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Homework for the Week of 9/22

  •  We will be examining the college application essay this week, so gather your prompt(s)!

Homework for the Week of 9/15

  • Read through fit 12 for Monday, 9/15.
  • Read fit 13 - 18 for Tius day, 9/16.
  • Beginning of Tuesday/Thursday "Author Bio's": the "Author-Bio" project requirements: PICTURE OF AUTHOR; NAME OF AUTHOR; DATE OF BIRTH/DEATH; FAMOUS WORKS, GREATEST CONTRIBUTION TO BRITISH LITERATURE (i.e., wrote the 1st dictionary; started a literary movement, etc.) ; NOTORIOUS FACTS or SCANDALOUS STORY.
  • QUICK RESEARCH: Look up the account of King Alfred, Guthrum, and the Twelfth Night raid. Write down any parallels you see between this historical event and the story of Beowulf. Due Tius day, 9/16.
  • Read fit 19 - 26 for Woden's day, 9/17.
  • Read fit 27 - 34 for Thors' day, 9/18.
  • Read fit 35 - 43 for Freya's day, 9/19.

Homework for the Week of 9/8

  • Read "The Wife's Lament"; what can you conclude about Anglo-Saxon culture & society based on this poem?  Write your conclusions on the handout.  Be ready to discuss your ideas on Monday, 9/8.
  • HOMEWORK: Based on your reading of "The Wrath of Grendel," draw/paint/create a depiction of the monster.  Choose THREE  details – CONCRETE DETAILS – (from the excerpt) that you think are the most significant and write the quotations on your poster.  Be ready to explain why those details make Grendel particularly monstrous.  Let the text guide your imagination!  Due Tuesday, 9/9.
  • Read the "Prologue" of Beowulf at least twice for Thursday, 9/10.