High School

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Olympia, WA 98501
Phone: (360) 596-7000
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Fax: (360) 596-7001

Directions for Setting up Your English Blog:

A Note on Safety: Since these blogs will be public so as to allow you access to each of your classmates’ blog, we will take the following measures to protect your identity:

  1. Use only your first name on your blog; do not use your last name anywhere, including the title, URL, or in your profile.
  2. Do not put Olympia or Olympia High School anywhere in your profile.
  3. Do not post pictures of yourself in your blog. Use an avatar for your profile picture.


  • Your blog address (URL) MUST BE Class Period Number, Class Period, First Name, Last Initial (for example, 1EmmaG)
  • You are REQUIRED to use your school email for this blog. DO NOT USE YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS.

Step One: Set up your email account: If you’ve already signed in to your email before, skip to Step Two.

  1. Go to OHS website
  2. Go to Student Email
  3. Set up your email account (password is your 6-digit lunch account/student number)

Step Two: Create your Blogger Account

  1. Go to “blogger.com”
  2. Sign in using your student email account. Remember to type in “@students.osd.wednet.edu” after your user name. Your password should be  your student number.
  3. Choose “create a limited blogger profile.” You should not choose Google+ for this!
  4. Display name: first name, last initial (to protect your privacy.)

Step Three: Create a New Blog:

  • Click “New Blog”

Blog Title: You choose! (It could be as simple as “Hannah’s English Blog”)

Blog Address (URL): MUST BE: Class Period, First Name, Last Initial

example: 1EmmaG.blogspot.com

If this URL is unavailable, add the second letter of your last name.

example: 1EmmaGi.blogspot.com

Choose a Template. Pick whichever you like best. You can customize it later if you like. 

Step Four: Get Access to Class Assignments in “Reading List”

Click “Add” and add Mrs. Gilman’s blog. http://greathonorsenglish.blogspot.com/- this will let you immediately see any new posts (assignments.)