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 Please note that you do not need to print out the assignments to make them up.  It is fine to write the answers to the assignments on your own paper.


 Verb chart with verbs

Blank templet of verb chart

The Week of June 19

Monday, June 19

Worked on country  project:  expectations and rubric

Tuesday, June 20

Country tiled project due

Wednesday June 21 through Friday June 23

Country project reading activity ( participation grade)

The Week of June 12

Monday, June 12

Conjuguemos of go verbs

Wednesday, June 14

ordinal number drawing practice ( participation grade)

Thursday, June 15

Unit 5 test

Friday, June 16

Worked on country  project:  expectations and rubric

The Week of June 5

Monday, June 5

New chores verbs

New end of year nouns

Notes on Hay que and Acabo de

Homework: page 274 worksheet due June 6

Tuesday, June 6

Notes on affirmative Tú form  commands

Verb chart of affirmative Tú commands

Homework: page 283-284 worksheet due June 7

Wednesday, June 7

Practice creating tú form commands.

Homework:  Tú command worksheet due June 8

Thursday, June 8

Practice of tú form commands

Homework:  Tú command worksheet #2 due June 9

Friday, June 9

Test review

The Week of May 29

Monday, May 29

no school

Tuesday, May 30

House and items in the house vocab.

Homework:page 254 worksheet ( house vocabulary with prepositions) due May 30

Wednesday, May 31

Notes on ordinal numbers

camiseta ordinal number practice ( participation grade)

Homework:  259-60 worksheet due June 01

Thursday, June 01

Practiced vocabulary words

Homework:  Lugares worksheet due June 02

Friday, June 02

House drawing ( participation grade)

The Week of May 22

Monday, May 22

Go verb conjugations

Places number #2 on page 50 of your notebook

Homework: go verb conjugations due May 23

Tuesday, May 23

¿Dónde está?  ( participation grade)

Wednesday, May 24

Practiced using go verbs in sentences

Homework:go worksheet due May 25


Friday, May 26

Quiz: spelling on the Places II vocabulary words

The Week of May 15

Monday, May 15

Presented dialogues

Tuesday, May 16

Practiced forming and answering questions

Homework: Test review worksheet due 5-17

Wednesday, May 17

Reviewed for test

Thursday, May 18


The Week of May 8

Monday, May 8

Conjuguemos #1 ( participation grade)

Notes on the hundreds and money

Homework: DOP questions worksheet due 5-9

Tuesday, May 9

Conjuguemos #2participation grade)

Partners a/b ( participation grade)

Wednesday, May 10

¿Cuánto cuesta?  partner work ( participation grade, see me to make up)

Thursday, May 11

Worked on dialog( expectations)

Friday, May 12

Test review

The Week of May 1

Monday, May 1

We made a foldable for direct object pronouns

Tuesday, May 2

Notes on Direct Object pronouns

Wednesday, May 3

Clarified notes on DOP and practiced creating sentences in class

Homework: 205-206 worksheet  due 5-4

Thursday, May 4

In class practice of direct object pronouns

Friday, May 5

Quiz:  Students will need to able to put shoe verbs in categories based on how they conjugate.


The Week of April 24

Monday, April 24

¿Qué prefieres? ( participation grade, see me for make up)

Restaurant vocabulary words

Homework: empezar, cerrar, recordar worksheet   due 4-25

Tuesday, April 25

Practiced using verbs in sentences

Homework: preferir, querer, poder worksheet   due 4-26

Wednesday, April 26

 We practiced using the food vocab using Textivate.

Thursday, April 27

Poder scavenger hunt( see me to make up participation grade)

Link to spelling changers Textivate

Friday, April 28

Spelling quiz: shoe verbs' meanings

 The Week of April 17

Monday, April 17

Finished tiled project ( see me to schedule a time to make up)

Tuesday and Wednesday, April 18 and 19

Spelling changing verbs ( page 46 notes and verb chart notes, set #1, set #2)

Homework: boot worksheet ( see me for homework) due  April 20

Thursday, April 20

filled in verb chart

Homework:  Page 200 worksheet due  April 21

The Week of April 10

Monday, April 10

Clothing vocab

possessive practice ( participation grade, make up by translating the sentences)

Tuesday, April 11

Clothing diagraming ( participation grade)

Homework: clothing #1 worksheet  due 4-12

Wednesday, April 12

practiced using the clothing vocabulary words.

Friday, April 14

Quiz: spelling, clothing vocabulary words

The Week of March 27

Monday, March 27

Turned in final draft of writing

Test review

Homework:  er and ir verb review due 3-28

Tuesday, March 28

Notes on comparisons

Comparison partner work ( participation grade)

Homework: comparison worksheet due 3-29

Wednesday, March 29

Reviewed for the test

Thursday, March 30


Friday, March 31


The Week of March 20

Monday, March 20

Family vocab

¿Cuándo?partner work ( see me to make up participation grade)

Tuesday, March 21

Possessive adjective notes

Age/family partner work ( see me to make up participation grade)

Homework:   page 171 worksheet due 3-22

Wednesday, March 22

adjective review partner work ( see me to make up participation grade)

Thursday, March 23

Started working on writing project.  ( pre-write graph)

Friday, March 24

Final draft of writing to an exchange student due



The Week of March 13

Monday, March 13

Food vocabulary notes

Notes on using gusta with nouns

Homework:  Gusta worksheet due 3-14

Tuesday, March 14

Conjugations of "er" and "ir" verbs

New verbs

Homework:  Pg 141 A worksheet due 3-15

Wednesday, March 15

food diagramming ( participation grade)

Homework:  Pg 141 B worksheet due 3-16

Thursday, March 16

breakfast/lunch partner work ( see me to make up participation grade)

Friday, March 17

Quiz: spelling of food vocabulary words and the conjugations of "er" and "ir" verbs

Cultural book activity ( see me to make up)

The Week of March 6

Monday, March 6

Practiced ir + a + infinitive and answering questions

Tuesday, March 7

Ir + a + infinitive partner work ( participation grade)

Wednesday, March 8

Reviewed for test

Homework:  Unit two test review worksheet due 2-28

Friday, March 10

Test:Test review

The Week of February 27

Monday, February 27

Preposition partner work ( participation grade)

Note on places in a school:  put on page 37 of your cuaderno

Homework:  estar ( 116-117) worksheet due 2-28

Tuesday, February 28

Notes on to go:  put on page 38 of your cuaderno

Conjugations of ir, to go

Homework:  estar ( 116-117b) worksheet due 3-01

Wednesday, March 1

Homework: To go worksheet (front and back) due 3-02

Thursday, March 2

Para diagraming ( participation grade)

Friday, March 3

Quiz: conjugations of Ir and sentences ( you will need to know the places vocab. to do sentences)

Test review

The Week of February 20

Monday, February 20

No School

Tuesday, February 21

No school

Wednesday, February 22

Add the notes for Ser, Estar, Tener, Hacer and Hay to page 35 of your cuaderno

Thursday, February 23

Notes on prepositions ( put on page 36 of your cuaderno)

Friday, February 24

Preposition partner work ( participation grade)

The Week of February 13

Monday, February 13

Yo No Soy poem

Rubric and Expectations

Tuesday, February 14

Tener phrases

Homework:   Tener Phrases worksheet due 2-15

Wednesday, February 15

Estar adjectives

Conjugations of estar

Homework:   verb seperation worksheet due 2-16

Thursday, February 16

Practiced vocabulary words

Friday, February 17

Quiz: tener phrases and estar adjectives

The Week of February 6

Monday, February 6

no school

Tuesday, February 7

no school

Wednesday, February 8

vocab. scavenger hunt ( participation grade)

Thursday, February 9

Notes on cuántos (as) and hay

Friday, February 10

¿Cuáuntos? participation grade ( see me to make up)


The Week of January 30

Monday, January 30

Telehistoria #2

Tuesday, January 31

Telehistoria #2 ( see me to make up)

Classroom words put on page 32 of your notebook

Wednesday, February 1

We practiced using classroom vocabulary words with indefinite and definite articles. 

Thursday, February 2

 We practiced writing sentences in Spanish.

Homework:   classroom words in sentences worksheet due 2-3

Friday, February 3

 Practiced vocabulary words