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13 June Tue -- we begin watching your Crash Course creations!  

by 12 June Mon -- uploading your video project to YouTube is preferred (as "Unlisted" RATHER THAN "Private"), or load your finished video into your Google Drive and share it to Mr. U ... live presentation people bring ALL your visuals/props, having already shared your Google Slides or Powerpoint to Mr. U 

9 June Fri -- (20 min. class periods; no Bear Time) submit your EIGHT ANNOT. BIB. ENTRIES @ Turnitin.com by 2:00 p.m. Fri. 9 June

5 June Mon -- collect your project storyboard @ beg. of the class period

26 May Fri -- as per the printed project pages, 11:59 PM @ Turnitin.com -- the first two annotated bib. entries (one submitting for your pair)

24 May Wed -- Gallery Walk with our visual projects; answer questions; research time

23 May Tue -- collect visual projects you'll be proud for us to see; decisions about your Crash Course project 

22 May Mon -- teams work day

19 May Fri -- teams work day on visual project (due Tues. @ beg. of class), which we explained in class on Thursday

before 18 May Thu -- absorb chaps. 6-9 in Night ... explaining/brainstorming the visual project Thur. in class ... ch. 6-8 sheet due @ beg. of the period Fri.

before 17 May Wed -- absorb chaps. 3-5 in Night ... ch. 5 sheet due by end of the period Wed.

before 16 May Tue -- absorb chaps. 1-2 in Night

15 May Mon -- finishing most of Lost Boys of Sudan

12 May Fri -- we'll debrief in class and begin to answer your question: "What do we do after the AP exam?"