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Below is a brief description of daily work and activities in class for 2nd, 3rd and  5th periods.  Please check with Ms. Dorgan if you have any questions about material covered, work assigned or make-up opportunities.  Remember, it is the STUDENT'S responsibility to check in about make-up work.

Monday, June 5 - Friday, June 9

Mon.,6.5   Brick writing questions due;  STUDENT'S CHOICE film

Tues, 6.6   Student choice film Poster and lobby card due for final project

Weds., 6.7    Finish student choice film, review for final

Thur., 6.8   Final test for class

Fri., 6.9   Final films due

Tuesday, May 30 - Friday, June 2

Tues., 5.30    Introduced Film Noir; began watching Brick

Weds., 5.31   Brick

Thurs. 6.1      Finish Brick

Fri., 6.2      Brick 4 questions writing assignment; review final film poster requirements (due Tuesday, 6,6)


Monday, May 22 - Friday, May 26

Mon., 5.22   Musical films overview

Tues., 5.23   Singing in the Rain

Weds., 5.24   Singing in the Rain., 5.25   finish Singing in the Rain; Review final project, posters & lobby cards

Fri., 5.26   Review calendar; overview next film

Monday, May 15 - Friday, May 19

Mon., 5.15  Auteur Theory Discussion Preparation

Tues., 5.16   Auteur Theory Discussion

Weds., 5.17   Film Production Process notes

Thurs., 5.18    Final film project work

Fri., 5.19   Final film group work

Monday, May 8 - Friday, May 12

Mon., 5.8    Rushmore

Tues., 5.9   Finish Rushmore; turn in final film proposal

Weds., 5.10   Introduce Royal Tenenbaums

Thurs., 5.11  Royal Tenenbaums

Fri., 5.12     Royal Tenenbaums

Monday, May 1 - Friday, May 5

Mon., 5.1     Watch Coppola film (Apocalypse Now, Godfather II

Tues., 5.2     Finish Coppola film

Weds., 5.3     Final Project Assignment; review Coppola films

Thurs., 5.4     Watch student film example re: Final Project

Fri., 5.5.      Introduce Wes Anderson, auteur; watch Rushmore

Monday, 4.24 - Friday, 4.28

Mon., 4.24    Instructions for submitting documentary projecs, documentary assessment sheets. Watch the Godfather.

Tues., 4.25   Finish The Godfather; Debrief, Quiz

Weds., 4.26  Watch documentary films

Thurs, 4.27   Began second Coppola film: periods 2, 3, Apocalypse Now; period 5, Godfather II   Documentary analysis due

Fri., 4.28   Continue Coppola film.  Documentary reflection due to turnitin.com

Monday, 4.17 - Friday, 4.21

Mon., 4.17  Assign documentary analysis, introduce auteur theory.

Tues., 4,17   Introduce Francis Ford Coppola as auteur; introduce The Godfather

Weds., 4.19  The Godfather

Thurs., 4.20   The Godfather

Fri., 4.21   The Godfather

Monday, 4.10 - Friday, 4.14

Mon., 4.10    Introduce, watch documentary  The Imposter

Tues., 4.11    The Imposter

Weds., 4.12   The Imposter

Thurs., 4.13    Documentary project library research

Fri., 4.14   Documentary project library research

Monday, 3.27 - Friday, 3.31

Mon., 3.27   Finish documentary notes, aims of documentaries, watch short documentary clips

Tues, 3.28   Begin watching 13th

Weds., 3.29   Watching 13th

Thurs., 3.30   Finish 13th; viewing logs due. Assign documentary project

Fri., 3.31   Documentary brainstorming

Monday, 3.20-Friday, 3.24

Mon., 3.20     Coming of Age scripts

Tues., 3.21    Filming Coming of Age mini-films

Weds., 3.22   Viewing COa films

Thurs., 3.23   Film History botes

Fri., 3.24       Introducing Documentary notes

Monday, 3.13 - Friday, 3.17

Mon., 3.13    Slumdog Millionaire

Tues., 3.14   Slumdog Millionaire

Weds., 3.15   Coming of Age Combined Notes

Thurs., 3.16   COA Project Work, Journal entries due

Fri., 3.17  COA Project Panning Scripts and storyboards due


Monday, 3.6 - Friday, 3.10

Mon., 3.6    Good Will Hunting

Tues., 3.7   Good Will Hunting

Weds., 3.8  Good Will Hunting

Thurs., 3.9  Good Will Hunting Review; 

Fri., 3.10    Coming of Age Project Assignment; introduce Slumdog Millionaire


Monday, 2.27 - Friday, 3.3

Mon., 2.27     Coming of Age Notes

Tues., 2.28     Storyboard due; Introduce The Graduate

Weds., 3.1      The Graduate

Thurs., 3.2      Finish The Graduate

Wednesday, 2.22 - Friday, 2.24

Weds., 2.22   Suspense Test

Thurs.,2.23    Storyboard assignment, Aural Grammar of Film

Fri., 2.24    Suspense analysis due, Coming of Age films

Monday, 2.13 - Friday, 2.17

Mon., 2.13     Finish Rear Window, Viewing logs due

Tues., 2.14    Begin The Game

Weds., 2.15  The Game

Thurs., 2.16   Finish The Game

Fri., 2.17   Review for Suspense Test; storyboard assignment (due Thursday, 2.23)

Wednesday, 2.8 - Friday, 2.10

Weds., 2.8   Hitchcock reading assignment; Turnitin Registration, Worst film analysis assignment

Thurs., 2.9   Introduction to Hitchcock, suspense genre, Rear Window

Fri., 2.10   Watch Rear Window

Monday, 1.30 - Friday, 2.3

Mon, 1.30    Welcome to Film class. All the Rules!  Began watching He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Tues., 1.31  He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

 Weds., 2.1  He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Thurs., 2.2   Lecture Notes: Literary Terms of Film; Visual Grammar of Film

Fri., 2.3       Visual Grammar of Film