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Early Childhood Education (ECE) / Oly Bear

Mrs. Jensen



Course Description: Students will be learning about early childhood development including, physical, cognitive, mental, social and emotional growth. Students will have the opportunity to be partnered with a preschool student for the duration of the class. During the time with the preschool “buddy” the high school student will apply the information and skills learned in the classroom.


Schedule: For two weeks the ECE students will be in the classroom learning, investigating and researching. They will then rotate into the preschool for 2 weeks to be with their preschool buddy. Depending on the size of the ECE class and the number of preschooler’s there will be two different groups that will rotate into the preschool.


50% classroom assignments, projects, leadership and participation

50% attendance and direct participation with preschooler’s


(Preschool Teacher), Ms. Karla and Mrs. Jensen will be evaluating each ECE student while they are with their preschool buddy. Evaluations are based on: following the rules, active participation with preschooler, no gum and no cell phone use, appropriate attire, overall attitude and behavior.

Students receive 10 points per day when in the preschool rotation.


*Students who are suspended for drug use/possession or violence at school or at any school related event will lose the privilege to be in the preschool. This includes attending field trips and any other preschool event. If this were to occur, those students would stay in the classroom for the entirety of their time in the ECE class. The safety of our preschoolers is our top priority.  


*Students who use inappropriate language in the classroom or preschool or are disrespectful to the preschool teachers or high school teachers will be removed from participation with preschoolers. 

1st offense- removal for 1 week

2nd offense- removal from preschool for remainder of semester


Attendance/ Make-ups:

Because of the nature of this unique class, your attendance is very important. Missing class not only affects your grade but it also affects your preschool buddy.

If you have an excused absence you may make up your missed time in the preschool after school from 2:27-3:00. Or Wednesday mornings during late start. You have 2 weeks from the time of the absence to make it up.



  • Speak and act with respect for others
  • Use acceptable and appropriate classroom language
  • Accept responsibility and consequences for your actions
  • Contribute positively to class at all times
  • Make your presence benefit the class
  • Bring paper and something to write with everyday

Follow Class and School Rules

  • Comply with the request and directions of the teacher, preschool teacher and para the first time you are asked.
  • Maintain a clean and healthy classroom environment
  • No hoods on in class
  • ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONES OR IPODS! This includes earphones

I fully understand the stated rules/expectations of the ECE/Oly Bear class at Olympia High School.

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