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Homework:   Click here for Cornell Note paper! Click here for a TRF 



June 19-13

Monday: Make sure your time capsule is complete.  Do Extra Credit if you have time!

Tuesday;  English review groups.  Begin presenting time capsules

Wednesday: We do not meet

Thursday:  We meet in the morning for more presentations.  Final at end of day. Finish presentations and goodbyes for the summer. See you next year!





Old stuff 


June 12-16

Monday:  Finals countdown.  Science groups make a list of what you need to know for final. Write study questions for tomorrow

Tuesday:  Science quiz groups.

Wednesday: Finals countdown: Math groups make a list of what you need to know for final.  

Thursday;  Guest speakers.  Math tutorial.

Friday: Work on time capsule. Complete one of the choice items #4.  English groups?

June 5-9

Monday:  Binder check.  TRF. Work on loading folder. Look at your in class folder

Tuesday:  Tutorial

Wednesday: one of the choice items for your time capsule

Thursday: Backwards mapping.  Go through folders to see if there is anything you want in time capsule.

Friday: Short periods due to assembly and slamfest. Choice #3



May 30- June 2

Monday:  Memorial Day

Tuesday:  Binder check with bonus point opportunity.  Information on the time  capsule project.  Prices and Favorite things handouts due today.

Wednesday:  TRF. Work on one of the choice items for the time capsule

Thursday;  Tutorial triads.  Short periods.  

Friday:  art project: work on the folder for the time capsule


May 22-26


Monday: Binder check. Interview questions, My ideal college.


Tuesday: Tutorial


Wednesday: Interview


Thursday: Tutorial


Friday:  finish interviews





May 15-18


Monday:  Ty Somerville from Evergreen State College will be here to talk to us.


Tuesday: Discussion. My ideal college


Wednesday: Discussion 13 reasons. TRF


Thursday: Tutorial


Friday: Resumes 


May 8-12

Monday:  Binder check.  TRF

Tuesday: Tutorial


Thursday Tutorial

Friday Resume


May 1-5

Monday: Binder check. Grade Check.  Differences between high school and college.  TRF

Tuesday:  Tutorial

Wednesday: Articles and notes on differences between high school and college.

Thursday:  Introduction to resumes

Friday:   Next week: we will continue work on your resume!

April 24-28

Monday: Binder check, groups brainstorm study vs. homework

Tuesday: Discuss study vs. homework

Wednesday: Articles.

Thursday: Tutorial 

Friday: Share findings




April 17-21

Monday: Binder check. Hypothetical College Freshman: Select what programs you will study for the year.

Tuesday: Class does not meet today due to testing schedule

Wednesday:   Share college choices

Thursday: Tutorial

Friday: Practice inquiry with "quiz" partners. 


April 10-14

Monday: Self-guided binder tour.  Taking notes on articles in preparation for philosophical chairs activity Friday.

Tuesday: Doing homework vs studying.  What is the difference. How do you study?  Hand out TRF for Thursday.

Wednesday:  Field trip to Evergreen and South Puget Sound Community College. Those that are staying here will be having a guest visitor for a discussion.

Thursday: Tutorial

Friday:  Philosophical chairs.  



March 27-31

Monday: Binder check. Grade check/reflections.  TRF.  Start gathering data for your emotional first aid kit.  TRF

Tuesday Tutorial

Wednesday:  Work on your first aid kit

Thursday:  Tutorial

Friday: Speed dating: share your first aid kit. Have a great spring break!  See you April 10th!



March 20- 24

Monday:  Binder check.  TIME MANAGEMENT LOG DUE!.  Discuss and analyze your data. 

Tuesday: notes on notetaking

Wednesday:  Discuss your time management barriers and set goals for improvement. TRF

Thursday Tutorial

Friday:  Share goals. Knots activity


March 13-17


Monday:  Binder check. Time log (FILL THIS OUT EVERY DAY THIS WEEK!! DUE MONDAY FOR LOTS OF EASY POINTS!).  College e-trip. Pick any college of your choice and do a virtual tour. Take notes on what you find out.  TRF


Tuesday:  Tutorial


Wednesday:  More college research. Be prepared to share some findings on Friday. TRF


Thursday: Tutorial


Friday:  Circle up:Share your college research findings.



March 6-10

Monday:  Binder check. Check grades, finish notes from Virtual College fair. Team Huddle. TRF

Tuesday: Tutorial

Wednesday:  Planning for next year.

Thursday: Tutorial

Friday:  Team Huddle:  Share college learning/ideas.



February 27- March 3

Monday: Binder check, sign up for AVID virtual college fair. Check grades. Take notes on things you might want to find out at the college fair on Friday.

Tuesday: Notes: what is a virtual college fair? What do I do? What do I want to know?  Fill out question sheet for Friday

Wednesday. We will complete our mask activity. TRF for tomorrow.

Thursday: tutorial

Friday: Virtual college fair. You can come in early for lunch and start if you want more time online. 


 February 20-24

Monday: No school

Tuesday: No school

Wednesday:  Share your poems from Friday if you want to. Binder check; TRF; decorate mask.

Thursday:  Tutorial

Friday: Walk in my shoes poems due today. If you were absent, make sure you show me when you return.  We wear the mask cards. Binder check on Monday. 6 notes


February 13-17

 Monday: Binder check  (6 notes due.  Change total to 30for notes and 55total.)  TRF and Goals for 2nd semester. One academic goal, one social goal, and one kindness/happiness goal. 

 Tuesday: Tutorial

 Wednesday: Family meeting

 Thursday: Tutorial

 Friday:  Walk in someone's shoes. Binder check on Monday 10 notes!



February 6-11

Monday: Snow day

Tuesday: Snow day

Wednesday:   Binder check!  Semester grade check and GPA!  Finish four year plan

Thursday:Tutorial pointers/ changes.  TRF.Tutorial

Friday: organizing notes. Teambuilding. Creating a happiness survival kit.



January 30-February 3

Monday:  reset on binders and notetaking. Using learning logs. Lecture and notes on time management.

Tuesday:  Table talks, reflection and debrief

Wednesday: Four year plan. folders.  Fill out TRF for tomorrow

Thursday: Tutorial or math notes

Friday: TED talk on happiness.


 January 23-27  Finals week


 Remember to have someone read your essay and sign it to get extra credit!

Monday: Mandala and study groups for health.  TRF


Tuesday: Tutorial review for finals.


Wednesday:  Finals periods 3, 6.Finish up mandala, Final draft of paper due to turnitin.


Thursday: Periods 4,5 finals.  Present your mandala to the class. 


Friday:  Periods 1,2 finals.


Week of January 16-20  


Monday  No school

 Tuesday:  Rough draft of essay due  for peer review.  Backwards mapping for finals.

 Wednesday: Peer review groups on essay.  Mandala

 Thursday: Tutorial: Finals study groups science

 Friday: Mandala.  

 Week of January 9-13  

 Monday: Binder check. Type up first draft of essay. 

Tuesday: Tutorial

 Wednesday: Self editing of essay.

 Thursday: Tutorial: Finals study groups: Math

 Friday:  Information about Mandala project. Brainstorm ideas. 


 Week 16  January 3-6

Tuesday: Gratitude and appreciation

Wednesday: TRF for tomorrow. More info on self and Who am I essay.

Thursday:  Tutorial

Friday: Begin drafting who am I essay.  Binder check and backpack check on Monday.



Week 15

 Monday:  Binder check. TRF.  Check with teachers. Is there any make up work you can do before the break?

Tuesday: Tutorial

Wednesday:  TRF on a personal rather than academic challenge. Everyone fills one out, you DO NOT have to present your challenge to the class unless you want to. Film.

Thursday: Family meeting on tutorials.

Friday:  Nice things.  Have a good break. If you have homework, try to do it early in the break so you don't forget.


Week 14

 Monday:  12-week grade check. Binder check. TRF Homework:  Complete your TRF

Tuesday:   Tutorial 

 Wednesday:  Film: The Blindside.  Journal/exit slip.  How does this relate to you? What did the film today make you think about.  Homework:  TRF

 Thursday:  Tutorial

 Friday:  Snow day!



Week 13

Monday:   Learning styles inventory.  How can you work with your learning style to be the best student you can be. Homework:  Complete your TRF

Tuesday:   Tutorial 

Wednesday:  Film: The Blindside.  Journal/exit slip.  How does this relate to you? What did the film today make you think about.  Homework:  TRF

Thursday:  Tutorial

Friday:  Would you rather, plus more of film. Today is the end of 12 weeks. Only six weeks left iin the semester. Finish strong!  Binder check and grade check on Monday.


Week 12

Monday 11/21   Peer binder check.  TRF for tomorrow: Optional. You can do it on a personal topic if you would like.

Tuesday 11/22   Tutorial.  Gratitude. 

Have a great Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for all of you!

Week 11  

 Monday 11/14   Binder check.  Fill out TRF. Check your grades.

 Tuesday 11/15   Tutorial

 Wednesday 11/16  What color are you?  What does that mean?  Where are you on Cornell Notes? Homework:  Fill out TRF form

 Thursday 11/17 Tutorial 

 Friday 11/18:  Guest speaker. Share most embarrassing moment.


Week 10 

 Monday 11/7   Binder check.  Fill out TRF. Work on your poster.

 Tuesday 11/8   Tutorial

 Wednesday 11/9 College goals poster. Present for extra credit.  

 Thursday 11/10 Continue presenting posters. 

 Friday 11/11:  No school. Veterans Day.


 Week 9  

 Monday 10/31   Binder check.  Fill out TRF. Check your grades.

 Tuesday 11/1   Tutorial

 Wednesday 11/2 College goals. Create roadmap  Homework:  Fill out TRF form

 Thursday 11/3 Tutorial 

 Friday 11/4:  Share your college road map


 Week 8   

Monday 10/24   Binder check.  Fill out TRF. Check your grades.

Tuesday 10/25   Tutorial

Wednesday 10/26  Career interest survey.

Thursday 10/27  Tutorial review and discussion of how to be successful in weakest subject area.

Friday 10/28:  We will work with the career match findings today.


Week 7   Goal: Improve your Cornell Notes!  Five days of good notes in any class. Go for some extra credit notes

Monday 10/17:    Binder check!  We will debrief the mock tutorial and fill out a trf.

Tuesday 10/18:  Group  tutorial

Wednesday10/19: Read through your notes to fill out TRF

Thursday10/20:  We will try an AVID tutorial. 

Friday  10/21:  Socratic seminar: article and discussion.  Reminder: binder check on Monday.


Week 6   Goal: Improve your Cornell Notes!  Five days of good notes in any class. Go for some extra credit notes

Monday 10/10:    Binder check!  Grade check!!

Tuesday 10/11:  More on the AVID tutorial.  How to fill out a TRF

Wednesday10/12:  Finalize your first semester smart goal.

Thursday10/13:  We will try an AVID tutorial. I will provide your point of confusion for this trial run.

Friday  10/14: No school for students. Have a great weekend.


Week 5    Goal: Improve your Cornell Notes!  Five days of good notes in any class. Go for some extra credit notes

Monday 10/3:    Binder check!

Tuesday 10/4:  I will introduce the AVID tutorial.  Take notes 

Wednesday10/5:  Goal setting brainstorming.

Thursday10/6:  Interviews of Mira, Alex, and Chantal. Take notes

Friday  10/7: We will debrief yesterday's interviews and work on the smart goals for the first semester.



Week 4    Goal: Improve your Cornell Notes!  Five days in science or math (or both)

Monday 9/26:    Costa's three levels of questions. 

Tuesday 9/27:  We will start an interview project practicing upper level questions. Plan your questions.

Wednesday 9/28: Interview your partner and start planning presentation.

Thursday9/29:  Introduce your partner by presenting your interview narrative.

Friday  9/30:  Finish introductions. Practice Cornell notes on speaker from AVID institute.


Week 3   This week's goal. Take Cornell notes in Science or Math (or both for extra credit) every day

Monday:  Reminder. Take notes in math or science every day.  Finish folders and share info. Do you have grit? Practice notes on Ted Talk.

Tuesday:  Social contract. Group agreement for our AVID family.

Wednesday: Finish and sign social contract for our team.  Find something you have in common with every student in this class without using words or making sounds.

Thursday:Grade check and plan for Bear Time.

Friday:   We will organize binders in anticipation of the binder check on Monday.  Fun Friday activity. Team building.



Week 2    This week we will start talking about taking notes and keeping up with assignments


Monday: AVID contract, study buddies, hints on using your binder, cards.  This is a test to see if anyone checked my webpage. If you see this come up to me and say, I like candy and you will get some!


Tuesday:Role playing teacher student scenarios. I will show you an example of a great binder and an organizational disaster!


Wednesday: Cornell notes. We will talk about how and why you use them!  Great strategy for learning.


Thursday:  Practice notes. Set up folder


Friday:  Notebook check.  I will share some of the videos of the student and teacher speakers at AVID the avid institute this summer. 




Week 1  This week we will focus on getting to know each other and getting our binders set up for academic success!

WEDNESDAY:  Binders, planners, class goals, contract. 

THURSDAY: Avid contract, birthdays in planner, study buddies.

FRIDAY:  First binder check.  We will talk about barriers and how you overcome them.