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Monday, 1/23

  1. Discussion:  Chapters 10 - 14.
  2. Watched more of Tess of the D'Urbervilles.

Friday, 1/20

  1. Parade of beautiful boys (book covers)!
  2. Discussed chapters 8 & 9.
  3. Watched more of Tess of the D'Urbervilles.

Thursday, 1/19

  1. BIO.:  Hardy and Wilde
  2. Discussed "Love and Loss with Sibyl"  (When Dorian rejects the "divine Sibyl," does he turn his back on God, too?)
  3. Watched more of Tess of the D'Urbervilles.  [NOTES:  Motifs of red/white; ancient/new; pagan/Christian]

Wednesday, 1/18

  1. Identified/Discussed our favorite Henry-witticism and the subjects of Henry's many aphorisms [art/artist, romance, influence, philanthropy, marriage, women, Americans, youth, sin, principles, reason, friendship, intellect, love, sympathy, family, fidelity, etc.].
  2. THEME topics:  Art, Influence, Words
  3. Discussed the significance of Dorian's name and Sybil Vane's name; discussed elements of Aestheticism that are so far evident.
  4. Began to watch Tess of the D'Urbervilles.

Tuesday, 1/17

  1. BIO.:  George Eliot and Yeats
  2. Checked in Hard Times; checked out The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Friday, 1/13

  1. Quiz on "Garnering":  Completed in Google docs and placed in classroom folder.

Thursday, 1/12

  1. BIO.:  Emily Bronte
  2. Discussed what was "Lost" and what was "Found."
  3. Finished watching Pride and Prejudice.
  4. Turned in list of parallels between Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.

Wednesday, 1/11

  1. In-class writing activity:  Explained the significance of each of the three titles (Part 3); exchanged and wrote significance from another perspective.
  2. Discussed as a large class; turned in homework.

Tuesday, 1/10

  1. BIO.:  Dickens
  2. Discussed final and due date changes for Hard Times.
  3. Watched more Pride and Prejudice.

Monday, 1/9

  1. Seminar:  Part 2, "Reaping."
  2. Turned in prep. work.

Friday, 1/6

  1. Watched more Pride and Prejudice.

Thursday, 1/5

  1. Divided class into three groups to discuss chapters 1 - 6 of Part 2.  Entries in:  Most entertaining?  Evil? Mysterious?  Amusing?  Repulsive?  Ironic?  Didactic.  Take notes during discussion!
  2. (Last 15 minutes):  Write a 3/4 - 1 page reflection on chapters 1 - 6.

Wednesday, 1/4

  1. Watched more Pride and Prejudice.

Tuesday, 1/3

  1. QUIZ:  Part 1, "Sowing"
  2. Date-stamped seminar questions.
  3. "Discussed" (ha ha) Part 1.

*********************WINTER BREAK*********************

Friday, 12/16

  1. Shared and admired filigree work.
  2. Discussed chapters 1 - 5 of Hard Times.
  3. Watched more Pride and Prejudice.

Thursday, 12/15

  1. BIO.:  Tennyson (Browning:  6th)
  2. Watched more P & P.

Wednesday, 12/14

  1. Presented "Victorian problems & reforms" covers.
  2. Watched more P & P.

Tuesday, 12/13

  1. Watched P & P

Monday, 12/12

  1. BIO.:  Keats
  2. Signed up for extra-credit Author Bio.'s.
  3. Checked in Sense and Sensibility; checked out Hard Times; discussed the novel's organization.
  4. Mini-lecture:  Jeremy Bentham & Utilitarianism ("The greatest happiness for the greatest number is the foundation of morals and legislation.")

Thursday, 12/8

  1. Took the S & S exam.

Wednesday, 12/7

  1. Turned in S & S Journal.
  2. Reviewed for test.
  3. Watched more Pride and Prejudice; folded paper.

Tuesday, 12/6

  1. BIO.:  Lord Byron
  2. Final discussion on Sense and Sensibility:
    • Funniest line?
    • Did Willoughby really love Marianne? (philosophical chairs)
    • Is this novel more Marianne's or Elinor's story?

Monday, 12/5

  1. NOTES:  "Getting Married and Un-Married." 
  2. Watched more Pride and Prejudice; folded paper.

Friday, 12/2

  1. Watched Anglophenia, "10 British Christmas Traditions."
  2. Discussed chapters 1 - 4 (Part 3), Sense and Sensibility from the perspective on diverting and painful MISCOMMUNICATIONS & MISUNDERSTANDINGS.
  3. Paper rolling.

Thursday, 12/1

  1. BIO.:  Coleridge
  2. Love Letter Exchange! (First watched Black Adder, "Prince Woos a Bride" -- what NOT to write!
  3. NOTES: the Call and calling cards
    • Exchanged letters, and wrote a one sentence REFUSAL or ACCEPTANCE.
    • EXAMPLE:  Oh, Brandon, your letter has weakened my resolve -- your regard for me was expressed with such feeling and such spirit -- perhaps I do believe in second love!  Sincerely, Marianne
  4. Paper filigree.

Wednesday, 11/30

  1. Folding letters and the penny post.
  2. Discussed ch. 11 - 14; focus:  verbal irony; 1st impressions of Mr. Robert Ferrars & Mrs. Ferrars; awkward encounters; John Dashwood's motivations re. Elinor, etc.

Tuesday, 11/29

  1. AUTHOR BIO.:  Wordsworth
  2. Class Assignment:  Choose a word from chapters 6 - 9 that best captures the events/ideas/characters within those chapters.  Then explain in bullet form; page numbers required.  See example below.
    • INJUSTICE (150, 152)
      • Eliza's unjust treatment by Brandon's father (153).
      • The court's unjust treatment of Eliza's fortune (154).
      • Marianne's unjust judgment of Brandon (152) and Mrs. Jennings motives (150).
      • Willoughby's unjust defense of indefensible behavior (136).
      • Marianne unjustly judges Elinor's ability to feel emotions deeply (138).

Monday, 11/28

  1. Artwalk:  Looked at the miniatures.
  2. Discussed chapters 1 - 5 of Part 2:  the domination of insincerity (Eleanor & Lucy's exchange); the antithesis of insincerity (Marianne's "honesty" which is an affront to polite society); and Brandon's genuine sincerity (which reinforces his genuine goodness).
  3. Introduction to quilling/paper filigree:  History & practice.

Tuesday, 11/22

  1. Watched Pride and Prejudice.

Monday, 11/21

  1. Date-stamped journal entry #3.
  2. Discussed titles, motherhood, marriages, and applied "high school year book superlatives" to different characters.

Friday, 11/18

  1. Shared "rules"
    • What rules do we find rude?
    • Any rules we also follow?
    • Based on the rules, what does Austen's society seem to value?
  2. Began watching the film Pride and Prejudice.

Thursday, 11/17

  1. AUTHOR BIO.:  William Blake
  2. Date-stamped S & S journal entry #2:  Exchanged entries, read, and wrote a one - two sentence response.
  3. Finished rule poster (see Wednesday).

Wednesday, 11/16

  1. NOTES:  Sense and Sensibility -- discussed the actions and attitudes of both Marianne and Elinor through the meanings of these words.
  2. HANDOUT:  Alternate questions for Journal Entry #2.
  3. ACTIVITY:  Began list of rules/propriety based on chapters 10 - 15.  Rule areas include:
    • courtship & engagement
    • conversation
    • parties and dances
    • general conduct

Tuesday, 11/15

  1. AUTHOR BIO.:  Robert Burns
  2. Date-stamped character descriptions.
  3. Shared funniest line/moment/quotation.
  4. "The funds" and other money matters.

Monday, 11/14

  1. AUTHOR BIO.:  Mary Shelley
  2. Introduction to Sense and Sensibility.
    • NOTES:  Peerage, titles, entailment, primogeniture
    • HANDOUTS:  S & S map; "Neoclassicism v. Romanticism"

Thursday, 11/10

  1. Brit Lit Exam #2.

Wednesday, 11/9

  1. Watched more of She Stoops to Conquer.

Tuesday, 11/8

  1. AUTHOR BIO.:  Percy Shelley
  2. NOTES:  Characteristics of Restoration Theatre/Comedy of Manners
  3. Watched excerpt from The Country Wife and began watching She Stoops to Conquer.

Monday, 11/7

  1. James I and the King James Bible.
  2. Black Adder:  Charles I gets beheaded!
  3. Cromwell, puritanism, and the closing of the theatres.
  4. Charles II & the Restoration.
  5. HANDOUT:  Pepys Diary -- excerpts regarding The Plague and The Great Fire of London.

Friday, 11/4

  1. GUY FAWKES DAY CELEBRATION!! (one day early):  Watched "Horrible Histories" videa about Guy Fawkes.
  2. LECTURE/NOTES:  Henry VIII - James 1, "Religious Whiplash"
  3. Read "On the Divine Right of Kings"  -- Discussed.

Thursday, 11/3

  1. AUTHOR BIO.:  Mary Wollstonecraft
  2. Read "The Miller's Tale"

Wednesday, 11/2

  1. HANDOUT:  "Physiognomy"
  2. Finished charting elements of each pilgrim; discussed them.

Tuesday, 11/1

  1. AUTHOR BIO.:  Samuel Johnson
  2. What humour are you? (And other pseudo-sciences); H.O.:  "The Humours"
  3. HANDOUT:  "The Seven Deadly Sins"
  4. Began charting significant elements for each pilgrim.

Monday, 10/31

  1. NOTES:  Estates Satire; reviewed the roles of secular and regular clergy.
  2. Read through the profiles of 8 pilgrims; decided whether each was being satirized or idealized based on our limited understanding of type and text.

Friday, 10/28

  1. Watched Anglophenia's "Monsters of Great Britain."
  2. Read "Reading Pointers for Sharper Insights"; played game to review historical and social issues of Chaucer's time.

Thursday, 10/27

  1. AUTHOR BIO.:  Fielding
  2. Reviewed why we would go on pilgrimage and reviewed the kings to Henry II.
  3. Notes:  Henry II and the butchery of Becket.
  4. Chaucer's World
    • Video -- frame literature; 1387; unfinished (23 stories only); premise, how to examine the pilgrims, etc.
    • Satirization or idealization of pilgrims.
  5. Listened to the prologue in Middle English; read in modern English and discussed tone.
  6. NOTES:  The three estates, woman's estate, and emerging estates.

Wednesday, 10/26

  1. LECTURE:  Pilgrims -- Who went on them, why, and where.
  2. Began the story of Beckett.

Tuesday, 10/25 -- St. Crispin's Day!

  1. AUTHOR BIO.:  Pope
  2. Fitt 4:  Who is the better knight -- Gawain or Bertilak?  Significance of a year and a day? Is the green girdle's symbolic value transformed at Camelot?
  3. Listened to The King Song!
  4. QUICK LECTURE:  Agincourt, the 100-year's war, and Chaucer.

Monday, 10/24

  1. Discuss Fitt 3 & 4; read Fitt 4 aloud.
    • Does the intent to sin invalidate Gawain's confession (1876 - 1882)?
    • What kind of priest is the Green Knight?
    • Assess Gawain's confession to the Green Knight.

Friday, 10/21

  1. Watched "Nasty Knights" and played "finger jousting."
  2. Groups presented their posters and conclusions.

Thursday, 10/20

  1. AUTHOR BIO.:  Swift
  2. Completed posters; will present Friday.

Wednesday, 10/19

  1. Castle Anthrax  :)
  2. Reread lines 908 -927 [Schal lerne of luf-talkyng]:  The knights of Bertilak's castle hope to learn Gawain's wooing ways.
  3. NOTES:  Characteristics of courtly behavior
    • well groomed and well-dressed.
    • moderate behavior (don't eat too much, talk too much, etc.)
    • well-spoken & witty
    • agreeable demeanor
    • pursues worthy deeds
  4. ACTIVITY:  In groups, students portrayed each of the hunts/bedroom scene for analysis.  (See handout for details.)

Tuesday, 10/18

  1. AUTHOR BIO.:  Defoe
  2. Significance of numbers 5 & 25.
  3. Summary of Fitt 2; tracked Gawain's journey on the map (NOTES).
  4. Established the nature of the second "gomen," Exchange of Winnings.  (Please note:  gomen = no real winners or losers.)

Monday, 10/17

  1. HANDOUT:  Pentangle.
  2. Read and "unpacked" the significance of Gawain's travel gear.

Thursday, 10/13

  1. AUTHOR BIO.:  Milton
  2. Read the "gamon" aloud; discussed the tradition of "foliate heads" and/or "the green man."
  3. Read silently through line 639.
    • What are the two ways the poet marks time?

Wednesday, 10/12

  1. Heroic Code vs. Chivalric code:  What are the differences between them?  How would Beowulf handle the Green Knight's challenge?  How would Gawain handle Grendel or Grendel's Mother?
  2. The Beheading Game
    • Cephalophore:  the Christian & pagan tradition
    • The Green Knight:  Saint or evil entity?

Tuesday, 10/11

  1. AUTHOR BIO.:  Jonson
  2. LECTURE:  Origins of Arthurian legend (Monmouth; Cretien de Troyes)
  3. Watched a Monty Python clip of the Black Knight; discussed the popular Fr./English folklore:  1.) Exchange of Winnings, 2.) the Temptation, and 3) the Beheading Game.
  4. NOTES:  "Bob & Wheel"
  5. Started reading "Gawain and the Green Knight.".

Monday, 10/10

  1. LECTURE:  "The Coming of Medieval Romance" -- discussed the end of the Saxon kings and the arrival of the Normans through William the Conqueror. (Watched some entertaining videos as supplementary and reinforcing elements :)
  2. Learned about the Bayeux Tapestry; updated our map.
  3. NOTES: William the Conqueror brings the following reforms to England:
    • Centralized power by confiscating 4000 nobleman's land and redistributing them to 200 Frenchmen.
    • Brought French language and literature.
    • Feudalism
    • Castles
    • Domesday book (the first census)
    • "Forest Law"
    • Conducts the first census (i.e., The Domesday Book

Friday, 10/7

  1. Tea Day video:  "17-accents of Great Britain."
  2. NOTES:  Saxon Kings to William the Conqueror.

Thursday, 10/6

  1. AUTHOR BIO.:  Marlowe
  2. Read college essay samples; discussed strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Checked in Beowulf books.

Wednesday, 10/5

  1. Finished interviews; explained choices.
  2. See this link for the "winning" characteristics.

Tuesday, 10/4

  1. AUTHOR BIO.:  Donne
  2. College Essay Activities
    • 40 Question "Warm-up" (The Superlatives)
    • College Admissions "interviews"

Monday, 10/3

Beowulf test

Friday, 9/30

  1. Discussed the significance of the Swede-Geat feud.  Inferred historical and thematic relevance.
  2. Made list of motifs and theme subjects.
  3. Test will cover: 
    • Language & invaders
    • Characteristics of Anglo-Saxon poetry
    • A.S./Viking Marauding culture
    • allusions
    • digressions
    • elements of Beowulf

Thursday, 9/29

  1. AUTHOR BIO.:  More
  2. Discussed the connection between Sutton Hoo, Wiglaff, and Beowulf.
  3. Unpacked the Swede-Geat feud digression.

Wednesday, 9/28

  1. Discussed the end of Beowulf:  the "adoption" of Wiglaff; Beowulf's last words; Wiglaff's curse on the cowardly Geats.
  2. Test has been moved to Friday.

Tuesday, 9/27

  1. AUTHOR BIO.:  Spenser
  2. Finished discussing chapters per yesterday's format.

Monday, 9/26

  1. VIDEO SHORT:  "Sutton Hoo"
  2. ACTIVITY:  In pairs, students explicated chapters 24 - 34.
    • Gave quick summary.
    • Motifs?
    • Moral/message/"big idea"?
    • Connections to other parts of the book?

Friday, 9/23

I went home sick, so I think the class watched Michael Wood's documentary Beowulf.

Thursday, 9/22

  1. AUTHOR BIO.:  Chaucer
  2. Finished discussing the purpose of the "female connection" in fitts 16 - 23.
  3. Read aloud the battle with Grendel's mom. 

Wednesday, 9/21

  1. Quiz on last night's reading.
  2. Listed motifs.
  3. Discussed 13 - 18.

Tuesday, 9/20

  1. AUTHOR BIO.:  Bede
  2. NOTES:  "Purpose of the Boast"
  3. Read aloud chapters 10 - 12; discussed many elements of the text (e.g., Unferth's resemblance to Cain; Beowulf's final boast; the emasculation of Hrothgar and the Danes -- first by Grendel and then by Beowulf; the battle highlights).  :)

Monday, 9/19

  1. Features of the book (family tree; glossary of characters)
  2. LECTURE/NOTES:  Discussed 1 - 9 -- Characteristics of good king; the circularity of the story-telling; significance of Herot; lineage & personal reputation; the boast.
  3. HANDOUT:  Map of Beowulf's Scandanavia.

Friday, 9/16

  1. Tea Day! (Watched Viking navigation video and Viking invasion song video.)
  2. Finished discussing elements of Anglo-Saxon poetry (NOTES:  caesura, alliteration, kenning, compounding, synonymous parallelism); listened to the prologue of Beowulf.
  3. Looked at different translations of Beowulf; identified that the "Father of the Danes," Schild Schiffing, was one who invaded Mead halls  -- just as Grendel does!
  4. NOTES:  Kinship, Comitatus, and Fraternity.
  5. HANDOUT:  Character pronunciation guide.

Thursday, 9/15

  1. Signed up for Author Bio. presentation (see "Assignment Page" for explanation).
  2. Presented Grendel posters.
  3. NOTES:   Anglo-Saxon poetic form.  Used "The Wanderer" and "The Wife's Lament" as text from which to figure out A.S. poetic characteristics.

Wednesday, 9/14

  1. Partner activity:  Worked on Grendel poster.

Tuesday, 9/13

  1. Reviewed and finished timeline; discussed the Norman invasion; watched video, "Why We Swear in Anglo-Saxon and Order Fancy Food in French."
  2. Took an informal language "test" in which students identified the invader etymology of a group of synonyms.
  3. Discussed the question:  Who are our monsters, and what do they reveal about our culture?
  4. Watched the Horrible History:  "Saxon & Mythological Monsters"
  5. HANDOUT:  "The Wrath of Grendel."  Assignment:  Based on your reading of "The Wrath of Grendel," create a depiction of the monster.  Choose THREE  details – CONCRETE DETAILS – (from the excerpt) that you think are the most significant and write the quotations on your poster (Cite the line(s)!).  Be ready to explain why those details make Grendel particularly monstrous.  Let the text guide your imagination! 
    • Formed partnerships
    • Read in class

Monday, 9/12

  1. Reviewed the riddles and discussed what they reveal about the A.S. culture.
  2. Read the poems "The Wanderer" and "The Wife's Lament"; discussed what the poems suggests about Anglo-Saxon culture.
  3. Added information about the Christian "invasion" to the timeline.
  4. Watched Horrible Histories, "The Vikings and the Monks" as an introduction to the Viking (Danish) invasion.

Friday, 9/9

  1. Examined the "Exeter Riddles" -- What do they riddles suggest about the Anglo-Saxon people?

Thursday, 9/8:  PICTURE DAY!

  1. Chose class senator.
  2. Read history article "Background of the Anglo-Saxons"; identified invaders on timeline.
  3. Discussed what the Celts and Romans contributed to the language.

Wednesday, 9/7

  1. Class overview.
  2. HANDOUT:  Map of the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy.
  3. Watched video "The History of English in 10-Minutes."