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Welcome to Freshman English!

Class Syllabus 

Second Semester


Please take this survey: Classroom Culture Goal

Week of May 15-19

Monday: Test on Act One

Tuesday-Thursday: Read Act Two, Scene Two and analyze for rhetorical appeals

Friday: Retest opportunities and Ms. Biglow's letter assignment.

Week of May 8-12

Monday through Thursday: Read the rest of Act One.

Friday - Act One review.

Week of May 1-5

Romeo and Juliet - Read Act 1, scenes 1 and 2. Memorize the prologue by Friday.

Week of April 24-28

Beginning Romeo and Juliet!

April - We finished reading The Odyssey and wrote "The Freshman Odyssey"

March 27-31

Monday: Complete the review activity for Part One of The Odyssey

Tuesday: The Odyssey Part One Test. Begin reading Part Two.

Wednesday-Thursday: Finish reading The Odyssey, Part Two.

Friday: Test retake for part one or The Odyssey online game.

March 19-24

Monday-Wednesday: Read "The Sirens" and "Scylla and Charybdis". Ms. Biglow is teaching about figurative language.

Thursday-Friday: Read "The Cattle of the Sun God" and complete a review activity for part one of The Odyssey.

March 13-17

Monday-Wednesday: Read part one of The Odyssey through "The Cyclops." Write a paragraph each day.

3 paragraphs about The Odyssey

  1. How are you “skilled at contentending”? Give specific examples.
  2. Summarize “Sailing from Troy” and “The Lotus Eaters.” What happens? What do you learn about Odysseus? What do you learn about his crew?
  3. Summarize the first portion of “The Cyclops.” What happens? What heroic traits does Odysseus display? What are his faults?

 Grading:5 points for each paragraph. 

  • 5 points. Paragraph is at least four complete sentences. Paragraph answers all parts.
  • 4 points. Paragraph is at least three complete sentences.
  • 3 points. Paragraph contains complete sentences but may not answer all parts of the prompt.
  • 2 points. These are not complete sentences – it is more like a list.

Thursday-Friday: read "The Land of the Dead" in the graphic novel section and complete the questions.

March 6-10

Monday - Wednesday: pgs. 544-549. Be sure to fill the the boxes with writing for summary and quickwrite.

Thursday: Teach your group about one of the background readings. Complete Ms. Biglow's pre-assessment on literary devices.

Friday: Please take this introduction to the Odyssey survey

Intro to the Odyssey

February 27-March 3

Monday: Finish timeline assignment

Tuesday: Timeline assignment due - presentations

Wednesday-Thursday: More presentations

Friday: Introduction to the Hero's Journey. Take notes and write about a hero story with which you are familiar.

February 22-24

Wednesday and Thursday: Finish The Help

Thursday and Friday: Work on Timeline assignment

Timeline Assignment

  1. Use timeglider.com to make a timeline of your life.
  2. Include events from your life that are significant to you.
  3. Consider/include:
  • Social environment
  • Growing up/Maturing
  • Understanding others’ points of view
  • Racism/equality/being judged or stereotyped


  1. Relate at least three events to To Kill a Mockingbird
  2. Relate at least three events to The Help
  3. Include evidence as support for how your life experience relates.
  4. Insert pictures and sound.
  5. Color code the events that relate to the film or book and include a key.


Finally, write a paragraph about what you learned about life/people, etc. from your life experiences, the book and the film.

February 13-17

Finish reading To Kill a Mockingbird. Finish your annotation assignment  -due Wednesday. Begin watching The Help. Take notes on parallels to To Kill a Mockingbird. Consider: Growing up, social environment, understanding others' point of view and equality/stereotyping/racism.

February 6-10 To Kill a Mockingbird Reflection Blog

Monday and Tuesday: Snow days!

Wednesday-Friday: Read chapters 28-29 and annotate.

Week of January 30-February 3

Monday: Read chapters 21-22. Write several annotations - summarizing or making inferences.

Tuesday: Read chapter 23. Write two annotations - one should be a summary and one should be an inference.

Wednesday: Read chapters 24-25

Thursday: Read chapters 26-27

Friday: Review chapters 21-27



Week of January 17-20


Tuesday: Discuss Atticus quotes. Write an essay about Atticus' message in a passage from chapter 11.

Wednesday: Read chapters 12-14. Work on chapter questions.

Thursday: Quiz/discussion on chapters 12-14. Begin reading chapter 15.

Friday: Read chapters 15-16

Week of January 9-13

Monday: Complete questions for chapter 9. Begin reading chapter 10.

Chapter 9 Questions

Choose one and write a full page in response: Be sure to use evidence from the text as support for your ideas.

  • What advice does Atticus give to Scout about dealing with people who say hurtful things? How do you think this adds to characterization, setting (social environment) or theme?


  • In this chapter there are several references made to what "boys should do" and "girls should do." Find examples of this, and explain whether or not this is a similar expectation today.


  • If Atticus has very little chance of winning the case, then why does he still agree to represent Tom Robinson?


  • What lesson does Uncle Jack learn about children? Why is it important?


Tuesday: Chapter 10 Be sure to use evidence from the text as support for your ideas.

Why does Atticus say it is a sin “to kill a mockingbird?” Who explains this to the children?


What do you learn about Atticus’ character in this chapter? What inference can you make about him?


Wednesday: Read through chapter 11.


Thursday: Chapter 11: Write an in-class essay using the passage and prompt in class.


Friday: Read chapter 12 and complete the questions.

Chapter 12

What do you learn about the African American community of Maycomb in this chapter? Give evidence as support and make inferences about why the author might be including these details: how do they impact the story and/or add to your understanding.




Week of January 3-6

Tuesday-Thursday: Poetry Out Loud! Performance is Thursday, January 5.

Friday: Read chapter 9

Week of December 12-16

Read and annotate chapters 7 and 8. Complete the Boo Radley inferences graphic organizer.




Week of December 5-9

Monday: Setting - social environment. Define terms on a googledoc to help with "Background on the Novel" reading.

Tuesday: Choose one section of "Background on the Novel and summarize. Analyze how it helps you understand the novel. Find an annotation to support your ideas and discuss with a partner.

Wednesday: Read chapter 4 and discuss.

Thursday: Read chapter 5 and discuss

Friday: Read chapter 6

Week of November 28-December 2

Monday: Using evidence from multiple sources to support a claim - pre-test.

Tuesday: Read the first part of chapter 1 of To Kill a Mockingbird and annotate.

Wednesday: Read the rest of chapter 1. Answer five questions - due Friday.

Thursday: Read chapters 2 & 3 and annotate when directed.

Friday: Review chapters 1-3. Questions due. Begin talking about "social environment."

Week of November 14-18

Monday:Last day to work on essay in class.

Tuesday: Civil Rights Unit goal setting, introduction, and "launch text."

Wednesday-Thursday: Dr. Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream" speech, pgs. 260-269

Friday: Essay due (printed) in class. Finish up "I Have a Dream" work. Test on Monday!


Week of November 7-10

Working on Tim Burton style analysis essay.


Week of October 31-November 4


Monday: Begin watching Edward Scissorhands and analyzing Tim Burton's style and cinematic techniques.

Tuesday: Continue the film, discuss and take notes.

Wednesday: Culture for learning. Please take this survey:https://goo.gl/forms/812ET94Y2sZ0G6hB2

Thursday: Edward Scissorhands - watch, take notes and write about cinematic techniques.


Week of October 24-28

Monday: Mood, tone, and diction notes. Read an excerpt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and analyze for diction, images and mood.

Tuesday: Another excerpt, more analysis and begin the film clips.

Wednesday: Write an explanatory paragraph in response to one of two questions about mood/tone in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (pg. 157 in Springboard)

Thursday: More Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film and notes on cinematic technique Book Project due today!

Friday: Catch up day! Blog post.

Week of October 17-21

Monday: Preview the second half of the next unit and look at the embedded assessment. Pgs. 142-184.

Tuesday: Power Point on cinematic techniques. Take notes!

Wednesday: Tim Burton essay.

Thursday:Read excerpts from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and analyze mood and tone.

Friday: Analyze the film clips from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Week of October 10-13 

Monday: Finish peer reviews.

Tuesday: Finish revision and highlight the elements.

Wednesday: Learning styles! Survey on academic language: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdPRxuHo2L0Gk_ixgVZud2UfRD0WUZlTMtTdCkSWZFZpqVkYQ/viewform

 Thursday: Assignment for independent reading.


Week of October 3-7

Monday: Finishing Voice activity. Outline your story and begin.

Tuesday - Thursday: Work on your story. Mrs. Gilman's Story Example

Friday: Draft due in class.

Week of September 26-30 This week's blog post is due Monday, 10/3.

Monday: Time to work on glossary.

Tuesday: Finish glossary with examples for each term. Write some ideas for your story - which narrative techniques will you use?

Wednesday: Read and annotate excerpt from Speak, pgs. 10-12

Thursday: "Speak" discussion

Friday: Parallel Structure - pgs. 6-8. We will go over the group discussion norms on Monday


Week of September 19-23 This Week's Blog Post is Due Monday, 9/25

Monday: Read the story, "The Stolen Party" and annotate.

Tuesday: Reread and analyze the author's use of foreshadowing, conflict, imagery and point of view.

Wednesday: Reread and write responses to questions about foreshadowing, conflict, imagery and point of view. Small group and whole class discussion.

Thursday: Independent and dependent clauses.

Friday: Work on Narrative techniques glossary

Week of September 12-16

Monday: Class Syllabus and Class Policies.

English Blog! We will start blogging this week. Everyone will have their own personal English blog. The first blog post is due Monday, 9/19 

Tuesday: Begin Unit 2 in Springboard.

Wednesday: List of literary terms and academic vocabulary. What makes a good story?

Thursday: Unpacking the embedded assessment on pg. 140. Plot and point of view (2.2, pgs. 95-98)


First Week of School: September 7-9

  • Getting to know you: We will do a few getting to know you activities. It is important that you learn the names of your classmates!
  • Writing: Introduction to English Writing Activity - Write about "Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost. Do your writing in your English folder in Googledocs.




Please take these Learning Styles Surveys http://www.edutopia.org/multiple-intelligences-assessment

and https://www.sophia.org/learning-preferences-assessment