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 This is a brief overview of what's happening day by day in Drama I. Be sure and check the assignments page for links to our assignments!Below is a brief description of daily work and activities in class. Please check with Ms. Dorgan if you have any questions about material covered, work assigned or make-up opportunities.  Remember, it is the STUDENT'S responsibility to check in about make-up work.

Assignments made in class are available on the "assignments" tab of this site.

 Monday, 10.10 - Thursday, 10.13

Mon., 10.10    Complete scene analysis

Tues., 10.11   Blocking, stage business forms; rehearse scenes

Weds., 10.12   Rehearse scenes

Thurs., 10.13   Scene feedback performances

Monday, 10.3 - Friday, 10.7

Mon., 10.3   Rehearse, perform "contentless" scenes

Tues., 10.4   Perform "contentless" scenes

Weds., 10.5  Movement activities; make-up scenes

Thurs., 10.6  Career presentation

Fri., 10.7   Assign first scripted scenes


Monday, 9.26 - Friday, 9.30 

Mon., 9.28    Finish "Eating a Meal" scenes, movie poster tableaux exercise

Tues., 9.29   Assign group monologue (fight song performance)

Weds., 9.30   Perform group monologue scenes

Thurs., 10.1   Discuss stage positions, body positions;  Assign "contentless scenes"

Fri., 10.2     Rehearse "contentless" scenes


Monday 9.19 - Friday, 9.23

Mon., 9.19   Finish Fairy Tale tableaux, ensemble exercises

Tues., 9.20   Ensemble exercisesAssigned "Eating a Meal" scene

Weds., 9.21    Rehearse "Eating a Meal" scene

Thurs., 9.22   Rehearse "Eating a Meal" scene for group feedback

Fri., 9.23       Perform "Eating a Meal" scene

Our first week in Drama was spent getting to know each other through a variety of individual and ensemble building activities. 

Monday, 9.12 - Friday, 9.16

Mon, 9.12     Ensemble exercises, group pantomimes

Tues., 9.13   Ensemble exercises, group pantomimes

Weds., 9.14   Tableaux work

Thurs., 9.15   Assign Fine Arts Evaluation; Assign Fairy Tale Tableaux

Fri., 9.16    Practice and perform Fairy Tale Tableaux