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Welcome to English 9

Here is the syllabus!

Assignments, Activities, and Homework


June 19-23

Monday:  Work on presentations.  You may go today for extra credit if you are ready.  Homework: Make sure your research presentation is ready to go on Wednesday!

Tuesday: Nice things write around to get you mentally prepared for finals! 

Wednesday: Finals!  You will present your research during our class time as well as our finals period.  Goodbyes. You guys have been great! Thank you!

Thursday: I do not see you today. Good luck on finals.

Friday: Thank you for a great years. 




Previous weeks assignments in reverse chronological order.


June 12-16

Monday: Fake news lesson. Commit to your research topic. Come up with guiding question.

Tuesday: Find sources. Take notes.

Wednesday: Works cited page

Thursday: How to do citations.

Friday: Work on your presentation on Google slides.


June 5-9

Monday:  We will look at a summary of The Odyssey

Tuesday; Discussion of  Hero's journey and a look back at your freshman year.

Wednesday:  Free writing prompts on your Freshman year, which you will turn into your freshman odyssey.

 Thursday: start drafting your epic poem (chromebooks in class)

Friday:  Finish your poem. Lab 3. This is homework if you are not done today. Upload epic poem to turn it in if you did not print it out in class. Think about a research topic. 


May 30-June 2

Monday: no school

Tuesday: Vocab for 9-10. Read 9

Wednesday: Finish book. Discussion groups

Thursday: Short period due to Biology test.  We will discuss the prompt for tomorrow's in class write.  Does Animal Farm work best as a fable, an allegory, or a satire?

Friday:  In class write.  Ideally, you will submit to turnitin at the end of the period.  If necessary you can come to my room during Bear Time to finish it up.  Due on turnitin.com tonight!


 May 22-26   Animal Farm

 Monday: Chapters 5-6 plus vocabulary

Tuesday: Chapter 6

Wednesday:Notes on Russian Revolution and allegory

Thursday:Read 7-8

Friday: Finish chaper 8.  Propaganda notes and skits

May 15-19


Monday:  Culminating paragraph:  Write an OHS paragraph explaining why Shakespeare, and specifically Romeo and Juliet should be taught in schools.  Try to finish in the period. Upload to turn it in tonight. 


Tuesday:  I will show you how to turn an OHS paragraph into a multi paragraph essay. 


Wednesday: Kick off Animal Farm.  Read chapter 1  Vocabulary assignment


Thursday:  Animal Farm  Read chaptesr 2-3, vocabulary assignment


Friday: Animal Farm  Read chapter 4.  Vocabulary skits




May 8-12

Monday:  Who is responsible for Juliet's "death"?  The Fate debate.  We will finish reading Act 5 and watch the movie ending. 

Tuesday:  Argumentative OHS paragraph: who is ultimately responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?  You will be assigned a topic and you need to write an argumentative essay proving your case (even if you do not agree). 

Wednesday:  Speed dating: Discussion of Shakespeare, the play, and the themes in the play.  

Thursday:  Debate. Topic: Should Shakespeare be taught to high school students?  You will be put into groups of four to research your position.

Friday:   Decide what you think about yesterday's prompt and choose your position and supporting arguments.


Monday:  We will watch more of film. Gather evidence for whether you like it/think it is effective or don't like it.

Tuesday:  Oly paragraph:  This version of Romeo and Juliet is_____________ . You need three reasons why it works or doesn't work for  you.

Wednesday:  Act 4

Thursday: Finish Act 4. Watch movie.

Friday: Paragraphs due.  Philosophical chairs activity sharing opinions.  Upload your essay by 11pm tonight.



April 24-28

Monday: Watch the film up the point where we are. 

Tuesday Quiz on acts 1-2. We will begin Act 3. Tableaux of scene 1.

Wednesday:  Finish reading Act 3. Focus on the repetition of the word "night."

Thursday: Film versions of balcony scene

Friday:  Compare and contrast film versions


April 17-12


Monday:  The masquerade ball in scene 5. The prologue to scene 2.


Tuesday: We will read Act 2 in class


Wednesday: Our class does not meet due to the testing schedule


Thursday:  Finish reading Act 2 and discuss.


Friday: Watch the film up the point where we are. 




April 10-14

Monday:   Prologue of Romeo & Juliet.  Homework:  translate prologue

Tuesday:  Act 1, scene 1:  setting the stage

Wednesday:  Read Act 1 in small groups.  Stop and discuss when you are confused.

Thursday:  We will continue reading Act 1.

Friday:  We will read Act 1, scenes 2, 3, 4.


March 27-31

 Monday: Film

Tuesday: Film

Wednesday: Circle discussion on the film and how it connect to How to Kill a Mockingbird as well as the world today. Click here for article.

Thursday: work on revising essay and resubmit.

Friday: Kick off for Romeo and Juliet.

Have a good spring break! Romeo and Juliet when we return!!  Fun!


March 20-24

Monday:  Peer editing of your rough draft. You will read the essays of the people with the same character.  Homework: revise your essay for Wednesday

Tuesday: Town meeting. You will discuss issues as your character.  Bring a typed copy of your paper to class tomorrow. 

Wednesday:  Peer review. Exchange your paper with someone who has a different character.  Homework: revise your paper and upload to turn it in tonight. 

Thursday:  Why is this book still relevant to today? The timeline of your life and significant events.We will be watching the film The Help.  How is this film thematically linked to  To Kill a Mockingbird?

 Friday :  Film


March 13-17

Monday:  We will finish the book and finish watching the movie.  You will spend some time gathering information about your character. Why is your character important? How do you know that?  What does he/she say, do or feel.  

 Tuesday: We will discuss the theme of the book then you will decide how your character supports that themeBegin drafting your essay.

Wednesday: We will work on drafting the essay. You should have a rough draft of your thesis statement, plus three ideas for body paragraphs tomorrow.

Thursday: Time to type first draft of essay. 

Friday  You will have time to type your essay.  If you do not finish, you need to do so over the weekend.     Rough draft  due in Google docs for peer editing on Monday.  Turn in your journals today. 


March 6-10

 Monday: Watch trial and write up a trial reaction.

 Tuesday: We will read 23 in class. Homework: Read 24.  Pick a page and a passage that you think is important. Be prepared to discuss it. 

 Wednesday: We will read 25, 26, 27 in class

 Thursday: We will read chapters 27-29.  

 Friday:   Registration information.


February 27-March 3 

 Monday: We will watch the movie up to the trial.  We will discuss chapter 16 and the plot structure. 

 Tuesday: This week I will be reading the chapters that deal with the trial aloud in class. For each chapter you will write a response, reflection. Today I will read chapter 17. 

 Wednesday:  Chapter 18- You will also start a character reflection journal

 Thursday: Chapter 18-19

 Friday:  Chapter 20-21-22




February 20-24


Monday-Tuesday:  No School


Wednesday:  Review the important aspects of Part 1. Watch part of movie.  Homework: Read 12


Thursday: Read 13-14 in class. I can meet with people on their essays.


 Friday: I will read 15 aloud.


             Turn in your journals: #1  KWL (what do you know, want to know, and what did you learn?  #2  Make a list of everything you know about your character  #3  What is important about the setting? Not just the time but also the social structure and other factors.  #4  Write down 10 interesting things about the book (literary elements, not plot. For example talk about the narrator, point of view, characterization(protagonist, antagonist), symbols, conflict, themes, etc.                                         Homework:  Finish chapter 15, read 16 and write two quiz questions from your reading. Due Monday




February 13-17  I will be meeting with people this week for essay rewrites.

Monday: Quiz questions for chapter 2 due. We will read chapter 3.  Homework: read chapter 4 + 2 quiz questions

Tuesday: Quiz questions. Chapter excerpt. Read chapter 5-6.  Finish chapter 6.  No quiz questions this time. 

Wednesday: Silent reading chapters 7-8.  I will meet with people about essay revisions. 

Thursday:  Quiz on 1-8.  Social groups in Maycomb county. We will read chapter 9.  Homework:finish chapter 9 

 Friday: We will read chapter 10 in class. Homework: Read chapter 11 and write down  five important things that happened. 


Week 2  February 6-10 

Monday:  Snow Day

Tuesday:  Snow Day

Wednesday:We will finish revising and editing your essay.  Upload it to turnitin.com

Thursday:We will begin To Kill a Mockingbird.  We will read chapter 1 in class.  Read chapter 2 and do two quiz questions for Monday. 

Friday: We will look at some of the setting/background issues related to TKAMB.


Second semester!!  Week 1: January 30-February 3

Monday:  Review final. Brainstorm high school vs. middle school for OHS paragraph.

Tuesday:  Write OHS paragraph draft. Essay prompt: Which is better high school or middle school?

Wednesday: Revise and edit.  We will talk about how to stretch paragraph in to five paragraph essay.  Your topic sentence becomes your thesis.  Each chunk becomes a body paragraph (add a topic sentence, another chunk, and a concluding sentence) and your concluding sentence becomes your conclusion.  

Thursday:  Type up your multi-paragraph essay.  We will talk about how to write introductions and conclusions today. 

Friday:  Finish your essay and make sure it is in your folder for semester 2.

January 23-27  Finals week

Monday: Short story: Of Missing Persons.  Review short story elements. Homework: complete worksheet

Tuesday: Go over worksheet. Review for finals. 

Wednesday:  Finals periods 3, 6.  We will review the essays you have written this year.

Thursday: Periods 4,5 finals

Friday:  Periods 1,2 finals.


Week of January 16-20  

Monday  No school

Tuesday: Review of OHS paragraph.  Write your topic sentence.

Wednesday: Drafting the essay

Thursday: Essays due to turn it in!

Friday: Short story:  The Gift of the Magi


Week of January 9-13  

Monday: chapter 5

Tuesday: Chapter 6

Wednesday: Visiting storytellers.  Select on passage or quote that you want to talk about.

Thursday:  Discussion of book/ Socratic seminar

Friday:  Essay topics


January 3-6


Monday:  no school


Tuesday:  We will begin Of Mice and Men. Read chapter one and set up journal.  Homework: Finish your journal entries for chapter 1


Wednesday:  Discuss chapter 1. Read chapter 2.  Homework: Finish reading and  journal entries for chapter 2


Thursday: Chapter 3 


Friday: Chapter 4  If you were absent, make sure you read the chapter to catch up. Important stuff happens!





December 12- 16 

 Monday:Review poetry vocabulary. Type up your contrast poem and put it in your English folder

 Tuesday: Warm ups for poetry recitation tomorrow

 Wednesday: Poetry out loud

 Thursday: Metaphor poem

 Friday:  Poetry terms test. Select one of your poems, to display in class.


 December 5-9

Monday: We will finish taking notes on poetry terms. Type up your Ode. Work on memorizing your poem with writing.

Tuesday:  Sonnets and Odes.  Your ode should be in your English folder

Wednesday: Details on Poetryoutloud competition. Work with your poem.

Thursday:  Write a contrast poem.

Friday:  Snow day! Homework:  Work on memorizing poem. Be ready to present on Wednesday.


November 28- December 2  Work on memorizing your poem for Poetry out loud.  

Monday:   Corrections on your college essay.  We will take some notes on poetry terms and read some poems

Tuesday:  More notes, more poems.

Wednesday:  Poetry analysis

Thursday:  Poetry notes and examples of sound devices: assonance, alliteration, consonance, onomatopoeia.

Friday:  Make a list of your favorite things. We will read two "ode" poems.  Pick one thing on your list and write an ode. Rough draft of poem due on Monday.  Bring your poem to class.


November 21-22

Monday: Introduction to poetry unit.

Tuesday:  How to do works cited.  Bring a printed copy of the poem you are going to memorize to class on Monday.  Start working on memorizing it.

Have a nice Thanksgiving break!


Week 11  November 14-18

Monday:Rough draft due.  We will work on self editing and making sure you have all the parts you need. 

Tuesday:  We will go over how to cite sources in your paper.

Wednesday: Peer review of paper

Thursday: Upload final draft of paper to turnitin.com

Friday: Test on vocabulary from unit one.  Poetry kick off


Week 10  November 7-11

DGP:   the spanish club travelled to madrid spain during the summer  (we will be making corrections all week)

Monday: Article and discussion:  "Actually,college is very much worth it."  We will start talking about the argumentative essay you will write this week.

Tuesday: We will go over the essay criteria for your argumentative essay about college education. We will work on your thesis statement and outline the arguements you will use.

Wednesday:  Start typing  the essay.  How to do a counterclaim and refutation.

Thursday:  Hall  1 lab: Work on typing your paper.  Rough draft due on Monday. It is homework if you are not done.  

Friday:  Veterans Day.  Thank you Veterans and Soldiers!  No school.



Week 9  Ocotber 31-November 4

DGP:  Can you come ove and watch the movie Casablana after school?

Monday We will work with the rhetorical appeals of ethos, logos, and pathos.

Tuesday:  We will read the speech "America's School Children." We will discuss the speech and the use of ethos, logos and pathos in the speech.

Wednesday: Groups will orally create an argumentative essay.

Thursday:  We will finish working on the outline for an argumentative paragraph about Obama's speech. Read article "An early start to college."

Friday: Read  and discuss articles:Why college isn't (and shouldn't have to be) for Everyone."  We will start talking about the argumentative essay you will write next week.


Week 8 October 24-28  

DGP sentence for the week: sara read the novel to kill a mockingbird in her english class.  We will work on making corrections throughout the week.

Monday: We will preview embedded assessment #2.  We will begin a unit on writing in the argumentative mode. Our topic will be college education.

Tuesday:  We will go over the Oly paragraph and you will draft one in class.

Wednesday: Finish drafting your Oly paragraph, type it up, and upload to turnitin.  Please double space and put your name on the document.  Homework:  If you didn't finish your paragraph in class, finish at home and upload to turnitin.

Thursday:  We will review the Oly Paragraph. By looking at two samples of your writing.  We will read the article: "Education still pays."

Friday:  I will pass back your narrative interview and you will make corrections. 


Week 7  October 17-21  This week will be diagramming for DGP.  Try to read 15 minutes every day.

Monday:  Your notes from your interview are due!  We will start turning them into a narrative interview. 

Tuesday:   Work on writing your narrative.  Upload to turn it in.

Wednesday Peer review on turn it in.  Homework:  Read over the peer review comments and fix your narrative.  You need to upload it to turn it in my Thursday night at 11 pm.

 Thursday   Interviews due tonight on Turn it in.

Friday  DGP: Diagramming.



Week 6  October 10-14  This week will be looking at punctuation for DGP.  Try to read 15 minutes every day.

Extra credit: Come up to me and tell me you looked at this webpage--code word: orange.  I will give you a treat!

Monday:   We will discuss how to come up with good interview questions.  You will be interviewing someone who went to college and you will ask them about how it contributed to their coming of age. 

Tuesday:    Plan the interview. Share your plan and questions with your group. Bring the notes from your interview next Tuesday. 

Wednesday:  Bring your outside reading book.  You will have time to read and/or get help on planning your interview.

Thursday :  Review vocabulary from the unit.     

Friday: No school for students. Try to find someone to interview! Take notes! 


Week 5  October 3-7   This week will be looking at sentence types for DGP.  Try to read 15 minutes every day.

Monday:   We will revise your interview drafts. Review parallel structure.

Tuesday:    You will present your interviews to the class.

Wednesday  We will look at the same story by the same author, but once as a poem and once as a story.

Thursday    Discussion of yesterday's readings: "Always Running," and "Race Politics."

Friday More practice with sentence types. Discussion of the narrative interview.  Think about who you will interview next week. 


Week 4  September 26- 30   This week will be looking at sentence parts for DGP.  Try to read 15 minutes every day.

Monday:  DGP# 1. We will analyze the author's craft and style in 'Marigolds."

Tuesday:  DGP #2.  Review parallel structure. We will review diction and imagery and collect quotes for a short writing assignment.

Wednesday DGP #3.  Finish writing your paragraph and  upload it to turnitin.  If you finish early you can read your book.

Thursday  DGP #4.  We will begin an interviewing lesson. We will discuss good questons for interviews.

Friday  DGP #5.  You will interview your partner and take notes.


 Week 3  September 19-23    This week will will continue to talk about voice in writing

Monday:  We will review parts of speech.  We will reread and analyze the excerpt from Speak.

Tuesday:  We will work with parallel structure. What is it? What is faulty parallelsm?

Wednesday:  DGP sentence. You will need a coming of age book for independent reading.  You can bring one from home, but we will also be going to the library to give you time to find and check out a coming of age book. Exit slip: What do you notice about the diction and syntax in the opening of the book and helps you infer the narrator's voice?

Thursday:  We will read the story "Marigolds."

Friday: We will discuss and analyze how the author's voice contributed to the point of the story.


Week 2  This week we will review parts of speech and will begin the new Springboard curriculum.

 Monday 9/12:  One more day with the computers. You will view your document on turnitnin and we will look at teacher websites, Skyward, and OHS Welcome page.   We still start reviewing parts of speech and we will be taking some notes on nouns.

Tuesday 9/13:  We will watch two of the Olyway expectations videos and we will discuss why English 9 is a requirement for all students.  We took some notes on what skills are learned and practiced in English 9.

Wednesday 9/14: Review of parts of speech.  Nouns/Proper nouns/ Pronouns. We will begin looking at the new Springboard curriculum.What does "coming of age" mean? What are some examples? 

Thursday 9/15: Verbs.  We will talk about "voice" in an author's writing. 

Friday 9/16:  We will read an excerpt form Speak, and discuss the voice and tone.  


Week 1

Wednesday 9/7:   Introductions, overview of class.

Thursday  9/8:  You will get your picture taken during class.  Bring the envelope that was mailed to you (or if you lost it, bring a check and you can fill out a new one).  You will start prewriting and brainstorming your letter to me

Friday 9/9:  Computers.  We will review and make sure you can login to school computers, save to Hapara, and upload to turnitin.  You will upload your letter to me to turnitin as well as putting it in your Hapara folder.  Check all of your teachers webpages to see who has information/homework.