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   24 June. Afternoon.  B. Underland remotely entered (from a Montana cabin built by his own hands?) ten more columns of data on Skyward, justifying a calming sigh from his lips that the record of student sweat & labor was sufficiently complete.  He now, along with the live-deliberately spirit of Henry David, definitively declares grades closed.  The students can now roam freely across the planet.    THANK YOU so very much to Thursday's readers -- variety, self-disclosure, family legacy (especially memorable), letting us get to know you through the gift of words to us.  Much appreciated.  Jasper, please keep us posted.  


     INCOMING STUDENTS for AP English 11 ... the summer assignment sheets are still and have been outside Room 107 and Room 507 in hard copy since June, were given out in Honors 10 classes, were given to English 10 teachers, and were given to the Counseling Center for students transferring to OHS.  Or click HERE for the summer assignment and HERE for an example page (about annotations) that is not as thorough as the hard copy page but is sufficient to get you started.