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Ms. Beraún
Spanish I 


Attendance and make up work
Students are to attend every class and be on time.  The attendance policy for the class is the same as the school policy as outlined in the  handbook.  If you are not in the class room when the bell rings you are tardy.  Roll will be taken at the beginning of the class.  

You are expected to make up all assignments missed due  to excused absences and to submit the work within the same number of days that you were absent.  You are responsible for finding out what lessons/assignments you missed from me or a reliable student.  You may arrange for make up sessions with me if you feel it is necessary. If you have not contacted me concerning make up work within the time period mentioned above you may not make up  missed work.

Students are expected to be respectful towards other students, the teacher, and guests.  This is done by quietly listening to presentations and actively participating in lessons.

I follow and enforce the OHS Honor Code, Behavior and Attendance Policies.  Please refer to the handbook for detailed information.

Students are allowed to use the bathroom during class.  Students must sign out  and return within  five minutes.  If a student doesn’t return within five minutes, he or she will be warned before bathroom privileges are revoked.

Food and beverages are okay provided that they don’t cause distractions, the room is kept clean and cans and plastic bottles are recycled properly in the bins around the school. However, it is  inappropriate to have food and beverages while working with the iPads. 

Students will come to class with headphones/earphones (with microphone optional),  notebook, paper, and pen/pencil.

It is expected that all materials/equipment will be well maintained, managed and cared for.  Students who misuse, abuse, steal, cheat with the aid of any technology will be disciplined according to the OHS Student Discipline Policies.

Students will not have out electronic devices ( this includes but is not limited to iPODs, digital cameras, games on calculators or phones) during class times unless permission is given by the teacher or a designated time for use.

Cellular phones will be turned off and put away during class time.  Students will not be allowed to use the classroom phone.  No texting during class.

We will be using iPads as a classroom tool. iPads will not be used as a translation device but the creation and application apps will be used to enhance interaction with the language. 

The iPads are shared devices.  They may not be taken home and students must respect each other’s content.  Do not misuse, abuse or steal them.

Students will be assigned specific equipment to manage and take care of during his or her class period.  

Cheating will not be tolerated.  Cheating includes, but  is not limited to:  looking at or copying off of someone else’s test or quiz during an exam, allowing someone to look at or copy off of your test or quiz, discussing or showing test items to students who haven’t yet taken the test, using a  non-sanctioned “cheat sheet” during  a test, copying someone else’s written work, plagiarizing or taking someone else’s work and claiming it as your own, etc.  This includes the use of any type of translating device or service, from babel-fish to native speakers.

 When a student is caught cheating the cheating policy will be followed as outlined in the student handbook.


Students will demonstrate skill in the reproduction of Spanish pronunciation.

Students will be able to generate sentences and phrases in Spanish in such a  way that they would be easily understood by a native speaker.

Students will master grammatical concepts, conjugations, idiomatic expressions, and vocabulary.

Students will be able to understand and respond to sentences and phrases in Spanish when spoken by the instructor or a native speaker.


Grades will be based on successful completion of all student learning objectives as measured by  tests, quizzes, assignments, and projects.  

participation    20%    projects        10%
tests    30%               homework     15%
quizzes    25%
Homework must be turned in when asked for in order to receive full credit.  No late assignments will be accepted.

Special projects or reports will be assigned to students every  semester.  These are projects designed to discover more about the culture of those that speak Spanish.  These projects must be completed by  the due date.  The student will loose  1 point from the final grade of the project for everyday late.

Every week there will be a quiz on material learned during the week. There are no retakes. I drop the lowest quiz score at the end of the semester.

 A  test will be given at the end of chapters and units.  All tests will be comprehensive since learning a foreign  language is a building process on previously learned materials.  There are no retakes.

Participation is extremely important when learning a foreign language.  Students must actively participate in the class room activities.  The student must attend class everyday and arrive on time to learn the language and meet the student learning objectives.  Each student can earn 5  points each day by speaking in the target language and actively participating in class activities.  Students can also earn points on assigned in class partner activities.

The grading scale  is as follows:     A    93%-100%     C+    77%-79%
    A-    90%-92%     C    73%-76%
    B+    87%-89%    C-    70%-72%
    B    83%-86%       D+    67%-69%
    B-    80%-82%     D    60%-66%
                               F    59% and below

I  have read and understand the class room policies and expectations for  Ms. Beraún’s Spanish class.

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