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Documentary Unit

Documentary Film Analysis    due Tuesday, 4.25

Documentary Project Assignment

          Documentary Brainstorming   Individual assignment  due 3.31

           Documentary Pre-Production Decisions (one per group) due 4.18

          Documentary Film Assessment (project due 4.25)

          Documentary Works Cited/Reflection Instructions    (Individual; Works cited due 4.25; reflection due 4.28)

Documentary Film Viewing Log

Coming of Age Project

Coming of Age Viewing log blank

Storyboard Assignment due Tuesday, February 28

Create a ten frame storyboard on the blank storyboard paper provided using script "Heartbreak in the Cafeteria".  Number the script to match the storyboard frames. You may use the entire script or just a portion of it for your storyboard.  Be sure to vary your shot distances and camera angles. Be sure that your drawings reflect the angles and distances that you have indicated (i.e., if you put medium close-up as your shot distance, your drawing should be fro the shoulders up only.

 Blank storyboard

Heartbreak in the Cafeteria Script

Suspense Film Analysis due Friday, February 24th 

The Game Viewing log

Rear Window Viewing Log

Reading Assignment for 2.9.17

Hitchcock interview

Writing assignment due 2.10.17 to turnitin.com

Worst Film Analysis Paragraph