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Friday, 6/2

  1. Performed 4.1 and 4.2; discussed.
  2. Signed up for Act 5. 

Thursday, 6/1

  1. Finished Act 3; discussed.

Wednesday, 5/31

  1. Bio Day
  2. Improv./perform/discuss Act 3.
  3. Signed up for Act 4.

Tuesday, 5/30

  1. Improvisation of 2.5, 3.1.  Discussed.
  2. Finished signing up for Act 3.

Friday, 5/26

  1. Improvisation, performance, and discussion of 2.4.
  2. Signed up for Act 3.

Thursday, 5/25

  1. Finished discussion of 1.5.
  2. Improvisation 2.1 - 2.3 and performed.  Discussed the characterization of Antonio, Sebastian.

Wednesday, 5/24

  1. Bio. Day
  2. Finished 1.5; discussed.

Tuesday, 5/23

  1. Discussed the characterization of Aguecheek and Toby from scene 3.
  2. Improvisation of  scenes 4 & 5.
  3. Performed scene 4; started 5.
  4. Signed up for Act 2.

Monday, 5/22

  1. Introduction to Twelfth Night:  Significance of title; reviewed elements of comedy; discussed setting and characters.
  2. Improvisation of scenes 1, 2, and 3 of Act 1.
  3. Performed scenes 1 & 2 of Act 1.

Friday, 5/19

  1. Finished watching David Tennant's Hamlet.
  2. In-class write & discussion:  List 3 differences between the movie and the play and critique those differences (i.e., explain by linking to your understanding of the play Hamlet).  What did you like or not like about the license the director took with the play?

Thursday, 5/18

  1. Continued watching David Tennant's Hamlet.

Wednesday, 5/17

  1. Bio Day!
  2. Signed up for Twelfth Night.
  3. Continued watching David Tennant's Hamlet.

Tuesday, 5/16

  1. Checked out Twelfth Night.
  2. Discussed requirements for annotated bibliography.  The annotated part should include the qualifications/identity of author(s), their thesis/claim, main points, audience, and relevance/usefulness for your research.
  3. Watch more of David Tennant's Hamlet.

Monday, 5/15

Watched David Tennant's Hamlet.

Friday, 5/12

  1. Final's groups; reviewed requirements.

Thursday, 5/11

  1. Finished performing 5.2; discussed.
  2. Watched catastrophe scene in Branaugh's Hamlet.

Wednesday, 5/10

  1. Bio Day.
  2. Performed 5.2.

Tuesday, 5/9

  1. Discussed last scene of Act 4.
  2. Watched the beginning of Act 5 (gravediggers); discussed their role (taking "digs" at lawyers; irony of laborers discussing the legal and theological points about suicide.
  3. Finished performing 5.1.

Monday, 5/8

  1. Performed scene 6 & 7; discussed the queen's depiction of Ophelia's suicide, Hamlet's letter, his relationship with pirates, and Claudius's manipulation of Laertes.
  2. Went over essay assignment.

Friday, 4/28

  1. Finished discussing 3.2.
  2. Performed 3.3.; discussed it in 6th period only.
  3. Signed up for Act 4.

Thursday, 4/27

  1. Finished discussing 3.1.
  2. Finished performing 3.2.
    • Which part of 3.2 is the funniest, saddest, most disturbing, etc.?
    • Does Hamlet go to far in his goal to publicly expose people's "sins."
    • Has Hamlet's mind become "tainted" (1.3.83)?  Should we blame the ghost?

Wednesday, 4/26

  1. Bio Day!
  2. "Professionals" presented their assessment of 3.1.
  3. Finished signing up for Act 3.

Tuesday, 4/25

  1. Worked in Finals groups.

Monday, 4/24

  1. Kahoot quiz on Act 3.
  2. Performed 3.1:  Broke class into three groups -- the psychiatrist, the directors, and the English majors.  Each group worked on interpreting 3.1 from their "professional" perspective.

Friday, 4/21

  1. Finished performing Act 2 (the story of Priam and Pyrrhus; Hamlet's self-flagellation soliloquy)
  2. Signed up for Act 3 (6th only)
  3. Date-stamped Final's script (no rehearsal because of significant absences!)

Thursday, 4/20

  1. Performed most of Act 2.  Discussed Polonius's comic character; how character's reveal their own preoccupations when they speculate about the reason for Hamlet's madness; Hamlet's role as love-mad, lunatic, and depressed teenager.  Overall focus of Act 2:  Dishonesty and the role of performance.
  2. Signed up for Act 3 (3rd period).

Wednesday, 4/19

  1. Bio Day
  2. Finished Act I:  Discussed "decomposition/disease" motif; Old Hamlet's command to his son, and young Hamlet's recognition, "O, cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right."
  3. Performed 2.1; discussed Hamlet's intentional "costume" and performance as the melancholy lover; looked at Polonius's remarkable parenting. (Themes:  deceit; suspicion; appearance v. reality)

Monday, 4/17 & Tuesday, 4/18

  1. Performed scene 3 & 4; discussed Polonius, his treatment of Ophelia, and his view of Hamlet.
  2. Signed up for Act 2.

Friday, 4/14

  1. Discussed 1.2:  Hamlet's use of "double-language" and Claudius's use of incongruent images.
  2. Performed most of 1.3; discussed the relationship between Laertes and Ophelia.

Thursday, 4/13

  1. Performed scene 1 of Hamlet; discussed the setting, conflict, & character, motif/theme.
  2. Performed scene 2; began discussion of King Claudius and Hamlet.

Wednesday, 4/12

  1. Bio Day!
  2. Finished watching the film Much Ado About Nothing; compared it to the play.
  3. NOTES:  Senecan vengeance plays.

Tuesday, 4/11

  1. Signed up for Act 1 of Hamlet.
  2. Watched more of the film Much Ado About Nothing.

Monday, 4/10

  1. Checked in Much Ado About Nothing and checked out Hamlet.
  2. Began watching the film Much Ado About Nothing.


Friday, 3/31

  • Test on Much Ado About Nothing.

Thursday, 3/30

  1. Finished performing Much Ado About Nothing.
  2. Generated a list of themes and motifs.

Wednesday, 3/29

  1. Bio Day!
  2. Performed 4.2 and 4.1.

Tuesday, 3/28

  1. Finished performing Act 3; discussed how 3.4 parallels 3.2 and the significance of words creating substance where there is NOTHING.  We also discussed the slang meaning of nothing and its pertinence to 4.1.
  2. Performed 4.1.
  3. Signed up:  Act 5.

Monday, 3/27

  1. Performed 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3.:  Discussed the parallels between 3.1 and 2.3; also discussed malapropism, theatrics, and the fact that truths are uncovered through misunderstandings.
  2. Signed up for Act 4.

Friday, 3/24

  1. Tea Day & Dinky!
  2. Performed 2.3.; discussed the persuasive techniques used on Benedick.  Examined the hints into Benedick and Beatrice's former relationship; the motif of doubleness/double-dealing; the transformitive and blinding power of love; the evil plot of Borachio (it involves doubles!) 
  3. Worked in Finals groups.

Thursday, 3/23

  1. Rehearsed and then performed dance scenes -- spectacular!
  2. Finished performing 2.1 and performed 2.2.; discussed Claudio's characteristics, Hero's surprising "masked" self, Beatrice's riddle #3, and the juxtaposition of antithetical scheme scenes (one plot is to bring a couple together; the other to tear them asunder).
  3. Signed up for Act 3. 

Wednesday, 3/22

  1. Performed 1.3 and listed the characteristics of a Shakespearean villain.
  2. Performed part of 2.1; discussed Beatrice's "requirements" for a lover.
  3. Formed "dance partner" groups abased on 2.1.

Tuesday, 3/21

  1. Shared favorite critique from Macbeth homework; turned in paper.
  2. Checked in Macbeth; checked out Much Ado About Nothing.
  3. Discussed 1.1 in terms of noting, musical notes, noticing, and misapprehending; used clues to scene 1 to build Beatrice and Benedick's "back-story."
  4. Performed 1.2:  Mis-noting/coming to wrong conclusions regarding the wooing of Hero which causes confusion/comedy/dramatic irony.

Monday, 3/20

  1. NOTES:  Introduction to Shakespearean comedy.  (If absent, you might want to watch the following Powerpoint presentation.)
  2. ACTIVITY:  "Qualities of a Partner"
  3. Performed Act 1.1.
  4. Signed up for the remainder of Act 1 and also Act 2.

Wednesday, 3/15 - Friday, 3/17

  1. Watch Macbeth movie; see "Assignment Page" for corresponding assignment.

Tuesday, 3/14

  1. Macbeth test.

Monday, 3/13

  1. Significant quote presentation.

Friday, 3/10

  1. Assigned significant quotes.
  2. HANDOUT:  Shakespeare Final
  3. Formed and worked in final's groups.

Thursday, 3/9

  1. Discussed 4.3:  Malcolm's elaborate test of Macduff; the characteristics of a good king; the disease motif; the significance of grief.
  2. Performed & discussed Act 5.

Wednesday, 3/8

  1. Discussed 4.2 in terms of key word, reversals, and as an example of unnatural order/disloyalty.
  2. Performed 4.3.
  3. Signed up for Act 5.

Tuesday, 3/7

  1. Performed 3.5 & 3.6.  Discussed how the scene serves as an efficient way to convey a number of "off-stage" events:  Macbeth is seen now as both a murderer and as a tyrant, the conflict has also become spiritual (Christian/good v. pagan/evil) rather than just political; the English "good/pious" English king must rescue the Scottish people from their "Tyrant."
  2. Brainstormed list of motifs and themes.
  3. Performed Act 4.1:  Discussed the irony and the evil.
  4. Signed up for Act 5.

Monday, 3/6

  1. Performed 3.4.  Discussed the following questions:
    • Most funny moment/line?
    • Where do you see incomplete lines?  Why do they occur?
    • Why do the murderers stab Banquo so many times?
    • Is the ghost real?
    • Assess how Lady Macbeth handles her husband's strange behavior.  What would you have done differently?
    • Significance of significant quote 15?
  2. Signed up for Act 4.

Thursday, 3/2

  1. Performed scenes 2.4 and 3.1; discussed the Chain of Being (unnatural events caused by the unnatural break in divine order); Banquo's conflicted, also ambitious?, character; discussed how Macbeth manipulates the murderers using the same techniques used by L. Macbeth on him.
  2. Essential Question:  How does the blood on Macbeth's hands "stain" others; in what ways does his corruption corrupt others?

Wednesday, 3/3

  1. The Porter Scene:  Discussed comic relief; how might the Porter's words convey Macbeth's "essential illness"?
  2. The Crime Scene:  What makes it funny?  What makes it horrific -- anything?

Tuesday, 2/28

  1. Finished and performed incomplete line activity for 2.1.
  2. Finished performing 2.1; discussed/debated Macbeth's attitude.

Monday, 2/27

  1. Discussed 1.7:  Macbeth's listing of the LOGICAL reasons he should not kill the king; how L. Macbeth persuades her husband (the one who "pricks the sides of his intent"?); the role of fate vs. free will; the weakness or strength of Macbeth.
  2. Watched a segment from River's Edge Theatre Troupe's production of Macbeth called “Capturing Macbeth."
  3. Performed 2.1 up to Macbeth's soliloquy; discussed the applicability of "stars hide your fires" and Banquo's troubled spirit.
  4. Began "Incomplete Line" activity for 2.1 (orange handout).

Friday, 2/24

  1. Finished discussing Scene 5; compared L. Macbeth's "pagan prayer" (1.6) with her husband's "pagan prayer" (1.5) -- looked for what fears/weaknesses those implorations revealed about each character
  2. Performed Scenes 6 & 7:  Discussed the multi-layered dissembling in Scene 6 and how L. Macbeth's dutiful words echo Macbeth's words to the king in Scene 4; how the architecture seems to be in collusion with the Macbeth's treachery; Macbeth's inability to say the word "murder" in Scene 7.

Thursday, 2/23

  1. NOTES:  Holinshed's Macbeth/the "real" Macbeth.
  2. Performed scenes 4 & 5; discussed the repentance & reconciliation demonstrated by the traitorous Cawdor at his execution (compare later to Macbeth's death); the irony behind Duncan's observation that it's impossible to "find the mind's construction in the face"; Macbeth's struggle to keep his thoughts from showing on his face; Macbeth's duty-filled response to the King's confession of indebtedness that contrasts with Banquo's intimate embrace of his Sovereign; looked at the "growing" metaphor that is used by the King to describe Banquo's advancement which recalls the Witches' prophecy about his children, etc. 
  3. Signed up for Act 2.

Wednesday, 2/22

  1. Turned in annotated sonnet assignment.
  2. NOTES:  "The Trouble with Shakespeare"
  3. Performed scene 3:  Discussed the witches as the Fates, the purpose of the sailor story, and the Macbeth's startled reaction to the third prophecy.

Friday, 2/17

  1. The 32-second Macbeth.
  2. Performed scene 1 & scene 2.
  3. NOTES:  The wyrd sisters,  King James I, and how the play panders to this king's interests.

Thursday, 2/16

  1. Read the condensed Macbeth.
  2. Watched a little Black Adder (the Macbeth curse episode)
  3. Read the historical accounts of curses-come-true in Macbeth performances.
  4. Discussed how to earn/lose points on Shakespeare readings.
    • 6 (monotone, mispronunciations, skipping words); 7 (monotone, disrespecting punctuation marks); 8 (inflection & intonation -- but simply decoding words/no real understanding); 9 (some attempt at character; obviously understands text); 10 (fully in character)
    • Discussed how to earn/lose performance points (i.e., EARN:  memorize lines; LOSE:  absent, forget who you are in a scene, etc.)
  5. Signed up for Act 1.
  6. HANDOUT:  Macbeth test

Wednesday, 2/15

  1. BIO day
  2. Checked out Macbeth.
  3. Watched episode 3, Searching for Shakespeare.

Tuesday, 2/14

  1. Shared sonnet valentines
  2. Watched more of Searching for Shakespeare.

Monday, 2/13

  1. HIGH SCHOOL & BEYOND PLAN:  Career Counseling hour with Ms. Boelts.

Friday, 2/10

  1. Signed up for sonnets.
  2. Watched Michael Wood's Searching for Shakespeare.

Thursday, 2/9

  1. HANDOUT:  Sonnet Assignment (discussed requirements)
  2. "Key Word" extra-credit activity.
  3. Partner Activity:  Analyzed Sonnet #7 using "Strategies" handout.

Wednesday, 2/8

  1. Reconstructed a "deconstructed" Shakespearean sonnet; discussed strategies used.
  2. NOTES:  sestet, octave, volta, quatrain, rhyming couplet; discussed through which organizational lens to view sonnets 32 and 130. 

Monday, 2/6 & Tuesday, 2/7:  Snow Days!

Friday, 2/3

  1. Chose senior privileges & plays:  Twelfth Night and Much Ado About Nothing.
  2. "Parade of Insults"

Thursday, 2/2

  1. Watched the end of Tess of the D'Urbervilles.

Wednesday, 2/1

  1. ACTIVITY:  Find the words that Shakespeare didn't invent.
  2. Watched Horrible Histories "Shakespeare Song."
  3. Read insulting article about Donald Trump's insults.
  4. Watched the UK Telegraph's "Top 15 Shakespearean insults."
  5. ASSIGNMENT:  Shakespearean insults (see assignment page for explanation).
  6. Took a group "Shakespeare Trivia" quiz for bonus points.

Tuesday, 1/31

  1. Watched more of Tess of the D'Urbervilles.

Monday, 1/30

  1. Introduced Shakespeare play pitch & senior privilege.
  2. Watched more of Tess of the D'Urbervilles.