-up material)

The Week of March 6

Monday, March 6

New clothing vocab

Tuesday, March 7

Homework: stick figure worksheet ( front and back) due 3-08

Wednesday, March 8

New gusta verbs

Homework:  clothing questions worksheet  due 3-09

Friday, March 10

Quiz: clothing vocab. from de cuadras to suave

The Week of February 27

Monday, February 27

practice of present progressive ( participation grade)

Test review

Homework:   present progressive reflexive worksheet due 2-28

Tuesday, February 28

Estoy... activity ( participation grade)  see me for make up work

Homework:   present progressive/ present tense worksheet due 3-01

Wednesday, March 01

Homework: past tense worksheet ( front, back) due 3-02

Friday, March 03


The Week of February 20

Monday, February 20

No School

Tuesday, February 21

No school

Wednesday, February 22

Add notes for the present participle to page 26 of your cuaderno

Thursday, February 23

Finished notes on forming sentences with the present progressive.

Practiced the present progressive

Homework:   present progressive worksheet due 2-24  See me for worksheet


Friday, February 24

Present progressive project


The Week of February 13

Monday, February 13

Past tense verbs that change from e to i

Tuesday, February 14

CN Spanish to practice past tense

Wednesday, February 15

Practiced the conjugations of the past stem changers

Homework:   past questions ( e to i verbs) worksheet due 2-16

Thursday, February 16

Practiced the conjugations of the past stem changers

Friday, February 17

Quiz: Identify if a verb changes in spelling in the past or the present 

The Week of February 6

Monday, February 6

no school

Tuesday, February 7

no school

Wednesday, February 8

Practiced the conjugations of the verbs

Thursday, February 9

Practiced the conjugations of the verbs

Friday, February 10

Practiced the conjugations of the verbs

The Week of January 30

Monday, January 30

Telehistoria #2 & #3

Tuesday, January 31

Telehistoria #2 ( see me to make up)

Important verbs, put on page 20 of your notebook

Wednesday, February 1

notes on verbs that require an infinitive

Thursday, February 2

practiced writing sentences with verbs

Friday, February 3

Present tense conjugations of the new verbs