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Homework for Satire!     


June 12-13

Monday:  Yearbook signing, class evaluation

Tuesday; Final project due. Bring your typed version to class for read around. 

Wednesday: Graduation. Congratulations. 


June 5-9

Monday:   Monty Python

Tuesday:  finish and discuss

Wednesday:  Ambrose Bierce" The Devil's Dictionary"

Thursday: Time to work on final project. Create a dictionary with a satirical point and any theme.

Friday:  Senior Breakfast, awards assembly, slamfest


   May 30- June 2

Monday: Memorial Day

Tuesday:  Paul Kucyzynski's satirical art.

Wednesday: Satire in popular culture: It's Always Sunny in Philadephia

Thursday; Satirical art

Friday: Key and Peele

Week of May 22-26  Satire in Popular Culture

 Monday: Family Guy.  How does its satirical approach compare to The Simpsons?

 Tuesday:   Matt Stone and Trey Parker

 Wednesday: Matt Stone, Trey Parker and their satirical work.

 Thursday: Parody projects due.

 Friday:   Mike Judge and his satirical work.Discussion of satirical animation shows we have watched and discussed this week. Futurama.  


Week of May 15-19  Satire in Popular Culture

 Monday: Introduction to the Simpsons. Articles, research, etc.

 Tuesday: Compare two episodes: Bart the Genius and Brother's Little Helper

 Wednesday: Last Exit to Springfield

 Thursday: Inside the actors studio with The Simpsons Actors.

 Friday:  We will look at the others, starting with Family Guy/Seth McFarlane


Week of May 8-12   Parody

 Monday: Weird Al

 Tuesday:  Legal issues related to parody.  Nathan for You.

 Wednesday: I will share information and examples of student parody project.

 Thursday: Poetry parody

 Friday:  The Onion, misc. parody  Weird Al Parody analysis due today!  Put it in your Satire Google folder!


May 1-5   Brave New World and 1984

  Monday: Discussion of book and ending.  Article: "Five things Brave New World Got Right."

 Tuesday:  We will discuss 1984 and other dystopias and how they compare to BNW.

  Wednesday: Revisit vocabulary sheet from first week of class.  Groups define and share.

 Thursday: Midterm test.  Questions on entire semester plus Brave New World.

 Friday:  Introduction to the parody unit. 


Week of April 24-28  Brave New World

Monday;   Read this article and write a short response. Your response should be muli-paragraph and at least one double-spaced page.  

 Gonzalo Lira: The Acid-Laced Satire of Pixar's Movies    Do you agree? Disagree? Both?  Tell me what you think.  You can add a discussion of what you thought of the satire in Wall-E.

Homework:  Select one part of BNW to discuss.  Read chapter 13

Tuesday:  Discussion of book so far.  Read 14-15

Wednesday: We will read the poem "An Unknown Citizen" and discuss how it relates to the society in Brave New World.  Read chapter 16

Thursday:   Twilight Zone episode  Read chapter 17

Friday: Savage vs. Mustapha Mond discussion and assignment. Homework: Finish book!

Week of April 17-21  Brave New World


4/17   We will not meet today due to testing schedule.


4/18:  Slogans and advertising/  Hypnopaedia.  Read chapter 8


4/19:  Quiz on 6-8. Read 9-10  .  Read chapters 9-10


4/20   As part of the dystopia unit, we will be watching Wall-e and viewing it through a satirical lens. Read chapter 11


4/21: We will finish Wall-e and discuss its dystopian elements and compare it to BNW and the other dystopias we have discussed in class.  Read chapter 12




April 10-14  Brave New World

 Monday:   We will read chapter 1 in class.  Homework: Finish chapter 2

 Tuesday:  We will read chapter 3 aloud in class. Homework: Read chapter 4

 Wednesday: Read in class.  Chapters 4-5. Quiz on 1-5 tomorrow

 Thursday: Quiz on 1-5  Homework: Read chapter 6

 Friday:  Read chapter 7.  

  March 27-31  Science Fiction

 Monday: Ray Bradbury Fahrenheit 451

Tuesday:  "Harrison Bergeron"  by Kurt Vonnegut. Story and film: 2081

Wednesday-Thursday: Black Mirror

Friday:  Introduction to Brave New World which we will start after the break.


Week of March 20-24   Satire in Science Fiction

Monday:  "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift  Brainstorm an idea for your own "modest" proposal. 

Tuesday:  Parodies of "A Modest Proposal"

Wednesday: Introduction to science fiction.  Isaac Asimov's short story "Silly Asses" and short film "World of Tomorrow." 

Thursday:  Ray Bradbury: "The Veldt"  

Friday:  Ray Bradbury Fahrenheit 451




Week of March 13-17

We will watch and discuss the film Gulliver's Travels

 I found it on youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4bilMxqU-o


Week of March 6-10

Monday:  Political satire on SNL. 

Tuesday: Response essay due.   Read Article  and take notes on satirical tv shows.  

if the link  doesn't work, copy and paste this one.www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2015/02/why-theres-no-conservative-jon-stewart/385480/

Wednesday:  Malcolm Gladwell podcast on political satire.  Response #2: Any new thoughts based on the article and the podcast?  Due to turnitin on Friday by midnight. 

Thursday: Mark Twain "The War Prayer"   Mark Twain and Michael Moore. One classic, one modern, both satirical social critics.

Friday:  Michael Moore.  Intro to Swift's Gulliver's Travels.


Week of February 27-March 3    Political Satire

Monday 2/27:  Olylandia Presentations! 

Tuesday 2/28:  We will discuss Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. You will also do a free write on your opinions about and experience with politics.

Wednesday 3/2: Steven Colbert presentation and his work.  

Thursday 3/3: Steven Colbert

Friday 3/4:  Trevor Noah, John Oliver and Samantha Bee

Assignment:  Response #1.  Topics: SNL.  John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah. Watch some current political satire TV show(s) and write up an evaluation. One to two pages double spaced: Is it humorous? Does it inform? Would it change anyone's mind?  Basically, I want to know what you think about whether their brand satire is an agent of change. Due Tuesday




Week of February 20-24

Monday 2/20:  Mid winter break

Tuesday 2/21: Midwinter break

Wednesday 2/22: I wil show some samples of Olylanda projects. Time to work on the project. Project due Monday Feb. 27

Thursday 2/23:  Huck Finn controversy

Friday 2/24: Introduction to political satire. Jon Stewart and The Daily Show.  Homework: Olylandia project due Monday


 February 13-17

Monday 2/13  Rough draft of top ten list and works cited due in class (no need to print; we will have chromebooks).  We will edit and revise rough drafts.   Homework:  Final draft of top ten assignment and annotated bibliography due on Thursday to turnitin..

 Tuesday 2/14.  We will discuss how to do the annotated bibliography. 

 Wednesday 2/15:Stereotypes

Thursday:   Portlandia. Research due. Upload 1. Top ten list, 2. Works cited page, and 3. Annotated Bibliography to turnitin.  (make it all one document in order to upload it. 

Friday:  More Portlandia and Olylandia assignment



Week of February 6-10

Monday 2/6: Snow day

Tuesday 2/ 7:   Snow day:   To do: 1.  make sure you have turned in or corrected OSS/TAT from Thursday; 2.  make sure you have uploaded an OSS and two TAT for the cartoon you brought to class on Friday (should be in turnitin); 3.  enroll in this class on turnitin.com if you have not already (class id  14639728   class enrollment password  Lang5); 4.  upload your college essay (Senior Reflective Essay) to your High School and Beyond Plan (directions in class if you need help). 

Wednesday 2/8:  Satire Research project details/handout.  Begin research project:  Today you will find at least five articles.  Go to your satire folder in your Google Drive and follow directions on research guide handout to find good sources.  We will use the elibrary database from the OHS library, refseek, and google and a few others..  Go to Easy bib and start a draft of  your Works Cited page.

Thursday 2/9:  Research:  Notetaking.  Take notes from each source, keeping track of what comes from each source. 

Friday 2/10  We will talk about how to do MLA citations and how and when to paraphrase vs. quoting directly.Organize your notes into a top ten list.  We will talk about how to embed quotes and do MLA parenthetical citations. Homework:  Typed draft of top ten list and works cited page due on Monday.



Second Semester  Week of January 30- February 3

Monday:  What is satire? definitions and examples.  Homework: Look for an example of the type of satire you were assigned.  Due on Wednesday.

Tuesday:  How to analyze political cartoons.

Wednesday:    Presentations: Where in the world is satire? Everywhere?

Thursday:  Finish up presentations.  How to write an OSS (one sentence summary) and TAT  thinking about thinking.  Homework : Find a political cartoon you understand and bring it to class tomorrow. 

Friday:  Syllabus OSS off.  Write an OSS and TAT for your cartoon.  Upload to turnitin.com by Sunday at 8.  If you didn't enroll in the class the class id is 14639728 and the class password is Lang5.



 A look back in reverse chronological order


January 23-27  Finals week

Monday: Work on Student style imitation of Devils Dictionary.  Choose a theme/focus and come up with at least 20 words.

Tuesday: Parody project due

Wednesday:  Finals periods 3, 6.  

Thursday: Periods 4,5 finals  Finish parody project and present your style imitation of the Devil's Dictionary. 

Friday:  Periods 1,2 finals. Good luck next semester!

Week of January 16-20  

Monday  No school

Tuesday: Key and Peele

Wednesday: Satirical Art

Thursday: Monty Python

Friday: Ambrose Bierce: The Devil's Dictionary

Week of January 9-13  We will continue looking at satire in popular culture

Monday: Inside the Actors' Studio: The actors from The Simpsons

Tuesday: Seth Mc Farlane

Wednesday: Matt Stone and Trey Parker

Thursday: More with Matt and Trey

Friday:  Parody project check in. Oss/TAT.  Parody project due on Tuesday Jan 24.


Week of January 3-6  We will be looking at satire in contemporary culture.

Monday:  No School

Tuesday:  Parody with Weird Al.  Intro to The Simpsons

Wednesday:  Episode from season 1 of The Simpsons

Thursday: Comparison: Look at later episodes, and discuss how it changed. 

Friday: Best episode ever:Last Exit to Springfield


Week  December12-16

Monday:  Brave New World papers due. Mid-term test. Parody definition and examples.

Tuesday:  Legal issues associated with parody: Dumb Starbucks by Nathan for You

Wednesday: Weird Al 

 Thursday:  Parody samples and project.

Friday: Parody examples and time to think about your project. 


Week of December 5-9

 Monday:  Finish Wall-e.  Assignment: The Savage vs. Mustapha Mond.  You will work on this in class with a partner I assign.  Homework: Finish the book

 Tuesday:  We will discuss 1984 and compare and contrast these two dystopian novels

 Wednesday: More with 1984 and BNW.   OHS paragraph: Why is BraveNew World relevant (or not) to high school students?  Due Monday.

 Thursday:   Satire vocabulary terms.   (Final test on BNW Friday)

Friday:Snow day! We will take the  Mid term test on Monday.


Week of November 28-December 2

Monday:  We will have a class discussion focused on the quotes you selected.   Homework: read chapter 12

Tuesday:   Fahrenheit 451. Compare the dystopias. Homework: read chapter 13

Wednesday:  Reading day  Read 14-15.  "The Unknown Citizen"  

Thursday;  Wall-e. How does this dystopia compare?  Homework:  read chapter 16. 

Friday: Wall-e.  Another dystopia. Homework: read 17


Week of November 21-25  Brave New World

 Monday:  Dating and consumerism in the Brave New World Homework:  Read chapter 8

Tuesday:  We will talk about Hypnopaedia and slogans. Homework:  Read chapter 9-11  for Monday. Choose one quote or idea you found interesting.

Wednesday-Friday  No school. Happy Thanksgiving.  Catch up on your reading if you are behind.


Week of November 14-18  Brave New World

 Monday:  Read chapters 1-2 in class. Homework:  Finish chapter two and read chapter three up to page 34 in white book; 33 in green book.

 Tuesday:  We will read chapter three in class. Homework:  Read chapter 4

 Wednesday:  Read in class  Chapter 5.

 Thursday:  Oral quiz on chapters 1-5.  Homework: read chapter 6

 Friday:  Modern day connections to Brave New World.   Homework:  read chapter 7


Week of November 7-11

Monday: Pros and cons of technology. Discuss "The Veldt" and "Silly Asses."  Homework: Read "Harrison Bergeron." Write OSS and TAT for Tuesday. 

Tuesday: Typed draft of essay due for peer and self review.  Here is the UPS Revision document we used in class today. 

Wednesday:  Film:2018.  

Thursday: Final draft of your essay is due.  We will do some introductory activities for Brave New World, which we will begin reading on Monday. 

Friday:  No school. Veteran's Day


October 31-November 4.  Mid-term essay and Introduction to Science fiction.

Monday: Mid-term essay details. List of questions for potential topics and other info about essay. First draft (outline) due : Thursday.   Typed rough draft due Tuesday:November 8.  Final draft due  November 10. Come see me  during Bear Time if you want help brainstorming your essay.

Tuesday:    We will talk more about the paper. Read the article about college writing.  Introduction to Science Fiction.  We will read the story "Silly Asses" by Isaac Asimov.

Wednesday;  We will read the short story "The Veldt,"  by Ray Bradbury.  Homework:  Write up an essay plan for your political satire essay.  If you have time start drafting the essay.

 Thursday:  Bring your essay outline to class.  You will have the opportunity to talk through your essay plan with a couple people.  We will finish "The Veldt" and talk about it and the Asimov story.  Homework: Typed draft of your political satire essay is due Tuesday.

 Friday: We will discuss science fiction and the pros and cons of technology.

Week of October 24-28

Monday: Discussion of  Journey 3. Begin journey 4.

Tuesday: Journey 4.  How is journey four different than the previous three?  Homework:  Find a political cartoon that has some connection to Gulliver's Travels. It should be about an issue or problem today, that was also an issue or problem that Swift touched on. Bring it to class on Thursday.

Wednesday:   We will be reading Swift's essay "A Modest Proposal."  Groups will make up their own.

Thursday:  Share cartoons.  Write up OSS and TAT for your cartoon, then discuss how you see it relating to Swift's work.  Friday:   Mark Twain.



Week of October 17-21  The political satire of Jonathan Swift and Personal Essays

Monday- We will be studying the satire of Jonathan Swift in Gulliver's Travels. We will look at each journey of Gulliver and you will have an OSS due for each one. Today will be the introduction and beginning of Journey One.

Tuesday:  Personal essay drafts are due! Bring a typed, double spaced draft. No name.  We will be peer editing.  Homework:  revise your essay and turn in to me on Friday

Wednesday: Wrap up journey one. Discussion plus oss/tat.

Thursday: Journey 2

Friday:  Essays due.  Journey 3







Week 6   10/10-10/4  Political Satire and the college essay.


Monday 10/10: Reaction due today!  We will discuss it in class. Assignment:SNL.  John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah. Watch a current political satire tv show and write up an evaluation. One page: Is it humorous? Does it inform? Would it change anyone's mind?  Basically, I want to know what you think about whether satire is an agent of change. Due TODAY!

 Tuesday  10/11: Malcolm Gladwell podcast on satire.

Wednesday 10/12: Personal/College essay: Rough Draft due today!

Thursday  10/13:  College essay: your attributes as seen by others. Homework: Type up a draft of your essay or a cover letter for a job application for review next week. Due next Friday!

Friday  10/14: No school for students.  Teacher inservice day!






 Week 5 10/3-10/7  Political Satire and the college essay.

Monday: SNL.  John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah. Watch a current political satire tv show and write up an evaluation. One page: Is it humorous? Does it inform? Would it change anyone's mind?  Basically, I want to know what you think about whether satire is an agent of change. Due Monday the 10th. This is a change! Due date extended.

Tuesday: We will begin working on college essay, personal statement, or cover letter.  We will do some brainstorming/idea gathering.

Wednesday: Personal/College essay: thinking about you and what you think about things!

Thursday:Practice interviews for college/job.

Friday: Debrief interviews.  We will talk about how to write the esssay.  Rough draft of the essay due on Wednesday.





Week 4  9/26-9/30  Political Satire

Monday:  Introduction to political satire.  You will do a guided freewrite in your notes. Interview with John Stewart. Homework: Your projects are due tomorrow.  OSS and 2 TAT should be typed and printed out before class.  If you chose the solo option, make sure your document is typed and formatted in a professional manner. 

Tuesday: Your Olylandia projects are due!  

Wednesday-Thursday:   We will be discussing and watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report

Friday:  SNL political sketches.  Jib Jab.We will begin talking about the college essay next week.


 Week 3  9/19--23   Stereotypes and satire

:Monday:  Comedy vs. satire.   Introduction to stereotypes

Tuesday:  Stereotypes and satire.

Wednesday: We will watch episodes of Portlandia and track what they stereotype about Portlandians.

Thursday: Olylandia assignment and samples 

Friday:  Time to work on your project. Homework:  Olylandia projects are due on Tuesday. They can be presented live or by video!



Week 2  9/12-9/16

Monday:  We will finish up your presentations on examples of satire. We will also go over the syllabus and class expectations. Vocabulary notes. We will look at political cartoons I have collected over the summer. 

Tuesday:  We will be looking at political cartoons and we will discuss how to unlock the satirist's purpose. 

Wednesday:  We will continue discussing political cartoons and you will learn how to write a one-sentence summary and thinking about thinking evidence. Homework:  Find a political cartoon you understand.  Print the cartoon and bring it to class tomorrow.

Thursday:  Share your cartoon with your group. Write one OSS and two TATs for it.  Create OSS/TAT in Google folder for this class.  Upload it to turn it in. 

Friday:    . We will look at the issue of Huckleberry Finn censorship through an article, political cartoon and The Daily Show.


2016-2017  Week 1    9/7-9/9


Wednesday:  What is satire?  We will define satire, take some notes, and look at some examples.  Homework:  Find an example of satire from the genre you have been assigned.   You will share it with the class on Friday.  You can bring in a hard copy or show something using my computer.  Be prepared to explain how you know it is an example of a satire or parody.  Due Friday

Thursday:  Pictures for ASB cards in the gym today.  We will look at more examples of satire and people will begin sharing the examples they have found.

 Friday:  Share the examples of satire you found. Exit slip: what do you get now, that you didn't at the beginning of the week?




Tuesday 3/8:  Can satire push too far?  We will explore the  fallout that resulted from offensive political cartoons.