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Honors English 10: Homework and daily class activities

Week 3  September 18-22   Writing week!

Monday:  --DGP pretest this week. We will go through one week of DGP so those of you who have not done it can see how it works. I realize some of you have had minimal exposure.  Next week I will go into greater depth teaching/reviewing grammar.  Don’t worry! You will learn by doing!  

--I will be working with you all week on your revised thesis statement from the summer essay. You can revise as many times as you need to until you get one that works.   

--I will share sample “My Name” essays and we will talk about the criteria for the essay.  Bring a printed copy of a rough draft to class tomorrow (it can be a very rough draft; try to write something for each section).

Tuesday: First (rough) draft due.  We will discuss/share problems and successes with your drafts.  Label on your draft what you did to imitate Cisneros.  You will continue revising the essay this week. If you would like to read a revised rough draft to class for extra credit, you may do so tomorrow (and Thursday, if necessary).

Wednesday: Read your draft to class for extra credit today!   As you listen to people read their essays to the class, think about what you can do to revise your own essay.

Thursday;  Draft #2 due. Your essay needs to be accessible electronically in class.   Work on revision, getting and giving feedback and meet with me on your thesis, or essay for feedback.  

Friday:  Upload your “My Name” essay to turnitin.com by midnight tonight. Work on revised thesis. We will set up and organize the books for the new curriculum.  


Week 2  September 11-15


Monday:  Check in on Schoology, turnitin, etc. to make sure everyone knows the scoop.  We will go over the syllabus.  We will review theme and thesis statements.  We will be working on refining and revising your thesis statements from the summer assignment.

Homework: : Revise thesis statement this week. Come see me if you need help.


Tuesday: Diction and  syntax notes.  Homework: Diction handout.


Wednesday:   We will read part of Cisneros’s reflection about her work. Groups will jigsaw annotations on “My Name.”  Homework: Finish worksheet linking the style choices to the tone of “My Name.”


Thursday:  We will wrap up our discussion of ‘My Name.”  Theme statements for “My Name.”


Friday:  Speed dating/brainstorming for the My Name Style Imitation. I will share the essay criteria.

. Homework:   Rough draft due Tuesday. Bring a copy to class to workshop


Monday 9/18  Sample essays and time to draft.


Tuesday 9/19:  Rough drafts due in class for peer review/feedback.




First week of school! September 6-8


Wednesday:  Your summer assignment essay is due. We will review thesis statements and you will annotate your essay before turning it in. Highlight your thesis statement.  Draw a box around the subject and underline the opinion.  In your notes, copy down your thesis and the titles of the vignettes you used for support in your essay.  Homework:  I will give you a copy of the vignette "Skinny Trees."  Annotate it for everything you see even if you think it is insignificant.  Make sure your essay is on a school Google account so you can upload it to turnitin.com tomorrow in class.  


Thursday:   School pictures today! Give one-get one activity with your homework from last night. This year we will focus on author’s style.   I will model annotating “Skinny Trees.”  Upload your essay to turnitin.com Homework: Go back through the three vignettes you used for support in  your essay. Annotate them thoroughly. Think about the effect of the style choices Cisneros makes.  I will check them tomorrow.


Friday: We will watch a Crash course video on why we study literature.  Take notes. Handout: AP style analysis. Go through and label.

-Put a star by the ones you know and could teach someone else.

-Put a check mark by the ones you have heard of but are not sure.  

-Put a question mark by the ones you have no ideas about.


Discussion: What does Cisneros do? Why? What is her point and what is the effect of her style choices? We will begin compiling a list of themes.  Homework: Write me a brief letter answering the following questions:

1.) Thesis reflection: how was your thesis statement? What would you do to improve or change it?

2.) Why are you taking Honors English, and how are you feeling about that choice?  

3)  What are your strengths and weaknesses as a student in general, and as an English student in particular.

Please include anything else you want to tell me that might help me get to know you and  know how to help you.