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     INCOMING STUDENTS for AP English 11 ... the summer assignment sheets are still and have been outside Room 107 and Room 507 in hard copy since June, were given out in Honors 10 classes, were given to English 10 teachers, and were given to the Counseling Center for students transferring to OHS. 


  • 1.  AP World History -- GO TO:  https://sites.google.com/a/osd.wednet.edu/longnecker/ap-world-history
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  • 4.  AP World History -- GO TO:  https://sites.google.com/a/osd.wednet.edu/longnecker/ap-world-history
  • 5.  AP World History -- GO TO:  https://sites.google.com/a/osd.wednet.edu/longnecker/ap-world-history
  • 6.  AP World History -- GO TO:  https://sites.google.com/a/osd.wednet.edu/longnecker/ap-world-history

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The SPRING BREAK 2017 optional super-duper APWH movie extravaganza -- it's here!  

TASK: you're writing a well-crafted letter addressed to your current English teacher ("Dear Mrs. Lang ...") that will also impress your APWH history teacher with its grasp of the film you have chosen from these four: Hotel Rwanda (Rwanda), Cry the Beloved Country (South Africa - apartheid, starring James Earl Jones), Amazing Grace (England - slave trade, includes a younger B. Cumberbatch), The Mission (South America - slave trade, starring Robert De Niro).  Choose just one of the films, one you HAVE NOT seen, and cover these areas in this order: 1) elements that surprised you,  2) five key scenes (one sentence each on importance)  3) causes & effects,  4) two clear connections to Strayer (quoting briefly from at least two different pages in our textbook),  5) what you would say to other adults in your life as to whether they would be glad they had seen the film.  Again, this is in the format of a letter.  These are great films -- enjoy!  

Consider inviting an Underland APWH friend who does not have good technology access; 500+ words, paragraphed & submitted at Turnitin.com by 9:59 PM on Sunday April 9.  






THE LIST of suggested/optional APWH items during Dec. 2016 winter break: REST, thank the people you love, feed your soul before you do any of these ...

1) if you did not already, through the typical APWH site (below) take great notes on the Easter Island lecture, since Mr. U senses the ocean tides of an approaching quiz;  2) take your fabulous Cornell notes on any assigned chapter sections you neglected to finish during the stress of December;  3) spend 15 minutes at the Tronie Foundation site  http://www.troniefoundation.org/about-us   to learn more about this local effort to do something about human trafficking (no written assignment)  4) the FINAL EXAM period in January will be a test on part of the next unit, NOT a comprehensive covering all we've learned thus far  5) OPTIONAL TASK: even though it's ahead of our time period, watch the 3-hour film Gandhi, starring Ben Kingsley; it's available on YouTube for a fee, and probably elsewhere; consider inviting an Underland APWH friend who does not have good technology access; if it helps you follow the story line, download questions here  floydworldgeography.wikispaces.com/file/view/Gandhi+Handout.doc  but your written task for me is not these questions; instead use the concrete details of the film to explain the CAUSES and EFFECTS of Gandhi's public actions; 500+ words, paragraphed & submitted at Turnitin.com by 11:59 PM on Friday December 30