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Tuesday, 2/28

  1. Finished and performed incomplete line activity for 2.1.
  2. Finished performing 2.1; discussed/debated Macbeth's attitude.

Monday, 2/27

  1. Discussed 1.7:  Macbeth's listing of the LOGICAL reasons he should not kill the king; how L. Macbeth persuades her husband (the one who "pricks the sides of his intent"?); the role of fate vs. free will; the weakness or strength of Macbeth.
  2. Watched a segment from River's Edge Theatre Troupe's production of Macbeth called “Capturing Macbeth."
  3. Performed 2.1 up to Macbeth's soliloquy; discussed the applicability of "stars hide your fires" and Banquo's troubled spirit.
  4. Began "Incomplete Line" activity for 2.1 (orange handout).

Friday, 2/24

  1. Finished discussing Scene 5; compared L. Macbeth's "pagan prayer" (1.6) with her husband's "pagan prayer" (1.5) -- looked for what fears/weaknesses those implorations revealed about each character
  2. Performed Scenes 6 & 7:  Discussed the multi-layered dissembling in Scene 6 and how L. Macbeth's dutiful words echo Macbeth's words to the king in Scene 4; how the architecture seems to be in collusion with the Macbeth's treachery; Macbeth's inability to say the word "murder" in Scene 7.

Thursday, 2/23

  1. NOTES:  Holinshed's Macbeth/the "real" Macbeth.
  2. Performed scenes 4 & 5; discussed the repentance & reconciliation demonstrated by the traitorous Cawdor at his execution (compare later to Macbeth's death); the irony behind Duncan's observation that it's impossible to "find the mind's construction in the face"; Macbeth's struggle to keep his thoughts from showing on his face; Macbeth's duty-filled response to the King's confession of indebtedness that contrasts with Banquo's intimate embrace of his Sovereign; looked at the "growing" metaphor that is used by the King to describe Banquo's advancement which recalls the Witches' prophecy about his children, etc. 
  3. Signed up for Act 2.

Wednesday, 2/22

  1. Turned in annotated sonnet assignment.
  2. NOTES:  "The Trouble with Shakespeare"
  3. Performed scene 3:  Discussed the witches as the Fates, the purpose of the sailor story, and the Macbeth's startled reaction to the third prophecy.

Friday, 2/17

  1. The 32-second Macbeth.
  2. Performed scene 1 & scene 2.
  3. NOTES:  The wyrd sisters,  King James I, and how the play panders to this king's interests.

Thursday, 2/16

  1. Read the condensed Macbeth.
  2. Watched a little Black Adder (the Macbeth curse episode)
  3. Read the historical accounts of curses-come-true in Macbeth performances.
  4. Discussed how to earn/lose points on Shakespeare readings.
    • 6 (monotone, mispronunciations, skipping words); 7 (monotone, disrespecting punctuation marks); 8 (inflection & intonation -- but simply decoding words/no real understanding); 9 (some attempt at character; obviously understands text); 10 (fully in character)
    • Discussed how to earn/lose performance points (i.e., EARN:  memorize lines; LOSE:  absent, forget who you are in a scene, etc.)
  5. Signed up for Act 1.
  6. HANDOUT:  Macbeth test

Wednesday, 2/15

  1. BIO day
  2. Checked out Macbeth.
  3. Watched episode 3, Searching for Shakespeare.

Tuesday, 2/14

  1. Shared sonnet valentines
  2. Watched more of Searching for Shakespeare.

Monday, 2/13

  1. HIGH SCHOOL & BEYOND PLAN:  Career Counseling hour with Ms. Boelts.

Friday, 2/10

  1. Signed up for sonnets.
  2. Watched Michael Wood's Searching for Shakespeare.

Thursday, 2/9

  1. HANDOUT:  Sonnet Assignment (discussed requirements)
  2. "Key Word" extra-credit activity.
  3. Partner Activity:  Analyzed Sonnet #7 using "Strategies" handout.

Wednesday, 2/8

  1. Reconstructed a "deconstructed" Shakespearean sonnet; discussed strategies used.
  2. NOTES:  sestet, octave, volta, quatrain, rhyming couplet; discussed through which organizational lens to view sonnets 32 and 130. 

Monday, 2/6 & Tuesday, 2/7:  Snow Days!

Friday, 2/3

  1. Chose senior privileges & plays:  Twelfth Night and Much Ado About Nothing.
  2. "Parade of Insults"

Thursday, 2/2

  1. Watched the end of Tess of the D'Urbervilles.

Wednesday, 2/1

  1. ACTIVITY:  Find the words that Shakespeare didn't invent.
  2. Watched Horrible Histories "Shakespeare Song."
  3. Read insulting article about Donald Trump's insults.
  4. Watched the UK Telegraph's "Top 15 Shakespearean insults."
  5. ASSIGNMENT:  Shakespearean insults (see assignment page for explanation).
  6. Took a group "Shakespeare Trivia" quiz for bonus points.

Tuesday, 1/31

  1. Watched more of Tess of the D'Urbervilles.

Monday, 1/30

  1. Introduced Shakespeare play pitch & senior privilege.
  2. Watched more of Tess of the D'Urbervilles.