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Welcome to Honors English! 

Week of June 12-16

Reading "The Knife" and "Snow Day" and annotating, discussing and analyzing them in terms of diction, tone, imagery, figurative language, irony, point of view, symbolism, motif, theme and parallel structure.

The Three Part Final:

Part One: Reflection Blog. Due Sunday, 6/18

Part Two: Literary Analysis, Assigned Friday. Due Tuesday. Literary Analysis Final Assignment

Example annotation:

1.Word Choice/Diction

  • Annotation 1: “Little” Collins uses the word “little” three times in his listing of names of school closures. I think he chooses the word “little” and repeats it because it makes me think of little kids. It’s a cuter way of saying small than just saying small, miniature, tiny, etc. When I read the list of names of schools I can’t help but laugh.  They are joyful and funny.  It’s a contrast between the other words in the poem that have to do with conspiracy.
  • Annotation 2: “Revolution.”


Part Three: Creative Writing. Due at the time of your final. Creative Writing Final Assignment

Week of June 5-9

Reading The Importance of Being Earnest. "Community Cafe" stye discussion on Thursday. Friday - time to blog or work on "red ink.com" grammar games.

Week of May 30-June 2

Tuesday: Work on essay in class. Essay due Thursday.

Wednesday: Begin The Importance of Being Earnest

Thursday: Essay due - self evaluation.

Friday: Continue The Importance of Being Earnest

Week of May 22-26

Monday: Discuss chapters 54-57

Tuesday: Discuss the end of the book. Socratic seminar prep.

Wednesday: Socratic Seminar on the end of the novel

Thursday: Time to work on essay in class. Essay due Thursday, June 1.

Friday: Work on project in class. Project due Monday, June 5

Week of May 15-19

Monday:  Reread and analyze chapter 42 - Magwitch's story. Read chapters 43-46 for homework. Blog due tonight.

Tuesday: Compare chapter 44 passages to chapter 8. Work on weekly claim #4. Read chapters 47-49 for homework.

Wednesday: Close reading of chapter 49 passages. Read chapters 50-52 for homework.

Thursday: Discussion of chapter 49 passages. Dramatic readings for extra credit. Read chapters 53-55 for homework.

Friday: Work on motif/author's craft graphic organizer project. Read chapters 56-57 for homework.

Week of May 8-12

Monday: Highlights from chapters 26-31. Write about a passage from chapter 27, then compare it to another passage. Time to work on weekly claim.

Tuesday: Highlights from chapters 32-27. Read chapter 38 for homework.

Wednesday: Discuss chapter 38.

Thursday: Discuss chapter 39

Friday: Stage 2 Project.

Week of May 1-5

Monday:Romeo and Juliet paragraphs back. Time to revise your paragraph and work on weekly claims. Read chapters 17-18 for homework. Blog due tonight.

Tuesday: Close reading from chapters 15 and 16, and chapters 17 and 18. Read chapter 19 for homework.

Wednesday: Discuss chapter 19, then complete the Socratic Seminar prep assignment. Socratic Seminar Prep Assignment (due Thursday.)

Thursday: Socratic Seminar

Friday: Updating lists of characters, motifs and mysteries.

Week of April 24-28

Monday: Discuss chapter 7. Write the first weekly thesis assignment - in class every Monday until we finish the book. Homework: Blog and Read chapter 8.

Tuesday: Discuss chapter 8 - close reading assignment. Read chapters 9-10 for homework.

Wednesday: Discuss chapters 9-10. Read chapters 11-12 for homework.

Thursday: Discuss chapters 13-14. Read chapters 15-16 for homework.

Friday: Discuss chapters 15-16. Read chapters 17-18 for homework.

Week of April 17-21 We are starting Dickens' Great Expectations. 

Monday: Intro to Great Expectations. Read chapter 1 aloud, chapters 2 and 3 for homework.

Tuesday/Wednesday: Discuss chapters 1-3. Read chapters 4 and 5 for homework.

Thursday:Discuss chapters 4-5. Read chapter 6 for homework.

Friday:Discuss chapter 6.


Week of April 10-14

Writing a five part paragraph (the Oly Paragraph) on a theme in Romeo and Juliet.

Monday: "From theme to theme statement" power point lesson on themes and essay format. Write your thesis today!

Tuesday: Organize your essay. Write three reasons to support your thesis and find an embedded quote for each.

Wednesday: Work on your essay - focus on writing explanation/analysis to connect quotes to reasons and thesis.

Thursday: Final day to work on the essay in class.

Friday: Special visit from WA state poet laureate Tod Marshall.


Thesis: In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare shows how parents’ misunderstanding of their children can lead to disaster. It is Lady Capulet’s ignorance of her daughter’s wishes and unwillingness to listen to her that causes her brutal death.

Reason #1: To begin with, Lady Capulet doesn’t seem to care about what Juliet wants.

Embedded Quote: Lady Capulet is clearly more concerned with having a rich son-in-law than making Juliet happy, as she tells Juliet that “by having [Paris]” she will be “making [herself] no less.” (1.3.)

Analysis/Explanation: This shows that she doesn’t stop to consider how choosing her daughter’s husband for her might impact her negatively. Shakespeare seems to be showing that parents tend to overlook their teenage children’s feelings.


Week of March 27-31 All 5 weekly claims due Thursday.

Romeo and Juliet Project Options


  • Perform a scene (group project)  or monologue (individual project) from Romeo and Juliet.
  • You don’t need to memorize your lines, but instead work on interpreting them to show the significance of the scene/speech and the character traits and themes that emerge. 


  • Interpret an important line, speech, scene, etc. through artwork. Include some of the text in your drawing/painting, etc. (individual)


  • Rewrite a scene or speech in “modern English.” Maintain the integrity of the original text through your re-writing – be sure to use modern puns, more relatable metaphors, etc.

o   Group option: perform a re-written scene.

  • Write a poem or series of poems based on a scene (individual)


  • Write and perform a song about themes/characters/plot. You may want to consider writing lyrics to accompany a popular song.

Monday-Tuesday: Finish reading the play. Four pairs of significant lines from Act 5 due Thursday. 

Wednesday: Acts 4 and 5 test

Thursday: Time to work on project - project due Friday.

Friday: Project due - project presentations

Week of March 20-24

Monday: Write last week's claim (#3). Read 3.2-3.4 - significant lines due tomorrow. Blog due tonight

Tuesday: Read 3.5 as a class. Significant lines due tomorrow.

Wednesday: Act 3 test.

Thursday: Begin Act 4

Friday: Movie and weekly claim.  Word Power session 7.

Week of March 13-17

Monday: Read and analyze Friar's speech in Act 2, Scene 3 (lines 1-22). Finish reading the scene in groups and write about significant lines for homework.

Tuesday: Finish reading Act 2 in groups. 

Wednesday: Read Act 3 scene 1 and "block" a scene.

Thursday: Act out Act 3, scene 1.

Friday: Word Power Session 6 Act 3 movie and test.

Week of March 6-10

Act One Test on Wednesday! Prepare for the following:

1. Characters. Match them to their connection to other characters

2. Significant Lines: Identify the speaker of each quotation

3. Recalling Characters and Events. Review what happened in the first act of the play.

4. Shakespeare's Language. What makes reading Shakespeare a challenge? Consider words, poetic language, and iambic pentameter. Also, make sure you understand "inverted word order." You can read the "Reading Shakespeare's Language" portion of your book to help you prepare - pgs. xvii-xxiv.

5. Prologue True and False. Use your knowledge of the prologue to answer true or false questions.


Monday: Blog due tonight. Read 1.5 - significant lines due Tuesday. Type your weekly claim from Friday and add analysis.

Tuesday: Review Act 1 for test on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Act 1 test. Read Act Two prologue and Act Two, Scene 1. Significant lines due Thursday.

Thursday: Read Act Two, Scene Two. Significant lines due Friday.

Friday: Word Power Quiz, Session 5. All significant lines from this week due today for points. Write your weekly claim in class today.


Week of February 27-March 3

 Blog due Monday, 3/6

Monday: Read through the end of Act 1, Scene 2. Significant lines for this scene due tomorrow.

Tuesday: Read 1.3, Significant lines due tomorrow.

Wednesday: 1.4, Significant lines due tomorrow

Thursday: Questions for 1.4 and discussion.

Friday: All significant lines due in class (5 total sets of lines with a paragraph of analysis each.) Word Power Quiz, session 4.

Week of February 22-24

Wednesday: Read Act 1, Scene 1, pgs. 9-15 and answer questions.

Thursday: Go over questions from Act 1, Scene 1. Recite the prologue.

Friday: Finish Act 1, Scene 1 and begin Scene 2. Go over significant lines homework. More Prologue recitations - Final Prologue recitations on Monday!

Week of February 13-17

Monday: Wrap-up comic strip and Piktochart. Due tomorrow. Blog due tonight

Tuesday-Wednesday: Sharing comic and piktochart. Intro to themes and characters in Romeo and Juliet.

Thursday:Finish your character "mask" and questions for homework.

Romeo and Juliet Character Activity

  1. Who is your character? Describe what you know about him/her. (At least five things!)
  2. What did your character say and who did he/she speak to? Paraphrase each of his/her lines. What was the tone of each line? How do you know? For each of the lines, state what you think was the most important word or phrase and why.
  3. Based on what you said and who you spoke to, what do you think will be the defining traits of this character and why? (At least three.)
  4. What features will you include in your mask to portray these character traits. Describe at least three specific things you will draw to show traits.
  5. Use everything you know about this character to complete the following statement. Write the statement on the back of your “mask.”


One thing I know about the way the world works is _______________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Also, annotate the prologue for words related to love and words related to hate/violence/death.

Friday: Word Power quiz, session 3. Shakespearean words quiz.

Week of February 8-10

  • Here's what we did the week Mrs. Gilman was out for oral surgery: Shakespearean words comic strip, finish Piktochart (please download to drive and put in the second semester folder), Prologue, Word Power session 2 quiz and blog. Everything is due Tuesday, February 14.

Week of January 30-February 3

Monday: Finish the film version of To Kill a Mockingbird. Check out Word Power books.

Tuesday: Introduction to Word Power. Read "How to use this book for maximum benefit" and complete the vocabulary pretest.

Wednesday: Score the vocabulary pretest and read and do the activities for Session 1 (pgs 26-33.) First Word Power quiz is Friday!


1st Semester Final Exam:

2nd Period is Friday, 1/27

3rd Period is Wednesday, 1/25

Final Discussion Prep Assignment

2nd Period Discussion Groups

3rd Period Discussion Groups


Week of January 23-27

Monday: In-class essay

Tuesday: Time to work on discussion prep assignment. Meet briefly in your discussion groups to go over ideas for discussion.

Wednesday: All 3 in-class essays due.

Final - Discussion prep due. You will also be completing an assignment in which you reflect on the skills you have gained this semester.



Class Syllabus

To Kill a Mockingbird Reading Schedule

Reading is due on the dates listed.

Wed., 11/30: Chapters 1-3

Thurs., 12/1: Chapters 4-5

Fri., 12/2: Chapters 6-7

Mon., 12/5: Chapter 8

Wed., 12/7: Chapter 9

Thurs., 12/8: Chapter 10

Fri., 12/9: Chapter 11

Mon., 12/12: Chapter 12

Tues., 12/3: Chapters 13-14

Wed., 1/4: Chapter 15

Fri., 1/6: Chapter 16

Mon., 1/9: Chapter 17

Tues., 1/10: Chapter 18

Wed., 1/11: Chapter 19

Thurs., 1/12: Chapter 20

Fri., 1/13: Chapters 21-22

Tues., 1/17: Chapter 23-24

Wed., 1/18: Chapters 25-27

Thurs., 1/19: Chapters 28-29

Fri., 1/20: Chapters 30-31


Week of January 16-20

Tuesday: Discuss chapters 21-24. Add to posters with big ideas and discuss.

Wednesday: In class essay assignment on chapters 24 and 27.

Thursday: Discuss essay assignment and chapters 28-29

Friday: Discuss the end of the novel. Select your "big idea" focus for finals. 

Week of January 9-13 Socratic Seminar Prep Assignment due Thursday, 1/12

Monday-Tuesday: Read the dramatization of the trial.

Wednesday: Read Atticus' closing remarks (chapter 20.) Socratic Seminar Prep Assignment (due Thursday.)

Thursday: Socratic Seminar!

Friday: Discuss chapters 21-22

Week of January 3-6

Tuesday-Thursday: Poetry Out Loud! Class competition is Thursday, 1/5.

Friday: Discuss chapter 15.

Week of December 12-16

Monday: Chapter 11 timed essay.

Tuesday: Find quotes in your book from chapters 12-14 that illustrate author's craft in regards to theme, motif, symbolism, irony, characterization. Write at least 5 annotations with inferences. Socratic Seminar Prep Assignment - chapters 9-14.

Wednesday: Socratic Seminar Prep due. Socratic Seminar.

Thursday-Friday: Find a poem to memorize and recite for Poetry Out Loud. See poetryoutloud.org for eligible poems.

Week of December 5-9

Monday: Chapter 8 quiz. Boo Radley Socratic Seminar Prep Assignment (due tomorrow.) Blog due tonight!

Tuesday: Socratic Seminar on Boo Radley (chapters 1-8)

Wednesday: Discuss ch. 9

Thursday: Discuss ch. 10

Friday: Discuss ch. 11

Week of November 28-December 2 New blog will be posted on Wednesday and due Tuesday, December 6.

This week we begin reading Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. We will be using this novel for close reading, annotating, discussion and formal writing assignments throughout the rest of the semester. The final for this class will center on this novel.

Monday: Fellows Pre-Assessment - Using evidence from sources to support your ideas in writing.

Tuesday: Begin To Kill a Mockingbird. Read the first chapter in class.

Wednesday: Reading due - chapters 2-4

Thursday: Reading due - chapters 4-5

Friday: Reading due - chapters 6-7 

Read chapter 8 over the weekend to discuss in class on Monday, 12/5.

Week of November 21-22


  1. Tim Burton essays back! Revise by Monday, 11/28 - turn in a new printed copy attached to your original draft.
  2. Read "1963: The Year that Changed Everything" pgs. 254-255.
  3. Watch a clip from Robert F. Kennedy's speech, "Remarks on the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr."
  4. Do some research on the reception of MLK's "I Have a Dream 

Homework Assignment, due Tuesday:  

Write an informational essay in response to the question, "How were Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy's words received at the time?

Use evidence from:

  • "I Have a Dream"
  • "Letter from Birmingham Jail"
  • "Remarks on the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr."
  • "1963: The Year that Changed Everything" as support in your essay.

Evidence can be: direct quotes, paraphrased material and summary.


Week of November 14-18

Monday: Discuss "I Have a Dream" and complete pgs. 168-169 (vocabulary and parallel structure.)  Blog due tonight.

Tuesday: "I Have a Dream" test. Read "1963: The Year that Changed Everything." Read "Letter from Birmingham Jail" for homework.

Wednesday: "Letter from Birmingham Jail" complete pgs 287-291

Thursday: "Prepare to compare" pgs. 292. For Socratic Seminar on Friday. Also, "Remarks on the Assassination of Martin Luther King."

Friday: Socratic Seminar 

Week of November 7-10

Monday: Turn in and reflect on Tim Burton Style Essay.

Please take this survey about our culture for learning: https://goo.gl/forms/k2rBR5kZCV56TJVr1

Wednesday-Thursday: MLK "I Have a Dream" speech. Annotate and complete comprehension and analysis questions.  

Week of October 31-November 4

Monday: Finishing Edward Scissorhands and notes. Blog due tonight!

Tuesday-Thursday: Working on the Tim Burton style analysis essay.

Friday: Returning to our "culture for learning." We will set a class goal and you will set an individual goal regarding your contribution to the learning environment.


Week of October 24-28

This week we watched Edward Scissorhands and took notes on cinematic techniques. Use evidence from the films as you take notes - you will use this for next week's essay. Also, choose one of the paragraph writing assignments on pgs.163, 167 or 170 and complete it in Google drive.

Week of October 17-21

Monday: Tim Burton essay. Homework: Finish taking notes on cinematic techniques. The Power Point is shared to you in Google Drive.

Tuesday: Read excerpts from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and analyze mood and tone.

Wednesday: Analyze the first film clip from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Thursday: Analyze another film clip from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Homework: Write a paragraph in response to one of these two questions: 1. How does Burton create mood and tone? What does a director have at his disposal that an author does not? 2. In terms of mood and tone, how is the film version similar to and different from the written version? What specific elements contribute to the mood/tone?

Friday: Creating a cognitively vibrant classroom!

Week of October 10-13 Enjoy your short week and take a week off from blogging! No new blog post assigned this week.

Monday: Blog is due. Submit your revised story to turnitin.com and complete the reflection assignment.

Tuesday: Mrs. Albert previews the second half of unit 2 while Mrs. Gilman conferences with students about their story.

Wednesday: More preview of unit two while Mrs. Gilman conferences with students about their story.

Thursday: Begin learning about cinematic techniques through the power point.

Peer Review Questions are due on Sunday at 2:00 pm. You can see your feedback on Sunday at 2:01 pm! Final draft of story is due on Monday.

Week of October 3-7

Lit. Circle Questions due no later than Wednesday. This week's blog due Monday, 10/10. 

Monday: Parallel structure: pgs. 13-15. Finish for homework!

Tuesday: Begin working on your story. Please read Mrs. Gilman's Story Example

Wednesday: Work on your story.

Thursday: Work on your story.

Friday: Draft due in class. Peer Review: Read two stories and answer the questions about each. 

  1. What is the conflict of the story? How does the conflict get resolved? 15 words minimum.
  2. To what extent are the characters believable and developed? Give three examples of character development. 20 words minimum.
  3. Which point of view did the author use? To what extent is that point of view effective? 10 words minimum.
  4. To what extent does the author use imagery to make the story more interesting and vivid – can you see, hear, feel through the use of language? What parts could be revised to make it more interesting? 20 words minimum.
  5. Did you notice foreshadowing, symbolism and/or irony? Give examples and explain their effectiveness. 20 words minimum.
  6. To what extent are the events sequenced to create a coherent whole? Name a place in the story where more clarity is needed or where an event may seem unnecessary, unclear or confusing. 15 words minimum.
  7. Does the story contain dialog? Did the author start a new paragraph every time there was a new speaker? Comment on the author’s use of dialog. 15 words minimum.
  8. Identify two things that you think were done well in the story. What is one thing you think will help make the writing stronger? 20 words minimum.

 Week of September 26-30 This week's blog post due Monday, 10/3

Monday: Characterization discussion "Save the Last Word for Me." Read the excerpt from Speak pgs. 9-11 and annotate for point of view, imagery/style, characterization, figurative language

Tuesday: Reread and annotate. Partner write and pass (pg. 11) on Google Drive. Finish response to partner for homework.

Wednesday: Discuss the excerpt from Speak. Planning for your story. Will it be a real or imagined event? 1st or 3rd person? What will be the conflict, what will happen in the story, what will be the climax? Which narrative techniques will you use?

Homework for Wednesday, due Thursday: Socratic Seminar Prep. Shared to your English folder in Drive.

Thursday: Socratic Seminar on author's craft

Friday: Outside reading assignment

Week of September 19-23 - Blog is due Monday, 9/25

Monday: Read the story, "The Stolen Party" and annotate for point of view, foreshadowing, conflict and imagery. Write all 3 levels of questions (text-based, interpretive and experience-based) about each "chunk" of the story.

Tuesday: Discuss your annotations in small groups and put your best idea for each literary element on a sticky note.

Wednesday: Groups discuss the literary element stickies, followed by whole class discussion.

Thursday: Narrative writing activity for "The Stolen Party"

Friday: Characterization activity. Annotate a passage in your book for characterization. Try to find: Character's words/thoughts, character's actions, other character's reactions and physical description.

Week of September 12-16 Blog is due Monday, 9/19

Monday: Discuss the syllabus, set class policies and begin blogging!

Tuesday: We began the Short Story unit in the Springboard book. We discussed "What Makes a Good Story?"

 Wednesday: Unpacking the embedded assessment on pg. 140

Thursday: Lesson 2.2 - Plot and point of view.

 Please take these Learning Styles Assessments http://www.edutopia.org/multiple-intelligences-assessment and  https://www.sophia.org/learning-preferences-assessment


First Week of School: September 7-9

We will be doing a few "getting to know you" activities, including playing a name game. Please work on learning the names of everyone in your class.

Writing: Write a paragraph about the poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost using googledocs.

Homework: Read the class syllabus and write one comment and one question. We will discuss the syllabus on Monday.