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Course Syllabus

Olympia High School: 2016-2017

 Instructor:  Mrs. Kristen Soderberg

E-mail:        ksoderberg@osd.wednet.edu  (best way to contact me)

Website:      http://olympia.osd.wedent.edu



Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is an academic elective course that prepares students for college and career readiness and success. Each week, students receive instruction utilizing a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, tutor-facilitated study groups, motivational activities, and academic survival skills. The course emphasizes rhetorical reading, analytical writing, collaborative discussion strategies, tutorial inquiry study groups, preparation for college entrance and placement exams, college study skills and test-taking strategies, note-taking, and research.

The 11th grade AVID Elective course is the first part in a junior/senior seminar course that focuses on writing and critical thinking expected of first- and second-year college students. This course is organized around the theme of “Leadership as a Catalyst for Change in Society.” Students study, in depth, exceptional leaders in contemporary society and examine the effect that these individuals have had on culture, politics, education, history, science, and the arts. The course requires that students read essays, speeches, articles, and letters by these leaders, as well as at least one full-length work by the leader or about the leader. Also, each student is required to conduct a research project that is presented in the senior year. In addition to the academic focus of the AVID seminar, there are college-bound activities, methodologies, and tasks that should be undertaken during the junior year to support students as they apply to four-year universities and confirm their postsecondary plans.



  • Follow all classroom norms (“RESPECT”) – All electronics (cell phones and headphones) must be out of site during class time! (Level 1 Electronic Use)
  • Ask instructor for help if needed – I am committed to supporting your efforts!
  • Personal questions and problems can be discussed privately before or after class.



  • Many activities/reflections/discussions are completed in class only and cannot be made up if you are absent. BE IN CLASS!  
  • If absent, you are responsible for finding out what you missed. Ask another student, email the teacher, or check the course web page to find out what you missed.
  • Make up work is for excused absences only! Contact instructor and/or send assignments that are due electronically if possible; make prior arrangements for planned absences; one (1) day allotted for each day absent to turn in missed work.  
  • Tutorial Make Up Activities are due ONE WEEK after missed tutorial class day.
  • Binder Checks will occur on the day that you return to class.



Any type of cheating on homework, binder checks, TRFs, projects, or plagiarism in essay papers is unacceptable. A first occurrence of cheating will result in a referral and a zero in the grade book. A second occurrence will result in the student being dropped from the class.

This policy also includes copying and/or “sharing” homework assignments! All assignments are to be completed alone/individually unless specifically directed.

REMEMBER: Copying is cheating whether you are the one doing the copying or the one who did the work first. Be a good friend.



All AVID assignments are graded on a semester point system with the following weighted percentages:

Binder Checks: (Green Handouts)                                         25%

         ·  Organization of Binders

         ·  Cornell Notes (CN) Quality Checks

         ·  Planner/Calendar Checks

Tutorials: (Orange Handouts)                                                25%

         ·  Completed Tutorial Request Forms (TRFs)

         ·  Class Tutorial Sessions

         ·  Tutorial Evaluations

Class Participation: (Pink Handouts)                                     25%

         ·  Grade Checks (Purple Handouts)

         ·  Philosophical Chairs/Socratic Seminars

         ·  Goal Setting Activities

         ·  Team Building Activities

         ·  Character Analysis (Self-Awareness) Activities

         ·  Public Speaking

         ·  Guest Speaker Notes

College/Career Planning: (Blue Handouts)                            25%

         ·  Career/College Research

         ·  Weekly Vocabulary

         ·  Critical Reading Activities

         ·  Writing Activities

         ·  Test Prep (PSAT/SAT)

         ·  Educational Resume

         ·  Community Service Activities


Grading Scale:              

A       =93-100%                      C+     =77-79.99%

A-      =90-92.99%                   C       =73-76.99%

B+     =87-89.99%                   C-      =70-72.99%

B       =83-86.99%                   D+     =67-69.99%

B-      =80-82.99%                   D       =60-66.99%  (No D- at OHS)

Late homework policy: 

You will be given three “FREE HOMEWORK TICKETS” each semester. This will allow you to turn in three different homework assignments ONE DAY late, and still receive full credit for the work completed. Unused “TICKETS” are worth a total of up to 15 extra credit points at the end of each semester. Late work without a ticket will be accepted for 50%. All assignments need to be completed and handed in to remain eligible for bonus/extra credit points. Please let me know about any situations that might affect your ability to turn in an assignment on time.